Missing NOT[2/12/23]

What do you lose/forget most often?

I misplace parts (model or otherwise). Others may say it is my manners/sanity and I say I didn’t have much of both to begin with.



  1. I will often deliberately forget stuff to clear my limited memory space. If I got to an event where I know I will never be dealing with people again, it’s smile and nod at the introduction and then dump the name into my brain’s recycling bin. If I eat at some generic sandwich place just for the sake of staving off hunger, I will forget the name and what I ate as soon as possible. Otherwise my brain gets too cluttered.

    • @BlueDogCollar, is remembering what you ate before (for a non-fancy meal) really something that “regular brained” people are able to just *DO* every day?!?

      Honest & sincere question, because I discovered a few things of that nature (about the concept of forming habits and having daily routines), over in the ASD & ADHD corvers of Reddit this weekend (things like, *apparently* people with regular brains *DON’T* have to *consciously* plot out the steps to brushing their teeth every day–or they’ll forget to do it, y’all just *DO it* without *thinking* about the steps in the process?😳😲🤯😉💖)…

      And your mention of *purposefully* forgetting… the *concept* of needing to DO that is kiiiinda mind-blowing, like when I learned that *other people* really DO see “pictures in their mind’s eye” (I have aphantasia)😉💖

  2. To check expiration dates on things in the fridge. Realized earlier this week I was using an open container of feta that expired in early September.

    The good news is it’s mostly cheese or condiments and it’s not like dijon mustard actually goes bad by the expiration dates.

  3. Unrelated – FSU is not playing like the #4 team in college football so far in this game against #14 Louisville.

    And shockingly my team won the SEC championship when I expected them to get crushed by Georgia!

    • Best thing to happen this week in college football, pick the undefeated Huskies to lose by 10 against the Ducks.  Yeah, fuck that!  Best QB in college ain’t goin out like that!  If Penix doesn’t win Heisman, the whole NCAA is a sham.

      • Oh there was no fucking way the Ducks were going to beat the Huskies. Penix is just too goddamn good. He does deserve the Heisman, but I think that dude from LSU might get it based on people being idiots.

  4. 10 first downs and 11 punts for the first half of the ACC championship game. FSU 3, Louisville 0.

    Jesus Christ poor Special Teams are the only ones working tonight. Offense certainly ain’t doing shit.

    • I’m watching the shitty Michigan game but about to switch to the Zags vs USC B-ball.  No Bronny James but they supposedly have the best point guard in country.  We will see when they face a very underrated Gonzaga team!  I’m going to a Zag game next month w/ my daughter when she gets back.  She is going to drag us into student section & I can’t wait!

      • The only way I can see Bama getting into the top 4 after beating Georgia is if either FSU or Michigan loses. Michigan isn’t going to lose, so I’m hoping Louisville actually learns how to get to the FSU endzone tonight.

        • I’m sorry, I hate Bama but they will put them in because FSU if they win w/out their best quarterback will not be considered worthy.  SEC is still considered best conference even if that may or may not be true.  I think it will be Michigan, UW, Bama & TX.

          • Yeah I didn’t realize FSU was on to their 3rd string QB tonight due to their 2nd QB being out on concussion protocol.

            Also there’s no reason ever to apologize for not liking a team. I have a seething hatred of Ohio State, so I understand how people hate my team. 

            • Michigan-Iowa is a good example of why mega conferences are so dumb.

              The championship ought to have a reasonable chance of coming down to Michigan-Ohio State at the end of the season.  But to do that, they would have to put them in separate divisions, which would mean in a lot of years they’d never meet.

              So the mega conferences have to decide whether to dilute traditional rivalries or dilute traditional rivalries.

              The NCAA leaders are so dumb.

              • Going to get much worst now that Pac 12 imploded & many of that division moving there too.  Best Pac 12 season in last 30 years & now it is gone!  This will be the worst thing for all west coast teams but NCAA is a fucking joke & east coast bias has caused a financial crisis here.

              • Next year the SEC has no more divisions and they’ll have Texas and Oklahoma State in with the usual gang.

                I’m interested to see how it works out. I’m cool not playing the same 6 teams every year and mixing it up a bit.

                • Hell, at the rate the things’re going, pretty soon the Big 10 is gonna take up the *rest* of D-1 college football, and it’ll just be the Big 10, the SEC, and the Ivy League in there for *funsies*🙄🙄🙄

  5. I immediately forget anything to do with sports. For instance, I just read your sports exchange and now I couldn’t tell you what sport you were talking about.

    I find myself meeting so many new people with kids these days and I immediately forget their names and faces unless they have something really unique going for them like large bushy eyebrows or being named Helenor.

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