MOAR things [NOT 26/1/22]

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Hi, friends!

How is your week going? I hope it’s going well. Farsy, I saw your comment about overworking due to the coronapocalypse. Can we send you doctor’s notes to get out of work? I have horrible handwriting, it could pass for a medical professional.

Topic of the night – is there something you essentially lack self-control about acquiring?

I’m ahhh bad with plants. I think it’s because I’ve only had my own outdoor space basically for 3 years so I’m overzealous in some ways.

I’ve been trying to not get more houseplants because of space issues. I have space in the room, I don’t have space on the surfaces near the windows. I was doing great, I only got 2 new houseplants in the last 6 months.

Anyways, a friend of the family is moving out of state and needs homes for 3 large plants. Sooooo yeah of course I agreed to take them. Twisted my arm. Yeah, right. Not like I tried to say no. The good news is they are on a north-facing window in their current home, which is fantastic because the only window space I have is also along a north-facing window.

Of course, now I’m like well fuck I guess I need some plant stands or a console table or something. Oh no, oh darn. Shucks.

I used to also be bad with makeup. Bad bad bad about buying more than I needed. And then the one-two punch of roseacea issues and a pandemic made me rethink that and I’ve very much curtailed that habit. Also I was reading earlier this year about the PFOAs they’re finding in cosmetics and welp fuck me I don’t need more exposure to those.



  1. I cannot go wine tasting & not buy wine.  I feel guilty, especially if it is free wine tasting.  Don’t get me wrong, I won’t buy shitty wine but tend to at least buy a bottle from most wineries.  This weekend we are going to a tasting at a friend’s winery & I will definitely buy more than I need or have space for in my wine fridge.  So, in case of Don’t Look Up actually happening, party at my house.

    • Yeah, but are you actually drinking wine? I mean if you’re getting enjoyment from the wine you’ve previously bought, I think it’s totally reasonable to buy more.

      Wait. Am I enabling?

      • I’m drinking it but always trying to save 1 bottle to see if it ages well which adds up.

    • But you sort of have to buy wine when you go on a tasting. I’d feel obligated, too.

  2. Not for myself but I love buying things for my daughter and my dog. Fanny is very spoiled, she gets a monthly Bark Box, and I still spent $90 at Pet Supplies Plus the other day.

    • Oooh Pet Supplies Plus is a fantastic store!

      • I know, I can’t resist fancy dog treats, lol.

  3. My #1 item would be reading material. Whether it be books, journals, or magazines, I’m the worst about leaving the bookshop without acquiring more. With the rise of those Little Free Library thingies, it’s even more difficult to resist. I’ve had to stop myself when walking down the street past a discount book cart on the sidewalk and either set a limit or set a new goal of getting through some of my TBR pile first.

    I used to be terrible about constantly shopping for new clothing and shoes, though the pandemic has somewhat placed a damper on the need and opportunity to replenish my wares so frequently.

    So that leaves records. I just went to the used bookshop and, though I managed to avoid picking up additional books, I unexpectedly dropped $95 on used records.

    • I horde magazines too, my wife just made me throw out 3 years of my Photoshop User mags.  I might need that tutorial from 3 versions ago!  You never know?

      • It hurt to throw out 7 years worth of Economist last year.

        I used them as research archives, but they had to go.

  4. I tend to buy extra things like corned beef and turkey when they go on holiday sales, stick them at the bottom of the freezer, and then forget about them. I realized I had a bunch of corned beef and only two months until St. Patrick’s Day, so one just got eaten but two remain. I’ll try again to be better, but it’s hard. I only have one frozen turkey  at least.

    • I was thinking about getting a small chest freezer for the basement, but I don’t have a dedicated circuit available on my panel.

        • I don’t have a dedicated circuit. From that link, I think the issue is you don’t want two things that might surge at the same time, like a washer and freezer.

  5. I may have a kindle book problem.

  6. I used to be bad about buying books.  Now it is model kits.

    However thanks to reality (paying down new expensive AC) both bad habits are painfully on hold.

      • Paid off.  Just in time to be paying for the next project.

        So far so good.  Gotta buy a squeegee to clean remove the slush and dirt.

  7. Oh lord. Running/biking/hiking/backpacking apparel and gear. Constantly upgrading to better/lighter/stronger. One of my long-term goals is to make my stuff last longer and resist the urge to replace stuff just for the sake of having new stuff. It’s a tough one.

    • I love kitchen stuff and I started replacing with things that will last forever a few years ago.

      So now it’s a bittersweet love. I see cool stuff that I would like, but then I am aware that not only do I not need it, I also have nowhere to store it. This second point, especially, is how I talk myself out of buying housewares I don’t need.

  8. haha a note would be most helpful thank you 😀

    i think the problem will solve itself tho… had another rona case yesterday….one of the turkish guys… who had spent the previous night with the other 2 turkish guys watching movies

    all 3 of those guys like to chat to everyone at length and up close and dont know what face masks are…or vaccinations for that matter…

    sooo…pretty much everyone is getting tested today…lol

    could be i get a very short work day as we are definitely close to the point of not enough staff to be worth opening shop

  9. I dunno how many of y’all are over on Twitter, and/or saw the story yet, ’bout the school district in Tennessee who banned the graphic novel Maus….

    But THIS set of tweets, y’all!!!

    Neil Himself, and Mike Godwin….

    Yes, *THAT* Mike Godwin!!!!!!!


  10. I was collecting quite a few hand tools, i.e. planes, but base drills etc. but I deleted Facebook (used to check for them on market place then go get them) and my shop is all the better for it.

    I hoard gadgets and thingamajigs because I know as soon as I throw them out, I will need them.

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