Midweek Meh-ness [DOT 15/2/23]

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‘We can’t keep living like this’: Michigan governor denounces campus shooting

She survived a high school shooting. At Michigan State, it happened again.

January 6 rioter who used stun gun on officer Michael Fanone pleads guilty


Earthquake created a deep chasm in middle of Turkish olive grove


Here’s the breakdown of the inflation report for January — in one chart

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      • I’m still very salty over this:

        In 2020, she sparked fierce criticism after she thanked and hugged the Senate judiciary committee chair, Lindsey Graham, a Republican, following the confirmation hearings for the supreme court justice Amy Coney Barrett. Advocacy groups called on her to step down from the judiciary committee after she seemed to blithely praise Republicans after they pushed far-right Barrett through the nomination process over Democrats’ protestations over her lack of qualifications and extreme views on abortions and women’s rights.

        • When the NY Times ran its front page smokescreen by Jeremy Peters claiming Musk was too complicated to call a conservative, one of the few bits of evidence Peters could muster was a few thousands of dollars worth of donations to Feinstein.

    • …carbon credits…& to think…when I first heard of them the way they seemed like a shitty band-aid was the whole reduce-vast-intersecting-cascade-vectors-into-literally-a-single-element seeming like a degree of oversimplification that left a lot of other elements unaccounted for

      …how little I knew…in my blissful ignorance it took me a while to get over being annoyed it made a complicated thing too simple to do much about the complicated bits…it was days before I figured out it would actually add layers of artificial complexity to the age old game of “let’s don’t & say we did” with a side of “& get paid, obviously”

      …pretty sure some of that “not actually effective” stuff is because places with, say, big chunks of forest to underwrite the credits they sell…they sell  some of that allocation more than once…while in some cases also felling the underlying asset

      …hard not to begin to wonder if there’s a parallel or two between how we pulled off that transition from cigarettes to vapes, really?

    • …I saw something about that…& genuinely had to look carefully before being sure it wasn’t some kind of onion-style parody

      …that shit is…hmm…on second thoughts it maps disappointingly well into how I imagine the kinja thing would have gone if peter theil was into doing his own dirty work?

  1. Not surprisingly, CNBC dropped the lede that this was the seventh straight month that the rate of inflation dropped. The rate they’re reporting is the annual rate, which is higher than the monthly rate because it factors in the first five months of the past 12 months when inflation was getting worse.

    Back when inflation was first jumping, CNBC did the reverse — they stressed the monthlies to the exclusion of the annuals, because that was what fit their ideological bias. Then after a year’s trendline was baked in, they jumped to reporting both, and now they’re just doing annuals.

    The honest way to report would have been to report on the overall trends all along, but that’s not how the financial hype networks work.

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