Monday Blues [NOT 17/6/24]

Who'd like another slice of lemon cake?

Hi, friends!

I hope your day is going well and that Monday isn’t being too rough.

I’m having a case of the Mondays, to reference Office Space. It’s mostly because I found out a bunch of shit I’ll have to do this coming weekend and it’s like great, there goes my hope of a lazy weekend.



  1. The weather forecast has been unreliable lately (this past month or more). It rains when it should shine. It shines when it should thunder. I give up on planning my days based on it. Is this specific to Seattle? Or have you guys been experiencing that too.

    • It’s been true recently, but it tends to happen a lot in the summer here. I think the humidity levels are definitely worse, and that tends to make things more volatile.

    • It was pretty unreliable here in Missouri in May with regard to thunderstorms and tornados.

      Now we’re in a heat wave and might hit record highs this weekend. Good thing I picked tomato and bean varieties based on what grows well a few zones warmer than mine is supposed to be.

    • Seattle weather has been totally schizophrenic lately.  In Hawaii, they just phoned it in & said “variable winds & chance of mauka (mountain) showers”.  Almost covers all your bases.

    • The weather in Boise and the surrounding areas has been nuts. Everyone back East is talking “heat dome”, and it was cold this past weekend here. We were camping about 100 miles north of here and were wearing several layers, sitting around a fire pit, and using all the blankets overnight.

    • welp…the weather over here has been reasonably normal…little on the wet side *cough* okay a lot on the wet side

      the weather forecasts are miles off tho…like…more than a day out yeah whatever it says is going to be wrong….pretty much the only reliable thing is the current weather radar and then guestimating when the rains will or wont hit you


  2. Dealing with a sister who has depression thanks to a combo of work and the parents situation.

    I found that counselling helps and I told her to go seek some professional help (not in a joking or cruel way.) Some folks (especially those who already have issues with psychology in the first place) seem to think that it is all talking. It isn’t really.

    The idea is to make the connections yourself.

    I have some free monthly counselling via the Alzheimer’s society and I didn’t think it  would help much but it has. I have managed to deal with the guilt of taking away my parents’ freedom better than I would have on my own. I am slowly coming to grips with the slow motion mourning I am dealing with watching my parents minds fall apart a piece at a time, knowing what I can do isn’t enough.

    I even cried a couple of times which is ironic as i was accused (behind my back of course) that I am a cold hearted asshole when I dealt with the death of one of my closest friends (3rd year anniversary this week). I mourned in my own way (and shed a lot of private tears) and it is not my way to make my mourning a public spectacle. If you do that it is your choice. Just don’t be so judgy how I do it.

    • I don’t consider you cold hearted. You’ve shared a kaleidoscope of emotions about your friend and parents over the years. You are loyal (to those who are worthy), pragmatic in an honest and loving way, and in the end you also support them the way that they need. I remember how your friend’s other friends managed to make his cancer all about themselves and their grief’s needs and wants (while he was still alive!). I’m sorry again about your parents and their rapid cognitive decline. You’re a good son and a whole person even if you choose not to share all of yourself with others.

    • Seconding what hammerzeigeist says about you not being cold-hearted. You are very much a person who embodies still waters run deep.

      I also come across as unemotional and unaffected by grief and negative emotions in person often, but it’s more that I just don’t like to talk about it with other people.

  3. We made it through the end of the school year, and I managed to only be sick twice in the last two weeks🙃🫠

    I think it was just the whole darn year catching up with me, and still a good deal of burnout keeping me run down, and susceptible to getting sick.

    I’m not working summer school, for the first time in half a decade or so.

    I’m only working the summer version of the “Before & After School” program–so that I can get myself back to square again, get on a regular sleep/wake schedule, and get myself back into a “normal” morning routine, so that I can get my ass up & out the door on time.

    By the last month of school, between being run down, and at the edge of burnout (not as bad as *last* year, but NOT great!!!), my executive function was *shot*, and I was simply losing half an hour or more, if I got pulled out of my “normal” routine, had any interruptions, or sat down at all.

    I was a HOT mess, time management wise, and couldn’t get *anywhere* even remotely on time🙃

    So the goal is just to get myself centered again, de-squalor my apartment, *find* myself again, and build some routines back up–since I’d managed to lose myself so completely, “adjusting & accommodating” *everything* for the last few years–from Lily, to Dad, to the old Roommates’ needs &/or requests/ demands–and then once *all* of it was gone, once I got over here, and my time *sort of* became *mine* again, I fell alllllll apart😂🤣

    Been starting with just making sure I eat supper after I get home in the evenings, and take my insulin–and *this* week, now that we’ve got a “regular” schedule at the Summer program, I’m going to start the “5 minutes of Meditation” per day, that my therapist has *wanted* me doing for the last few months… but that I was just too scattered & distracted to do much other than *feel guilty for NOT accomplishing*, before now😉

    • And the woodsy sounds that I found a couple weeks ago, that help my brain slow down enough to just *sit* for the five-ish minutes she wants me to meditate–and which keeps my tinnitus at bay well enough to *actually* sit, and close my eyes for five+ minutes (I can sit out by a lake, creek, stream, or even a slough, and stare at water for ages–it’s a *lot* harder, though, in town😉)

      The sounds of this one–even though it’s a *bit* more “North-y” than the *central* part of MN where I grew up, is *familiar enough*, that it’s really helpful, for calming the chimpanzees running around inside my skull, like in that old series of Career builder commercials😉

    • The guilt of not accomplishing stuff is a tough one. For me, it gnaws at me till I can’t take it anymore.

      I also felt scatter brained after fighting management to keep my job and the Cokehead Narcissist so I understand. Your mind was on high alert and now it is saying it just had enough of life’s bullshit. It is a lot to go through and now you need that decompression time.

      I hope you can find that down time you so need.

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