Monday, Again. [DOT 16/11/20]

It’s Monday again, and it’s me again.

Not sure what all is going on out there as I spent most of the weekend organizing the house and cleaning.

I put my Christmas lights up. While I generally think one should wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating for Xmas, I figured it was OK to brighten up the house.

How are you going about brightening your days?

This freaking guy; didn’t he already have Covid?

Boris Johnson forced to self-isolate again as crucial week begins

Can’t wait til he’s gone; think they will take his Twitter away?

Trump tweets that Biden ‘won’ – but repeats baseless vote fraud claim

He can head over to Parler with (checks notes) John Tesh.


Dustin Johnson’s Masters win shows that, to succeed in golf, you first have to learn how to fail

Some Good Tweets:

This just cracked me up:

Have a good Monday!



  1. I first visited LA in the mid-80s and instantly fell in love. We were wandering around the Hollywood Walk of Fame when a production assistant offered us free tickets to be in the audience of “Solid Gold” the next day. Fabulous. We drove to a lot where a shuttle bus picked us up and brought us to the taping. My Black now-husband was the only Black guy in the very small audience and got a special wave and a wink from Marilyn McCoo.
    Of what relevance is this? After the taping we gathered at the Paramount gates but the shuttle bus was late. I smoked at the time so I separated myself from the pack but inadvertently wound up blocking an exit. John Tesh pulled up and very patiently waited for a security guard to tell me to move out of the way. So that was nice of him and he smiled and waved at me. Right behind was his ET co-host Mary Hart, who did the same.
    I would give anything to relive that trip. That wasn’t even the biggest highlight.

      • I will tell you! We decided to spend a day in Santa Monica. As the dinner hour came upon us we found this restaurant that seemed fun. The host asked us where we were from. “Manhattan. Why?”
        “We’re very busy tonight but I have one table for two open. It’s a tight space so you’re going to be rubbing elbows with someone you might recognize. Now, being from Manhattan, you know the drill, don’t gawk, don’t engage, whatever you do don’t ask for an autograph. You will abide by this?”
        “Yes, of course.” BURGESS MEREDITH! He was with three friends and the talk was all general, no reminiscing and no Hollywood gossip was conveyed, and we did our best to politely ignore him. The minute we got back to the hotel I excitedly called my younger sister. “Guess who I sat next to at dinner tonight? THE PENGUIN!” We were obsessed with “Batman” reruns growing up and the Penguin was our favorite.
        When Mr. Meredith and his group were done he got up first (we were seated against the back wall and he was facing the restaurant) and the entire restaurant erupted in applause. He gave a kind of royal wave and they left without incident.

        I should add, before it’s too late, my very groggy sister answered the phone and I had forgotten that it was about 1 AM on the east coast. “Cousin Matthew, what’s wrong?”

        “Nothing. I’m in Los Angeles.”

        “Los Angeles! How did you wind up there?”

        “Continental Airlines, but that’s not important. Guess who I…”

  2. 100x this. 
    It is just way too cheap and easy for these nutcases to set up a new meet up place, and way too much dark money willing to do it. We are literally living through the byproduct of it .

    • Actually, the conservative “network” already existed. It’s been around for decades now. It’s AM radio. There’s 1500 radio stations across America broadcasting conservative propaganda pretty much 24/7. I read a fascinating article about how massive AM talk radio’s influence is.
      It’s basically “underground,” since very few liberals listen to it at all, but as the article points out, if you set foot on a factory floor, or in a garage, or warehouse, you hear this stuff being blasted out all day, every day. Which resonated with me, because I always hear it when I’m getting the oil changed in my cars. And, the first article (below) points out, a lot of it is supported by advertising from universities — who are trying to attract people in that demographic. So ultimately our tax dollars are paying for a lot of Rush Limbaugh and his ilk. 

      • In the 90’s I listed to Gordon Liddy a lot.  Mostly because I couldn’t be bothered to change the channel after Howard Stern was over.  But Liddy was pretty entertaining, in the same way that WWE is.

        • The hatred and vitriol has been dialed up to 11 now. Basically they can get away with just about any amount of racism (as long as they don’t use the n-word) and misogyny (I don’t think there’s a bottom to that). That’s on top of the outrageous lies, and these blue-collar workers absolutely eat it up. 

  3. I got to spend all day yesterday without internet access, except for my phone. Wound up having to watch movies on disc like some kind of peasant. 
    So to answer the logical next questions:
    Atomic Blonde is still only “okay” upon a second watch. The cast is superb. The fight corriagraphy is excellent. The soundtrack is a wonderful time-capsule. But the overall plot just does not deliver any tension for me. I can’t really explain it, but Jane Wick fights everyone during the end of the Cold War in Berlin just doesn’t work for me as well as it should. 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Killer Elite is a good action/spy thriller. I am a sucker for almost anything Jason Statham does, so I enjoyed this one watching it again. Also, does anyone else subscribe to the theory that all of Statham’s movies are interconnected, and that we are simply watching various stages a single character doing jobs as a mercenary for hire?

    • …I think atomic blonde was a graphic novel before it was a film & I think the plot/narrative worked better to on the page?

      …there’s something about the way casting implies things in a film that undercut the progression of reveals but I had out that down to having read the thing before seeing the movie so it’s interesting that it might have been the other thing after all

      …& I like that statham theory…but depending on the order you put them in it might be tough to concoct a happy ending for the guy?

      • That explains quite a bit. Aside from the MCU, I have never been much a fan of comic-book-to-film adaptations, especially when they try to shoot a movie the same way a comic is illustrated. A notible exception would be Into the Spiderverse, but since that is animated it works. 

  4. Did anyone see the Obama interview on 60 Minutes?  I don’t usually watch 60 Minutes but I needed a fix of a president that isn’t completely full of shit, knows he is human, and admits mistakes and failures.  I wish he would of not been so diplomatic when it comes to Trump and crew but that is what makes him Obama.


    • I missed that one but saw the one he did on CBS Sunday Morning, and I’m sure it was the same. Having an actual adult as president can really make a difference.


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