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Russia-Ukraine war latest: ‘No one should be fooled’ by Russia’s troop pull back, says White House – live

Ukraine gives medal to soldier who told Russian officer to ‘go fuck yourself’

Time to get boosted!

FDA authorizes second coronavirus booster shot for people 50 and older

Fancy like Applebee’s….Walker Hayes is going to have to change his song lyrics.

An ‘Atrocious’ Email Caused a Mass Resignation at a Kansas Applebee’s


The women’s Final Four, packed with powerhouses, should be a basketball delight


Stock futures edge lower after Dow and S&P 500 notch a fourth straight day of gains

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  1. Gee, all the things that the Applebee’s employees were saying in that Vice article sounds awfully familiar.  Of course, they’re also the only ones who aren’t buying any of the corporate bullshit about how valued they are.  The reality is that corporate can just blame everything on Pankratz and not actually change anything to make the job suck even a little bit less–and the employees know this.

    • I mentioned the other day that my wife had interviewed for a job that she was supposed to make “fun” to offset the low pay. Yesterday I had lunch with a friend from my most recent company that let me go, and he said the new management, who started by firing people (including me) and now are facing a massive wave of resignations, are trying to convince the original employees that they are “valued” (literally what they are saying) to stem the departures. It’s … not working.

      They’ve sort of figured out that management is totally disconnected from staff, to the point that managers can’t fill in for departing employees. They don’t know how. So things simply aren’t being done. One minor example: I was in charge of training operations, and among other things I made sure the upcoming classes were posted online so people could register. Nobody’s doing it since they fired me. Nobody knows how. There were three of us, I got fired, and the other two quit. In December they got about 3 months of classes posted, and those are over and no new ones are online. I used to post them a year in advance so prospective customers could plan and budget. Revenue is coming in WAY below budget.

      On the one hand, I’m amused. On the other, it’s frustrating to watch something I built fall apart. But nobody believes they are “valued.”

  2. I was privy to this conversation starter by one…well the hint is in the title…to another last night:

    “My friend and I were talking about why – with everything going on – White Chicks hasn’t been cancelled because it’s really no different…”

    “…I said because it was done in good taste. They did a really good job. I love that movie!”

    I didn’t have it in me to get into the historical context or anything so I quickly changed the subject before I was asked my opinion.

    Supposed moral of the story:

    • blackface is ok if it is in good taste and/or funny
    • whiteface = blackface

    I fucking hate people.

    • That Raw Story bit isn’t thinking things through. They’re stuck on sex stuff, which is the spin the Florida GOP almost certainly figures is their best path for damage control.

      If the feds only wanted to this to be about busting Gaetz, especially for underage sex, they probably would have wrapped things up by now. They already have Greenberg’s guilty plea on that angle, and he’s shown he has plenty of documentation on that angle that almost certainly involves Gaetz.

      I’m going to guess that isn’t so much about the sex stuff and more about Roger Stone, pardons, and the Florida GOP. That bit about “ongoing investigations” is the piece they should be thinking harder about.

      • Yeah, Raw Story isn’t known for top-flight journalism. It’s mostly hot takes and clickbait, but there are often factual nuggets there gleaned from other sources that I find informative. But connecting the dots? No.

        You’re right. I’ve said for a long time this goes far beyond Gaetz, and the longer it takes the more Republicans are going to end up in the net.

        • Tying in to what the federal judge wrote a couple of days ago about Trump and Eastman, it’s increasingly clear the feds are building a high level obstruction of justice case.

          Greenberg has already publicly dropped evidence of Roger Stone being wrapped up in a bitcoin for White House pardon scheme.

          If this was isolated, they’d move. One possible reason for holding off is to keep Greenberg’s co-conspirators in the dark if they have cases that are still being developed.

  3. At the end of the article, the writer mentions Pankratz is now enjoying the job market too as he got fired for embarrassing the company.

    You can be an incompetent, ass kissing, shit causing moron who costs the company money with stupid ideas but that doesn’t matter as you be employed at one company forever.  However if you publicly embarrass the company it will cost you your career in an instant.

    Happened to a Nortel VP who got drunk and was caught giving head to a fellow passenger in Business Class (about a month after I got hired.)

  4. Watching MSNBC yesterday they mentioned that Sen. Lee got a call from Trump during the missing 7+ hours of phone records.  He thought he was calling Tommy Tuberville.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out but as of now I have no confidence Trump will ever have consequences for any of this…

  5. For @keitelblacksmith and @loveshaq (and any other Hoodoo Gurus fans):

    ‘This is my bogan Sgt Pepper!’: Hoodoo Gurus’ Dave Faulkner on their comeback

    After their longest ever hiatus, the Gurus are back with a new album – even though their singer says they get ‘the very strong hint’ they’re ‘old hat’

    Listening to the new album now; so far I like it.


    • Sweet!  I posted the Get Out of Dodge video about a year ago and wondered what had happened w/ the rest of the album.  I loved that song and can’t wait to listen to the whole thing.

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