Mistakes Were Made [NOT 5/7/21]

image of yellow road sign with wording "BAD IDEA"

Hi, friends!

As per usual on a 3 day weekend, I got nothing done. You’d think at some point I’ve give up with the expectations that I would be productive with that extra day, but here we are nonetheless.

Not only did I not de-squalor anything, I made things worse. WOMP WOMP

Also, rookie mistake, I went to Costco when I was really hungry.

How’s your Monday going? Anything exciting or fun happen?



  1. Are they doing samples again at Costco? They’re not at my local TJ’s. 
    I spent the long weekend pet sitting, bingeing Insecure Season 4 (damn, so good), and looking at housing listings whilst failing to follow through on any of them.

  2. My AC broke down so I’m sitting here in a sauna calling AC specialists.
    On top of that, some idiot’s car alarm went off for 10 minutes in the middle of my sleep and woke me up about 3 hours ago.
    I’m just like my dad in that when I’m tired, hot and grouchy, the temper is on a very fine hair trigger.  Watch out coworkers.

  3. Well, I *nearly* got a full day off today — except they supposedly needing coverage for the last two and a half hours of my normal shift. So, here I am 45 minutes into it and with all of TWO calls under my belt. Ah, well. At least I got those seven pages of vital records from Argentina translated — just in time to start in on the 15 pages of handwritten testimony from a woman who wants her marriage annulled. . . .

  4. I got lots of shit done.  The only thing I didn’t get done was sitting around and relaxing.  I also got stung by something that wasn’t a bee or a wasp…and I’m not honestly sure what the hell it is, but there were a number of them flying around one of the bushes I was trimming today.  They were…kind of bluish, I think, and maybe an inch long, but I couldn’t get a good look at them.  My shoulder feels fine now but it hurt like hell when it happened.

  5. I’ve had a 4 day rollercoaster of highs & lows.  High, getting high w/ Hawaii friends & drinking tons of great beer.  Low, snoring after & pissing off wife.  High, celebrating friend’s birthday & seeing new additions to our group born in last 2 years (kids & dogs).  Low, friends wife got sick & ended up in hospital overnight w/ my wife holding her hand through it (not due to partying but weird random thing that could have been life threatening).  High, being home.  Low, getting home!  Ferries had 2 to 3 hour waits so drove 2.5 hours instead around the Sound.  

  6. I’m fighting a little cold. 

    There are 3 smol Bangladeshis staying in my house. They are quiet as church mice. 

    I gotta write a post about my accidental AirBnB adventure. I’m waiting to see how it all turns out. 

    • I hope you’re starting to feel better, Meg!
      You have solidarity from up here in MN!💖
      Not a cold, exactly, here, I think mine is more heat-related & probably a bout of anemia😖.
      I realized yesterday at about midday, that not only had I been downing a few gallons of water while I was at work over the weekend,because of the heat… I also hadn’t been eating enough fruit or drinking any Gatorade to bring my electrolytes back into any type of “normal” range, to balance out all the hydration & sweating….
      And on top of that, realized that the reason for my arms/shoulders, & legs feeling so gosh-darn heavy, in spite of not feeling sick-sick (just tired!), was that I haven’t remembered to eat much/any red meat for the last couple months, and I’ve forgotten to take any vitamins siiiince probably February/March🙃
      So I basically slept alllll day yesterday, took the first 2 Flintstones vitamins at midday, and an already feeling about 80% of “normal” again today.

  7. i finally got around to fixing the slow puncture on my bike
    all very old school…with a bucket of water
    bubble hunter farscy..that me!
    anyways…i did a fantastic job..if i do say so meself
    shame i then got the tube pinched when mounting the tire back on the rim
    greatly improved the efficiency of my slow puncture….as its now a very fast puncture (in fact…it doesnt hold air at all)
    welp…guess ill take the spare bike to work today
    (well…actually..this is more like..the last resort use in case of emergency bike….as all 3 of my spare bikes need parts….i might have been putting off taking care of all that shit for a while now)

    • ugh, I am not good at finding the site of the puncture.  At this point, I’m more likely to attempt a tube change at work, since we already have waterbaths for other stuff, whereas at home I have to spend a few minutes filling up my kitchen sink (after shoveling out the unwashed dishes (and feeling bad about it)), and then feeling bad about wasting the water when I’m done…
      I can’t complain too much though, I’m about ~2500 miles/4000Km with maybe two flats on this bike, and I don’t think the stock tires are even considered especially puncture resistant.  Hopefully, things continue along this path.
      I really should figure out checking the disc brake pads and such – it’s my first bike with disc brakes, and I love them, but it’s not as easy to check pad wear as it is with rim brakes.  I read a couple web pages this weekend, and I think they are okay, but could probably use some adjusting/tweaking, but I really should be more on top of things…

  8. Surprisingly got more done than expected. Since forever the drying rack has been in the bathtub, not anymore. Now to give it all a good cleaning. Reorganized the kitchen. Pickled some red onions. Set up a second compost bin. Played around with methods of speeding up the composting by chopping stuff before adding to bin. Thinking of using the cheap cellar food processor for that. Reassured the cat that he would never be left behind in an evacuation situation. Contemplated buying him a harness. Contemplated painting a wall in the LR red.

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