Midweek [DOT 13/1/21]

It’s a twofer, as in two DOTs in a row by yours truly.

Lord only knows how many links Rip is saving up for you! Apologies in advance, gang.

Growing cohort of Republicans turn against Trump as he denies inciting Capitol attack

Proud of my rep.

Sounds about white.

NYPD anti-discrimination chief retires amid inquiry into racist online posts

You shouldn’t say anything about the dead unless it’s good. He’s dead. Good! 

Casino mogul and GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson dies at 87

The bruise on my butt agrees.

‘A pandemic of broken toes’: How life at home has been painful for feet

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    • Oh give it a try! Maybe you could subcategorize:
      Trump being an asshole
      A member of his administration being an asshole
      A member of Congress being an asshole
      A corporate entity being an asshole
      An American being an asshole
      Foreign news: Assholery abroad
      Sprots (if any)
      Music to soothe the nerves of An Anxious Nation

      • …I can see how breaking it up under those headings might help…but I forsee two problems

        …even if I started now & basically got nothing else done all day I might not have it finished on time if I really tried not to leave anything out

        …& perhaps more disturbingly I’d likely drive myself nuts trying to decide which heading a specific link belonged under on account of there being a hefty quotient of venn-diagram-style overlap involved in the asshole-ry referenced in a lot of articles?

        …then again, I’m touched that you think I might actually have a shot…so I thank you for the vote of confidence

        • I can only think of that episode if South Park where Butters edits the negative comments from Cartmans instagram feed , and has a mental breakdown. 
          Please don’t subject yourself to such atrocities. 

  1. Here’s some New York-centric Trump-related news: 
    This is worth a good $45 million annually to the Trump Organization Criminal Enterprise. I knew about the two rinks in Central Park and that weird golf club up in The Bronx, but I had no idea they ran the Central Park carousel. I am filled with deep shame. I can’t count how many young visitors and their parents I escorted to the carousel to admire its historic value, and to take a spin. It’s not expensive, I think tickets were $1 or $2. Still. I’m still trying to get over the New York State Theater at Lincoln Center being renamed the David H. Koch Theater, and that happened in 2008.
    Oh well, we have Andrew Carnegie to thank for countless free public libraries across America, so sometimes a small portion of ill-gotten gains can “trickle down” for the greater good.

    • I made up, or I think I made up, a funny word association game decades ago. Someone is sent to Hell and their punishment is that for all eternity they are confined to a bed. Their penalty is they have to have sex over and over and over again with one of two people, but they have to be linked somehow. People in the group take turns proposing a pair and others choose their fate. For example, there are eight of us in my apartment. It’s my turn. I decide to ask, “which is it, casino ‘mogul’ Donald Trump or casino ‘mogul’ Sheldon Adelson?” People give their replies and explanations. Joe Biggs and Lindsey Graham would make a good pair.
      This game is only recommended for the non-sober. But it can be very, very fun. 

    • “Folks any of these so called peaceful armed protests at all the state capitals and DC Jan 17th is a set up by the left,” tweeted Mark Taylor, the self-described “firefighter prophet” and Trump supporter. “DO NOT go! It is a trap!!”

      Wow! That is one myopic prophet.

    • I just watched Gym Jordan and friends tell us how this is a dangerous game that the radical left is playing and cancel culture.  We won everything and should just slink away as gracious victors and leave them alone.  They are really the victims of all this & we need unity now.

    • That’s great and all…but most of them should have already faced serious sanctions for all of the frivolous lawsuits they clogged the court system with after the election.  There are rules forbidding that shit, but God forbid any of these assholes would have faced consequences then, because they would have just screamed “POLITICALLY MOTIVATED” and then the judge or bar association bringing the complaint would have been mired in a bunch of misdirectional bullshit.
      Oh, well, I guess it truly is better late than never.

    • should be ok now.

      sorry about all of these intermittent cache issues (that goes for everybody) i am trying to stay on top of it and am working on fixes…in the meantime, all i can do is clear cache individually so always let me know when you’re having issues.


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