Monday, Again! [DOT 14/9/2020]

Happy Monday gang. I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend.

I spent a fair amount of time catching up on The Boys and The Durrells in Corfu, both of which were recommended at some point by Saturday Morning Brain Drain.

In case you missed this as well, Cousin Matthew has blessed us with his Chicken Parm recipe(s), which frankly are making me hungry.

Let’s see what else is going on…

Dense smoke smothers Pacific Northwest, shutting residents indoors and complicating fire response


Restaurant rebellion: Limits on alcohol and indoor dining aimed at taming the coronavirus leave Pennsylvania bar owners fuming


Coronavirus in Pa.: York County hits another high-positive mark


Colin Kaepernick attacks NFL ‘propaganda’ as teams protest on opening weekend

Saving my pennies…

‘Let me in – let me in!’ Wuthering Heights house for sale at £1m

Dogs, bruh.

Have a great day!



  1. The Durrells in Corfu was excellent, completely charming, very funny. In real life Gerald Durrell, the son obsessed with animals, wrote dozens of books and short stories, about animals, life in Corfu, or both. It is from some of his work that the series is adapted, but there’s lots more than just the TV series. The oldest brother, Lawrence, wrote The Alexandria Quartet, which is a remarkable series of books about characters in Alexandria before, during, and just after WWII, told from different perspectives. A very talented lot, the Durrells.

  2. yep…its monday and ive gone blind….that fucking figures
    couldnt work had to go see a doctor got put on antibiotics and some wierd assed paste for in my eye wich made me even blinder
    apparently i should be able to see normal ish again within 3 days…if i dont i gets to go visit the hospital….wooo
    this is really annoying….

    • Sorry to hear that. Eyesight stuff is scary. Couple months ago I had a mass of “floaters” (those transparent lines that sometimes float across your field of vision) dislodge and obscure my left eye. Not a huge deal — stress, blood pressure, etc., and who doesn’t have that these days. But somewhat scary nonetheless. 

      • tbh..ive only got one good eye….really wishing it was the other one that got infected
        its making me realize that being unable to see is really really sucky…
        at least my boss agrees that me being half blind is a valid reason to not work 

    • What the hell happened? Have you been drinking your hand sanitizer? Just kidding, I’m assuming an infection of some kind. I hope it’s not connected to Covid, I think pink eye is a symptom.  Hope it clears up soon.

    • Oh dear … I am so sorry to hear this. Corneal abrasions can be quite painful, too, it can hurt to even shut your eye. I am glad that you can you can still type – keep us posted on how you are doing, if you please?

  3. I watched the most well acted Zoom meeting ever – the Wisconsin Dems presented The Princess Bride script read through last night with 100k other people. It was incredibly charming and I love that most of the actors returned and hate tRump. I think the only one alive that wasn’t there was Fred Savage – who I guess is a republican. I haven’t been able to find a link to it yet, but it was definitely some chicken soup for the soul.

    • …I saw somewhere that 160,000 or so people donated something like an average of $30-ish…which would be getting on for the best part of $5million raised of you just multiply those figures for an estimate?

      …although I don’t see Biden confronting his opponent at the debate with “to the pain”…though I might pay to see that, as it happens

  4. The smoke is so bad here that even with the house completely closed and running the a/c our smoke alarm went off at 3am last night!  I had to run through the house pulling them off the ceiling and disconnecting while my wife coming out of a dream yelled at me about giving me a bad Yelp review for my B & B!  (She was having a weird dream).  Took me a few hours to get back to sleep after that.  The weather app shows our visibility as 1000 yards instead of the usual miles, it looks like really thick foggy fall day with no sunlight.  It has dropped the temp by a good 15 degrees but really getting old. 

  5. taking bets now… who will give me rona first
    the missus? shes currently in crete (im a little jelly….but fuckit if she comes home happy im happy) anyhoo… cretes a code orange now for rona
    the daughter? she starts college again tomorow… there was a rona outbreak in the city her college is in…unsurprisingly it was in a sorority?..a fuckin student club…coz of course those assholes are partying
    or the idiot? uhh…i mean me… coz ive started licking doorhandles or some shit
    tbh…im not hugely worried…but i do believe my days of living in a pretty rona free part of the country are over…and whilst i tick most of the boxes for probably gets mild symptoms im not super keen on finding out what 20 some years of smoking does for my odds…lol

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