Midweek Meh-ness [DOT 3/11/21]

No Virginia, there is not a Santa Claus.

OK so I’m typing this the night before, so I hope I’m wrong, but this Trumpkin Youngkin is gonna win, isn’t he?

Virginia votes as poll expert says ‘white backlash’ could power Republican win

Speaking to MSNBC, Sabato pointed to the core of Youngkin’s appeal on education: a promise to ban critical race theory in schools. Critical race theory, or CRT, is an academic discipline that examines the ways in which racism operates in US laws and society. It is not taught in Virginia schools, regardless of Youngkin’s promise to ban it.

“The operative word is not critical,” Sabato said. “And it’s not theory. It’s race. What a shock, huh? Race. That is what matters. And that’s why it’s sticks.

“There’s a lot of, we can call it white backlash, white resistance, whatever you want to call it. It has to do with race. And so we live in a post-factual era … It doesn’t matter that [CRT] isn’t taught in Virginia schools. It’s this generalised attitude that whites are being put upon and we’ve got to do something about it. We being white voters.”


CDC signs off on children’s coronavirus vaccine, allowing providers to begin immunizing kids ages 5 to 11 immediately


‘Squid Game’-inspired cryptocurrency that soared by 23 million percent now worthless after apparent scam


Raiders’ Henry Ruggs III to be charged with DUI leading to death after crash

Anybody have “Frodo sells racist NFTs at a loss and donates $$ to BLM” on their Bingo card?

Sure Jan dot gif

Facebook to shut facial recognition system and delete 1bn ‘faceprints’


Zillow says it’s closing homebuying business, cutting 25% of workforce; earnings miss estimates


Missing 4-year-old found by Australian police 19 days after vanishing from campsite

This is really neat.

London cabbies’ brains are being studied for their navigating skills. It could help Alzheimer’s research.

Don’t do this!

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      • …I’m kinda guessing but I think the one meg added in at the bottom was “quoted” by the one that disappeared…so…I guess it was their caption that got it pulled?

        have a holly jolly christmas, its the best time of the year

        …wouldn’t have thought an actual person would consider that as somehow an endorsement of the things but who the hell knows what determines what stays up on twitter & what doesn’t…let alone if there’s any people in that chain?

    • They just aren’t figuring out the impact of get out the vote. It’s easy to look at polls from a desk, but doing a few days of on the ground observing is just too much to ask. The basic story is that the Democrats aren’t doing the work in a lot of places, and the GOP is. But the press is going to get hung up on dumber, easier to report narratives.

  1. Well. Not many surprises in NYC or NY state. All the “toss-up” elections went to Republicans. The City Council (51 members) will now have 4 Republicans, and possibly a 5th. The 5th is interesting because the Democrat is the incumbent and was gunning to become the City Council Speaker. Even if he manages to squeak out a victory I doubt the Council is going to vote in a leader from a district where half of his voting constituents didn’t want him. Up in Buffalo the loser of the Democratic primary won decisively over the winner. The loser, India Walton, “does not align with the values of the Democratic voters,” claimed the winner, four-term Mayor Byron Brown. Translated, that means she is to the left of Republican former Governor George Pataki. Plus, after 16 years in office, no doubt Brown had a whole machine behind him, Republicans voted for him in droves, and though Buffalo is New York’s second largest city (as Buffalonians never tire of reminding us. Population: 256,000 and dropping) it didn’t take many votes to throw him up and over the top.

    And we have a new Mayor. On the one hand, you’d have to search pretty far and wide to find a person who’d do a worse job than De Blasio. On the other, we are promised a return to law and order, and the last time we got that was from former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

    To distract ourselves, let’s take a video tour of:


    Believe me, this is more interesting than it reads.

    • I’m less impressed by the apartment’s interior than I am the $1,000 rent (even nine years ago, when the tenant started living there, that would be difficult to find).

      Non-local results are such a mess. When Virginia was called for Youngkin, it drained the life out of me. I was already exhausted, but I just sunk into incapacitation and fell asleep without changing into my pyjamas or turning out the lights.

      I want to know who voted for Skiboky Stora (0.02%).

      • The parents live next door, she grew up on the block (so she probably grew up next door), they must know the landlord, landlord has owned the building for God knows how many years, landlord’s probably happy to have her. I bet this apartment wasn’t even listed nine years ago when she moved in. We’re not talking about a rent-controlled 2-bedroom in the West Village here.

    • welp…each to their own…i mean..i’d have a great time visiting that appartment…but i couldnt live in it

      pretty sure my little overstimulated brain would asplode…

      • I wondered why they weren’t looking for two female heads and did the mental maths so you don’t have to… these morons are plugging two sets of lights into a power outlet (or two), then trying to join them together at the ends. Took me a second because I haven’t had coffee yet.

        • honestly, I think they are just dumb and lazy, and hung up their lights, and then realized one end won’t plug into the other end of the christmas-light-string, so they are looking for an adapter, instead of undoing and rehanging the lights…

        • …I sort of understand how if you’ve just spend however long out in the cold fixing a run of lights with cable ties or something only to discover you had some of them the wrong way around you’d maybe not be delighted to be looking at taking them down & having it to do all over again

          …but that would seem like a good reason to go with the christmas light equivalent of “measure twice, cut once”…not “I could save myself some time if I did something unnecessarily dangerous”?

          …I think what worries me most is that they need those notices in hardware shops…it’s one thing treating your computer or a mobile phone like it’s some magic voodoo black box but to not get how insane that adaptor would be you need to know next to nothing about the more elementary aspects of current & electricity…& I’m not sure it’s responsible to let people without at least that much understanding loose when there routinely isn’t even an off-switch for power outlets in the states?

            • …to clarify…I don’t necessarily think it’s those people’s fault that they don’t know better…it’s more that I feel like that sort of thing ought to be part of the sort of education I’d hope everyone would get before they get to the part where they have to make their own way in the world…particularly one in which “plugged in” is the same as “powered on”

              …I’m not trying to say everyone ought to be capable of re-wiring a house or anything but a basic understanding of a simple circuit and why it matters where a fuse is in one doesn’t seem like it should be beyond the scope of “standard” knowledge?

          • it’s one thing treating your computer or a mobile phone like it’s some magic voodoo black box but to not get how insane that adaptor would be you need to know next to nothing about the more elementary aspects of current & electricity

            I think part of the background is that there are so many different cords and adapters out there for phones and other devices that they all turn into mush in people’s brains.

            People are getting used to powering stuff via USB, USB plugs keep changing, what you can plug into your car and where keeps changing, and eventually people just give up trying to keep track of it all.

            Which of course is a problem when you’re talking full power electricity.

  2. oh…look whos being difficult…again


    deftly kicked the can along for the next gubment to pick up…nevermind that the next gubment will probably also be rutte & co

    in unrelated news…one of the antivaxxers at work got vaxxed today…i had to listen to her bitch and whine about the gubment taking away her freedom of choice all day like….and probably will have to till the end of days…but i guess the gubments new measures work

    they are working on requiring proof of vacination or daily tests for workspaces..failure to do one or the other could result in not being allowed to work

    imo she still has freedom of choice,,it just now has consequences for her instead of everyone else…she does not agree….anyways… i expect the antivax crowd to be going mental over the next few days


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