Mid Week Check-In [NOT 11/1/23]

Hi, friends!

How is your week going?

I’m dealing with the stupidest boring problem possible today. I got a letter that my CPA will be unable to keep me as a client this year due to staffing issues. Which I interpret as that my taxes do not generate as much billable hours as other clientele, so fuck me. That being said, now I’m spazzing about needing another CPA. Because of course I am.



  1. Do you have a very complicated return? Better Half’s is complicated, and he just goes to some H&R Block guy recommended by a peer and he’s perfectly satisfied, despite his very high standards when it comes to his money. Things might have changed, but I think a lot of H&R Block tax preparers are very well qualified and could go out on their own and charge a lot more but for whatever reason they work under the H&R Block umbrella. Liability, maybe. Who knows.

      • Every few years I shop around by bringing the same materials to the current CPA, one of the big company storefronts, and try to enter one or two online ones to compare them all. This way some of the obscure deductions get found and I keep folks honest, etc. It’s a pain in the ass but I also get a little more educated each time.

  2. Enduring a mild head cold this week. Congestion, runny nose, scratchy throat, but no other symptoms (knock on wood). Definitely easier to deal with than Covid.

  3. Our CPA retired & we have very complicated taxes.  The guy that took over her business was overwhelmed & filed our taxes late.  We were pissed but he made it good & we couldn’t find a replacement.  I think it is a nationwide problem.  I played competitive volleyball last night for the first time since Covid & my whole body is sore.  I can barely walk & worked all day doing physical activity.  My youngest has been sick for over a week & not getting better. We ruled out lots of things but no answers & she goes back to school on Monday.  Wife is freaking & wants me to take her to emergency room & stay all night until I can get her admitted.  She has had blood tests everyday this week & I’m thinking tomorrow morning might work as well instead of doing this!  Uggggh

  4. Well, I made some calls when I found time after the court gig the other day and found out that the $25 difference was due to the peak time savings credit, which was awarded after the electric bill was printed and mailed to me, and that the money wasn’t taken out of my HSA because apparently the system thought that I was opting out of having one this year. I got that sorted out as far as I know, but the guy who’s in charge of the court interpreter contracts is apparently out of the office all week, so I still can’t see about raising my rates yet.

  5. BREAKING: Will Hazza and Megs attend Dad’s Promotion Party? This seems entirely implausible to me but I don’t have children and Chuck seems to have been given the Gift of Forgiveness. Now it seems that Anne (whom he listens to) and Edward (whom he has to be reminded exists, same as Mummy) are imploring him to Make It Not So, because they’re certain that Hazza will tack on an extra chapter or two for the paperback edition of Spare, to bring us all up to speed, and Hazza’s recollections of the proceedings and potential chats with the other clan members may vary with their own.

    This is all very complicated because the last time an immediate member of the Royal Family hooked up with an American divorcée and hi-tailed it abroad, ceasing their royal duties, was Edward VIII-turned-Duke of Windsor. Much as he may or may not have wanted to attend his niece QEII’s coronation he didn’t. The excuse given was that he was a living Monarch himself, albeit an ex, and having two in the same spot would warp the space-time continuum, or something like that. Plus the cozying up to Hitler, which is the same reason why Prince Philip’s three surviving sisters didn’t attend his wedding, because they all married German princelings who were a little too enthusiastic as far as the whole Third Reich thing was concerned.

    Philip, let’s be clear, served with distinction in the British Royal Navy, he didn’t command an U-Boot or anything. His relatives might have (more likely they would have funded them), but he himself acted beyond reproach. His puckish Teutonic wit did show itself every so often, especially when introduced to foreigners or while working a rope line, but that was part of his charm.

    • Maybe just H himself out of some warped sense of duty to his country and family. But also to pump them for more filler for his next book like you suggest. I doubt M will attend. Nothing good would come of it for her.

  6. Did you get the sense that he felt like he was the Queen’s fav grandchild and that he had a chummy rapport with her? The media always spun it that way but from your last report he seemed intimidated by her.

    • If that was directed to me, and yes I keep odd hours, I’m a work-from-home freelancer/contractor/member of the undead, have been for over a decade, it’s unclear what HM QEII’s feelings were for her brood.

      Handsy Andy was obviously the favorite of her children. My speculation, and it’s as good as any, is that given the age gap between the disappointing Charles and her mouthy daughter Anne, who at the time couldn’t inherit the throne anyway as long as another male heir appeared from her womb, she was grateful for Handsy to come along. Then there was Edward, but there’s no real room for a third son in the 20th or 21st century.

      Used to be, in Queen Victoria’s time, that you could marry them off to other European Royals, which sometimes worked out, disastrously not so in a couple of cases when much of Europe overthrew their monarchies in the wake of WWI and other anti-monarchical movements soon thereafter. That’s partly why QEII and Prince Philip were related to each other in two different ways, albeit distantly.

      Avid reader of the British tabloid press that I am, and this is my own personal opinion and I’m not being compensated for this and I’m not one of the thousands of “Palace Insiders,” I’d say that the Queen really was kind of close, or at least supportive, to Hazza come Hell or high water. Same with Handsy’s daughters, Bea and Euge.

      You can’t help but imagine that–let’s think about this. Her own father was the spare. Had Uncle David stayed on and married someone his parents and the C of E and Parliament would have accepted she would have been the Bea or Euge of her day. I can’t remember which is older. Elizabeth would have been one and Margaret would have been the other. Her grandfather, George V, was the spare, his older brother having died “without issue.” Which is a great term and one I want to incorporate into my own obituary, note to self. And George V married his dead older brother’s fiancée, Hunter Biden-like. Sort of. Without the crack and the

      And then there was her younger sister Margaret, who was not only the spare but a female, and as we all know from our obsessive watching of The Crown–oh wait, that’s just me.

      So I think, yes, QEII had great sympathy for the ones who weren’t in line to take over, but for those who were I can imagine that she had some pretty high expectations. Burned by the whole Diana experience (a Spencer, of the Spencer-Marlborough-Churchills), born on the Sandringham estate, more noble than the Saxe Coburg-Gothas themselves, grandmother was a lady-in-waiting to the Queen Mother, what could go wrong? Everything.

          • LOL, I figured you’d have something to say about CN, which is why I put it up there. I do prefer it to Costa, but it’s kind of a lesser-of-two-evils thing.

            That’s a right cracking hamper, though…

            • When Better Half was transferred to London there was a Caffè Nero at the end of his street right by the Tube station. He had never been to Britain before so his morning routine was to get an “Americano,” because he was an American, but it wasn’t what he wanted and he was too shy to out himself as a foreigner. He obviously was, of course, he was/is Black and very obviously American(o) in an upscale lily-white central London neighborhood.

              Once he got settled in, a few days later I went over for a couple of weeks. Our first morning we went to the Nero. On the way he told me that he was drinking Americanos but he didn’t like how they didn’t put any milk in it. I said, “Leave it to me.”

              The other thing was this absolute bitch kind of ran things during the morning rush. She had Sloane Ranger vibes to spare. Mumsy and Daddy must have cut her off once they saw her crotch displayed in one of the down-market tabloids after a night out at Annabel’s. That’s what I imagined.

              I was undaunted. When it was my turn I said, very pleasantly, “My Black friend would like a white coffee. That’s funny, isn’t it? And I’ll have one too.”

              That Nero was such a rip-off. That must have been 25 years ago now, and they were charging the equivalent of $5 for a small. Partly that was the exchange rate, I think, but still.

                • Oh I know my way around Sloane Rangers. They must be called something else now, because the area around Sloane Square has changed quite a bit since the 1980s and the 1990s, and I don’t know where the 21st-century versions of Sloane Rangers live.

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