Midweek Meh-Ness [DOT 12/6/24]

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes:

Hunter Biden convicted of lying during gun purchase

JD Vance is such an embarrassment to the home state

Potential VP pick says he was vetted on questions that would disqualify Trump


Fed meeting and inflation report both hit Wednesday, and the impact could be huge


RIP to a real one

Akira Endo, researcher who found cholesterol-fighting statins, dies at 90

That’s Dr. Psps Psps to you!

A cat just earned his doctorate from a Vermont university

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  1. Good for that cat with the doctorate. Though he has no formal education, I was just saying last night that I thought Faithful Hound would make a good Senator. “Are you kidding? For three dollars’ worth of treats he’d tell hostile foreign powers everything they wanted to know.” “Yes, but think about how rich we’d be. Lots of people enter ‘public service’ in pretty humble circumstances and then, not too long thereafter, mirabile dictu, they’re multimillionaires. How do they do it, one wonders.”

    • …I don’t know how you cull them…but it seems a lot like those have some things in common with the guy that ended up killing sarah everard

      …which would have been bad enough without officers then beating up women who took to the streets to protest

      …there shouldn’t be a place for those sort of people in positions of authority…preferably not anywhere but particularly not there…& yet the one appears to draw the other?

      • The U.S. (and to be fair, most places) always has this backwards: The people with more power need to be held to higher, not lower, standards. I don’t think every single cop is at heart a monster, but all of the incentives for them are to act monstrously: Qualified immunity, a vocal union, public browbeating, disregard for criminals who are also victims, the “blue line” of silence among police, etc. etc. ad infinitum. People always get the “one bad apple” thing wrong (that means it spoils the whole batch!) but even the good apples are playing in a barrel that’s misshapen and covered in mold.

        • Unfortunately the answer is “nobody knows for sure” because beyond all the barriers to reporting DV for the average woman, it’s way harder/worse for a cop’s partner. There’s been a lot of online buzz about the statistic “40% of cops beat their wives” but it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of data to prove that.

          That said: Numerous studies have suggested it’s definitely higher than the average population. Which, again, not surprising both for people who would be attracted to the work and the lack of oversight/special consideration the abusers would get in that scenario.

        • The job also does terrible things to cops.

          The military was dragged kicking and screaming in a lot of cases into dealing with PTSD. Most PDs do a mediocre to terrible job even admitting it’s an issue, and treatment is a field with a lot of charlatans.

          It’s another area where police unions are failing their membership as they chase increasingly macho and political agendas.

          • You know cop unions aren’t made up of serious people when they’re somewhere between rabidly against to disinterested in every gun control measure that might keep guns out of white people’s hands. Your members are the ones facing those guns at least some of the time! You have to be pretty high on ideology not to think that’s a problem.

  2. So long Akira. Your work gave me a job, a chance to show off my process engineering skills and help my employer make a shit load of money (and which nearly cost me my job thanks to shithead petty weakass managers.)

    It was the best of times and the worst of times.

    At least you didn’t turn into a psychotic amorphous blob that nearly blew up Tokyo unlike another Akira… /joking/

    • I’m tired of the rich getting golden showers while we get pissed on.

      Fuck the rich. Raise their taxes.

      The government might not deserve the money but rich people (1%) deserve it less.

      • Meanwhile MA found their millionaire tax a) didn’t make any of them flee and b) brought in ~$800 million more than expected for the state. I’d say New York should do the same but Kathy Hochul would rather die in a hail of bullets than inconvenience a rich person so I’m not hopeful on that end.

        • She would throw herself from the roof of her signature boondoggle, the new Buffalo Bills stadium. Oh, wait, it won’t have a roof, despite costing $1.7 billion [LOL. I’m taking bets on when the cost balloons to $3 billion.] And the Bills’ owner will be collecting all the revenue and contributing $0.00. Except for her husband’s old company, Delaware North, which was awarded a no-bid concession franchise. Eleven or 12 home games a year, during snow season in Buffalo.

          At least in mob-ridden Naples the weather’s nicer and the food is better. And the people are sexier.


            • “That Hochul magic.” That’s exactly what it is.

              I wonder what’s going on with her Lt. Governor. When she served under Handsy her schedule was “light,” but at least she did roam the state like a member of the British royal family, attending ribbon cuttings at down-market supermarkets and frightening small children. I can’t even remember who the LG is. Does he show up at Dollar General stores in remote parts of the Empire State? I hope there’s a do-nothing task force he can serve on, like something to promote childhood literacy (as long as it doesn’t spur unnecessary tax increases, of course.) It’s summer (almost.) Maybe he could promote water safety somehow. Safe boating practices. Something.

    • Wasn’t there an old…not folk tale; a saying I guess…that you could say someone had the memory of an elephant? Meaning, you had a really good memory? This might be very archaic because when I was growing up I spent a lot of time with my grandmother and her two sisters, all of them born around 1900, and they had tons of phrases like this. “Deaf as a haddock” was another good one.

      All gone, sadly, all gone, but they’d be ~124 and I don’t think we’re quite there yet as far as human longevity. You know who’s going to be the first human to reach 124? Keith (“Our Keef”) Richards.

    • Better than Mr Noodles but I get their health Dept’s point. I doubt Scandinavian cuisine is noted for their hot and spicy foods.

      I usually throw away the flavor packets because they’re mostly chemicals.

  3. O.o

    new fatboy slim turned up in my recs……wasnt expecting that

    looks like hes playing with ai for the videos too

    big name like him i expect he got permission to fuck about first tho

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