Mods Are Asleep: lazy assed cooking with farscy

what you will need

250gr cheese stuffed tortellinis

100 gr smoked salmon (the kind you’d normally put on a sandwich)

a handfull of runner beans or a broccoli chopped into florets

and a jar of green pesto 80gr

chuck the tortellinis in a pan of water and chuck the greens of choice right in there with them then bring the water to a boil and simmer till you deem the tortellinis properly cooked

whilst the pasta is cooking cut the salmon in to strips

then drain the pasta/greens mix in a collindar and chuck em right back into the pan (now off the heat or the pasta will stick)

add the pesto (i just use the whole jar…but add to taste i guess) and add your strips of salmon

stir the whole thing round to spread the pesto and salmon nicely…the heat from the tortellinis will lightly cook the salmon

and hey presto 15 minutes of no effort dinner is served

serves 2 easy

serve with parmesan



  1. welp…the subheader and subtext fell off as me computer crapped out halfway through posting…oh well… shoulda double checked that before posting the saved draft

  2. Nice! Next time I have a bunch of basil I’ll make this, because you know I have to make the pesto from scratch. I have learned my lesson as far as home made pasta goes, that is, it’s a fail for me.

    • @Sedevilc just realized I completely forgot to reply to you 
      Homemade pesto will probably make it even betterer 🙂 
      As would doubling the amount of salmon…its expensive here so I usually go a little lean with it

  3. @Farscythe you are a stealthy FYCE fellow!  Win-win!

    • @Elliecoo teehee sneaky sneaky
      i figured its far too simple for a FYCE but still wanted to share it…so this post happened 🙂

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