Million $ Ideas [NOT 25/4/22]

Billion $ Ideas accepted too

I’m certain we all have them but we may not have the skill, knowledge, connections, money or energy to bring them to fruition. In the spirit of making the world a better place, please share any or all of your million dollar ideas. Maybe someone will be inspired by your idea and bring it to life (and hopefully compensate you with a free copy…I’ll be waiting for my bathtub). Maybe you already had the idea before it was made real by someone else and you want to humble brag about your genius. This is the place for that!

These are my top three that I can remember…

  • A baby monitor whose radio frequency can be adjusted. We have two kids and their rooms are in the basement while ours is upstairs. It would have been nice if we could purchase the same baby monitor twice and just change the frequency so that it didn’t interfere with the original one.
  • Radiant heat bathtub. Like the floors. Wouldn’t it be nice to climb into a bath and not experience the jarring contrast of warm water and cold enamel on your back?
  • This is one of those ideas that have become a reality. When I was in high school I came up with the casting protocol of American Horror Story (sort of). I thought it would be cool if the cast from one show could be kept together but then made to act in a different genre of show with different relationships.

So what have you got Deadsplinter? Let’s try and keep these ideas within the realm of possible. That means no time machines used to kill Hitler or some more current figureheads. Save those ideas for a future NOT…



  1. I used to come up with inventions but never tried to bring one to fruition.  In high school I wanted to invent a water walkman with headphones built into a wetsuit hood.  Somebody actually did make one later but it never really took off.  You still don’t see functional water headsets for surfing.  When I was working at a large tech firm I thought of a 10 keypad mouse for working on spreadsheets.  Not sure if anyone ever did that one but seems like it would make accounting much quicker.  I would like to find/make a tool like a cake decorating bag to make grouting less of a disaster and more focused.  I’ve seen a few creative ones online but nothing perfect.

    As for you bath idea, our jacuzzi bath does have a heated bottom & my brother-in-law put in heated floors in his shower.  We have heated tile in our kitchen and bathroom floors but not in the shower.

  2. During the early days of the internet ’02-05, I wanted to make an internet TV network where creatives could thrive, produce shows and people would buy subscriptions for streaming shows.  I was jotting notes down how it would be organized, what kind of shows, subscription plans, what kind of capital needed (it would be a lot of $$$$ which I don’t have or access to) server farms…

    Then Netflix decided to go all in on streaming and blew up Blockbuster/myself at the same time.

  3. I was going to say what we really need is a soft surfaced bathtub that would be warm like a bed and no risk of breaking your skull, but I just searched and they’ve been around since at least 1976. Why are we still using enamel? Don’t tell me it’s mold, or durability, or cost. I WANT A SQUISHY BATHTUB!

  4. Family sitcoms are rarely funny when the kids grow up.  South Park is still funny because the kids are perpetually 8 years old.  Solution: a family sitcom where they change out the children every year or two.

  5. An airplane that is a tube within a tube, so when the plane banks the passengers stay level.

    Attachments for a pickup truck, like a backhoe or a fence post digger.

    A snowplow that raises and lowers on a worm gear, so it doesn’t tilt when you angle it.

  6. This isn’t feasible – but I would like to come up with a universal height rubber bumper that fits any vehicle including big rig trucks that essentially turns all cars into bumper cars – hopefully cutting down fatal accidents.

    • Just for parking — can you imagine? If there were big squishy bumpers that kept you from getting $1000 in damage when someone in a parking lot went over the lines, wouldn’t that be great?

  7. Rail gun space launcher. Worked up the math and we’d need 10+ square miles of solar to juice the system and it can only run in the daytime.

    Set it up on one of the Native lands out west so NASA and SpaceX can put some sustainable income into their economies.

  8. …pretty sure it doesn’t count as a million dollar idea…or indeed an any dollar idea, I guess…but I’ve always been fond of the concept of bankable karma…which would by definition sort of presuppose the existence of a bank of karma…which I’m fairly certain is an entirely unworkable idea in reality…but in principle I think there are two things that really recommend it to me

    …the arguably more obvious one being that when something shitty happens to you it’d be all kinds of handy to be able to be able to offset it against good things you’d done for others so that you could enjoy a bit of getting out of jail free

    …but it also strikes me that in terms of seeing how the other half live…there might be a surprising correlation between people with all the money in the world…& folks a bank of karma would be forced to foreclose on?

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