MLK Day [DOT 16/1/23]

My neighbors and I went on an 8.3 mile hike yesterday. I can only imagine at post time I will be very sore.

Quick Story Time:
I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but in Virginia you can order special license plates that are yellow and have a Gadsden flag on them. They say ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ across the bottom. Because Virginia.
We were walking from the car to the trail head and I noticed some yellow vanity plates that said ‘LIB TAR’.
Of course I pointed them out to my friends and said “HA, what a fucking tool!” Said ‘tool’ was sitting in his car with the windows down. The way his head swiveled. We cackled and went on our way. #sorrynotsorry

IDK I kind of like it.

Martin Luther King Jr. statue in Boston draws online mockery, disdain

I’d like to see that church some day.

Biden honors Martin Luther King Jr with sermon: ‘His legacy shows us the way’


NFL playoffs: Giants beat Vikings in thriller; Bills given scare by weakened Dolphins

The Stonk Market is closed today.

This guy doesn’t seem very smart.

Romanian authorities seize nearly $4 million in assets from Andrew Tate in alleged human trafficking, rape investigation


Have a great day!



  1. In the UK, the third Monday in January is known as Blue Monday, but I don’t know how common the term or concept is. It is a Blue Monday for Better Half, whose company swapped out MLK, Jr. Day for Juneteenth this year. Who knows why; the company is privately owned and the ways of the proprietor are unknown.

    But poor Better Half, it’s a free-for-all today, and his last Zoom call kicks off at 10:30 PM tonight. That’s 11:30 AM Tuesday in Hong Kong, where his no-doubt chipper clients will have lots of agenda items to discuss. This particular group is actually a lovely bunch so it should be relatively painless. Just makes for a very long day.

    • I’m with you. I also don’t see the point of a “tribute” to someone that doesn’t actually include a recognizable image of that person. I can understand the anger. It seems a lot like erasing their identity in favor of a vague concept that’s not really related to racial equality. And while I’m sure the Kings’ relationship was important (albeit tumultuous, by many accounts), it’s not the part of his life that I feel you want to emphasize?

  2. The Bangor Daily News decided they knew better than MLK, and rewrote his “I Have A Dream” speech to cut out all of the parts that they decided were too upsetting for their delicate sensitivities.

  3. Did the Gadsden flag license plates predate the dipshit Tea Party morons? Because I do feel bad for the handful of American Revolution history buffs who liked the flag before first the libertarians and then the dipshit Tea Party morons appropriated it.

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