…mo’ shit, Sherlock [DOT 05/02/20]

…somebody sure as shit lost the plot…& sure, there’s a decent chance that somebody is this somebody…but there’s a not-inconsiderable chance that it’s a certain somebody & the somebody’s who concocted the…I don’t rightly know what the fuck you call it…freakishly un-self-aware parody shit-show seems overly disrespectful to the tradition of the State of the Union & yet not nearly disrespectful enough about the abjectly solipsistic mush-brained effigy of a human being that spewed this one forth like a slow puncture in a set of bagpipes that had seen better days


…either way not only did I endure the damn thing I then spent longer than I’d care to admit clipping out an array of things vying for the position of “dumbest shit of the night” & pasting them into what was going to be this post…before they (& the various links, annotations, asides & assorted clips of things to help you get through it without suffering the full effects of what I believe the medical fraternity refers to as an insult to the brain) vanished into the ether inexplicably…so between the damn speech the first time around & the time spent wading through that transcript I’m out three or four hours I won’t be seeing again


…on the upside you lot don’t have to wade through the results, which I guess might be considered a reprieve of sorts by some

…& realistically I don’t think my day is going to allow me the time to repeat the exercise, which is kind of a shame really because it seemed worth doing at the time & I was kind of pleased with the result if I’m honest

…so I’d like to try to recreate the post that vanished but there’s a pretty good chance this isn’t going to get any longer than this today

shortlisted for “most shade ever thrown by a white lady of a certain age”…all time category

Trump and Pelosi Exchange Snubs at the State of the Union Address

…anyway these probably take less time to watch than that post would have taken to scroll through…& you’ll probably enjoy the experience more…so who knows…maybe it’s for the best…



  1. I only made it about 15 minutes in before I couldn’t tolerate the smugness on the Toddler’s face, to say nothing of all those lickspittles in the chamber cheering for him. I saw Kamala Harris’s furious face in the audience, decided she represented me well enough and turned off the tv and popped open a bottle of wine.

  2. Did you get combat pay for watching that shit? I’ve got much better things in my life to do than listen to an hour or more of bullshit from a 4-year old in a 70-year old body. Things like pulling my own toenails out with pliers, for example.

  3. Because I’m an idiot I looked at Twitter and there are people coming at Pelosi FROM THE LEFT for ripping up the speech. Come on, that’s full on bitch eating crackers shit.

  4. I’m irrationally or actually rationally angry about a lot of things these days, but I’m super pissed about Rush Fucking Limbaugh being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

    “The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the Nation’s highest civilian honor, presented to individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”

    What pray tell in that above paragraph applies to Limbaugh? Are we supposed to utter his name with the likes of Shirley Chisholm, Katherine Johnson, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner? Even the ‘celebrity’ recipients such as Tom Hanks, Michael Jordan and Ellen DeGeneres aren’t racist, sexist, drug addled fucks.


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