Midway Point [DOT 15/9/21]

Hi all! Thanks for coming around. We are halfway through the week thank goddess.

Let’s see what’s going on, shall we?


Top general was so fearful Trump might spark war that he made secret calls to his Chinese counterpart, new book says

Damn, this woman was triggered by a “Hate not wanted here” sign.



Dow sheds 290 points, S&P 500 closes lower despite cooler-than-expected inflation reading

Nobody worry about me, I’m not leaving my house on Saturday.

This is really sweet.

As a child, she wrote to a WWII vet. He carried the letter everywhere, and 12 years later, they finally met.


[PS: I had him blocked on my Twitter feed but I don’t remember why. Closet Maga? Something offensive once? Just got annoyed? Who knows!]

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  1. Then there is the (perhaps not so) strange case of Gabby Petito.

    Gabby, 22, and her boyfriend Brian set off in her converted sort of camper van and wandered the country. She was last seen in Grand Teton National Park. Brian was last seen recently back in Florida with Gabby’s camper van, at his parents’ home I think. Authorities would like to have a word, but Brian and his parents “prefer to stay in the background” while the search for her continues, so he’s not talking. 

    Alarm bells, red flags, Gabby’s parents (here on Long Island; that’s what makes it a NY story) are beside themselves, but Brian is somehow getting away with this? 

    • Gonna vote for “not so strange.” You don’t flee back to your parents with someone else’s van and issue statements through a lawyer if you’ve got nothing to hide. I don’t think Gabby will be coming home. 
      I also don’t think Brian is getting away with it. The authorities know where he is, and he’s most likely not a danger to others besides that poor girl. They’ll keep him under surveillance until they’re ready to file charges. Also, since this has crossed state lines, the federal authorities are probably involved. Remember the first rule of the FBI: They don’t ask you questions unless they already know the answers.

    • They should arrest him for grand theft auto and then throw the book at him.

      • From the last Insta postings they appeared to be having a good time. 

        I can imagine some scenario where they got in a fight and she stormed off and he just left her and she got eaten by a bear or fell off a cliff.

        Most likely is he offed her, accidentally or on purpose. 

        • I can imagine that too, which is part of Brian’s problem. You drive off and don’t help in the search? If my girlfriend is missing, I’m damn sure out there working with authorities and trying to find her. Otherwise, it’s a pretty clear indicator that you already know where she is. 

          • Brian’s lawyered up so I’m expecting an insanity plea when the truth emerges. No clue what his parents are thinking. They must wuv their son very much.

            • I’m just gonna assume he’s white with a nice case of affluenza.

              • Oh, he’s definitely white, and at 22 and 23 respectively I would diagnose affluenza, since they were able to embrace “van life” with no visible means of support, like jobs. He and Gabby were living in North Port, Florida, of which I have never heard, so I don’t know if that’s an affluenza hot spot or not.




                • North Port is in Sarasota County down near Naples, etc. It’s not known for super high income but it’s not low-income either, being near the coast. There are definitely people there with expensive waterfront housing. Affluenza is a safe bet. 

                • Can we talk about how many people thought Nomadland was going to be about #VanLife? Just, no. STFU. 

  2. In other NY-centric law ‘n order news:

    New York City Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams committed yesterday to returning a campaign donation from police Sgt. Ed Mullins, the Sergeants Benevolent Association union head who’s facing disciplinary proceedings for calling a New York [gay; I’m sure that had nothing to do with this] Congress member [Ritchie Torres] a [“first class”, we shouldn’t leave out the descriptor like this] “whore,” among other eyebrow-raising conduct, the Daily News reports.

    The Daily News is behind a paywall, somewhat inexplicably. They are circling the drain, having changed hands once again and along with other properties sold to a vulture capital firm. They promptly spun the DN off as a stand-alone property, presumably so that when the inevitable bankruptcy is declared the other properties in the package won’t be embroiled. The DN has, among other things, massive unfunded pension liabilities. Some previous owner already sold off the iconic Daily News building in Midtown and now I think its 14 employees produce the paper out of a WeWork space in Queens or something.


  3. Chief National Affairs reporter for CNN had the gall to say the lesson from the recall curbstomp in California is that the burden now lies on *Democrats* to somehow bring everyone together.
    She is so obviously repeating GOP spin that the question is what country did she flee to when Covid struck, and do they have Internet access?
    In the broken brains of DC pundits, whenever the GOP wins with a minority of voters it is the responsibility of the majority to go along. When the lunatic fringe loses, it is the responsibility of the sane majority to give in to them. 
    Newsom won big in large part by campaigning hard on a provax message that pushed bck aggressively on Elder’s backing for the antivax anti-mask lunatics in the GOP.
    Cynical GOP operatives know the key to their success is getting the Democrats to shy away from a strong anti-Covid platform. They also know the DC press, including CNN, is desperate to avoid offending GOP operatives. Where else would they get their talking points?

    • It’s an added degree of difficulty when one party wants to make government function and the other one feels zero obligation to a goddamn thing.

      • I’ve said it before, but I always come back to John Scalzi’s first rule of Republican government: “What if we just … didn’t?”

      • It’s an added degree of difficulty when one party wants to make government function and the other one feels zero obligation to a goddamn thing.

        A big reason why the GOP feels zero obligation is because the political press has internalized a narrative that the GOP doesn’t have to do anything, only the Democrats do. The GOP wins every time someone like CNN’s reporter argues that the Democrats lose when a minority of the GOP stays the course, and the GOP knows they don’t have to win over every single analysis, just enough to keep the lazy narrative alive.

        • In fairness, the GOP actively says they’re anti-government and not going to govern! By media rules, that makes them truth-tellers.

          • I get what you say about media rules, but the problem is that the GOP  doesn’t even say that — at least not all the time!
            When it’s time to show up on Sunday talk shows or get interviewed by the DC press, they insist that they are doing everything they can to stop Covid.
            The political press knows it’s a lie that directly contradicts what they say to the base and the actual votes they have taken, but the political press treats the two sided pandering as a sign of GOP savvy and strength. They will run, like the NY Times has, horserace stories about how impressive some GOP candidates are in fooling their base, while the stories stretch to minimize the human toll.
            Meanwhile we get CNN’s top reporter pushing a narrative that the Democrats need to treat the GOP’s claims of being anti-Covid in good faith, while ignoring all of the active work people like DeSantis and Elder have done to spread the virus.
            The political press is the equivalent of someone looking at a 3×5 index card with writing in pencil saying someone got the Mofizer vaccine and letting them on a  plane because they don’t want an argument. And in a lot of cases, they’ll tell the anti-vaxxer off the record how to make a more convincing fake.
            The press knows that the GOP puts up completely bad faith cover stories when it’s convenient — often a whole slew of contradictory ones — and then lets the GOP dictate which one should be reported.

    • Thanks for bringing up California. The results weren’t in yet when I scheduled the DOT. 


      California Gov. Gavin Newsom defeats the recall effort to remove him from office


  4. Dammit, I accidentally posted this on yesterday’s thread. Well, it’s getting posted here too. 
    Because fall is approaching and there has been a disturbing dearth of chelonian content on Deadsplinter, let us enjoy Galapagos tortoises devouring pumpkins.

    • @bryanlsplinter I think the chelonian editor position is still open if you’re interested. 😁🐢

      • Fair. I need to up my turtle game.

    • Also sorry IDK what is up with my fonts today!


  5. @MegMegMcGee I think you may have blocked Norm McDonald because, as I found out yesterday whilst viewing tribute clips, he seems to have been no fan of Hillary Clinton. He apparently thought she was incredibly corrupt. I wouldn’t be surprised if he said something about her that wouldn’t have played well either leading up to or closely following the 2016 election. 

    • I saw some women comics today also referencing sexual harassment they had experienced from him. 

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