Midweek Mayhem [DOT 4/5/22]

[Disregard previous “DOT” as this is the real one]

Ukraine Update:

‘They bombed every second’: evacuees’ horror weeks in Azovstal steel plant

Susan Collins is working on a strongly worded letter I hear.

Protests swell across major cities as US reckons with supreme court decision draft – as it happened

That’s a lot of dudes and I’m just sick of dudes. Also who keeps voting for Jim Jordan? Get your shit together Ohio. Even my BFF’s conservative dad hates that dude.

Gosh am I supposed to feel bad?

‘We will never forget’: Texas rattlesnake handler dies from bite at South Texas festival

May the fourth be with you!



  1. I noticed on twitter that the right wing talking points were using “insurrection” and “violence” in mentioning anything about any peaceful protest for RvW and the leaking of the ruling. I know I’m in tinfoil hat territory here but I think it was leaked to try to goad the left into their own Jan 6ing of the Supreme Court. I just hope everyone keeps a cool head and stays peaceful because the right is looking for any excuse to both sides the term insurrection.

    • They’re calling the leak itself an insurrection, saying it was worse than Jan 6. And they demand a full investigation.  The actual violent coup attempt where both participants and LE died? Not so much.

    • I also read a plausible explanation that conservatives leaked it to “lock down” the votes. Once all the outrage is over, the justices who might have changed will say “fuck it, I’m cool with this.”

      You’ve got a point though, because when all is said and done, you don’t see liberals or women conducting terrorist bombings or mass shootings. That’s strictly a white male conservative endeavor.

    • His family stated on Facebook how “he had a passion for snake handling” and that he was “doing what he loved doing.”

      Look, do what you like, Eugene, but yeah, to quote Camper Van Beethoven: “Bring to me the antivenom.”

      Apparently “what he loved doing” was dying from a snake bite?

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