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And…we’re back.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. In case you missed it: catch up on your entertainment suggestions here and your recipes here. Also, Tragically Chic posted her first DUAN!

So Deadsplinters, what’s motivating you this Monday?

Covid Updates:

The US Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization for the use of convalescent plasma to treat Covid-19 on Sunday, saying the “known and potential benefits of the product outweigh the known and potential risks of the product.”

The Graveson family, on what the coronavirus has done to them

Debt, eviction and hunger: Millions fall back into crisis as stimulus and safety nets vanish

Climate Change: not a hoax.

Belarus: defiant protesters flood Minsk demanding Lukashenko’s removal




A brilliant header!

Social media reacts to Alphonso Davies winning the UEFA Champions League

Damn. RIP.

Singer Justin Townes Earle, Son of Musician Steve Earle, Dead at 38

Can’t leave you all on that sad song! Here’s more of a pick me up…



  1. found a kg of beef for 2 fiddy in the bargain bin *bounces*

    other than that..ive gotta haul 25-50 kg of sand half way across town to refill the cats outside kitty box…thats always fun on a mountainbike (i could have it delivered…but the shop charges a flat rate of 70 bucks…seems like a fuck no for a fivers worth of sand)
    other than that the missus is having an epic burnout wich i warned her about oooh about a year ago but nobody ever listens to me…sooo im mostly motivated to be out of the house today 
    hauling soil it is 🙂

      • Lol I’ve gotta think of what to do with it first…dumped it in the freezer for now
        I do have a risotto I still need to type out…but it’s pretty similar to megs so I haven’t bothered yet lol

      • oh btw… you know what else i found in the bargain bin….marinated gambas for a buck (well..a euro)

        i’m going to really miss the early bargain bin runs when i go back to work

      • …fingers crossed

        …but on the upside sometimes it’s nice to get a new backpack & you’d have an excuse to get an overengineered replacement if the last one proved not to live up to your “everyday” demands

        …well, all right…so that might be a me-thing?

        • ha…tbh…i splurged when i got this one and got something a bit pricier and nicer than i normally would have
          paid off turns out…bag handled it no problems…have a feeling ill be feeling it in my shoulders n back tomorow tho…and i probably need to get one more bag of sand

  2. The wildfires are really terrifying. In this latest bout there are two huge ones, one north of SF in Napa (again; they just had one within the last three years?) and one south of SF in the Santa Cruz mountains. We non-Californians never think of the verdant Wine Country (where Napa and Sonoma counties are) as tinderboxes but they are.

    • My very elderly Aunt and Uncle (now aged 96) were in the Ventura CA fire in the summer of 2018 or 2019. They slept on chairs at their club for three days until their son could get through to take them in. Of the 35 or so homes in there area, 18 burned to the ground. Their home had outside smoke damage, but nothing else. They were in the process of moving to a cottage in an elder-care facility, and I’d wondered if the fire would make their home less desirable for sale. Oh no, they told me – it has increased – people want to live here, so the homes that are left are in even greater demand. I guess a distant ocean view from a house in the hills of Ventura is worth the threat of catastrophic burn each summer?

      • I was hiking with my kids a few years ago in the Rockies when we saw smoke rising about a mile away. We turned back right away and by the time we got back to the trailhead live sparks and ash were floating down from the sky. Later from a safe distance we could see the whole mountainside on fire. I would never live in a fire zone. The speed they spread and the amount of ground they can cover is just too much.

        • I hear that; fire is so fast. Twenty-five years ago, our apartment caught fire and burned to a crisp. It was so fast, like you say. My son, our dog, and I walked away with the clothes on our backs and little else. A fireman did save my son’s teddy bear, well-loved and rather singed.

    • Business took me to Chico, CA back in the late ’00s, I want to say 2009 or thereabouts. You may recognize Chico as the “refuge” that people fled to from the massive Camp Fire a couple years ago. Wildfires were raging when I was there, but nothing like they’ve been subjected to since then. 
      Nonetheless, it was an incredible hellscape. Smoke was everywhere like a peasoup fog (but HOT) and ashes fell from the sky like snow. And Chico wasn’t actually on fire — it was surrounding areas. You sprinted from the hotel to your car holding a towel over your face, brushed off all the ashes on your clothes, and drove to your meeting, where you did it again. 
      I couldn’t tell you what Chico looked like. You could barely see 30 feet. People kept telling me it was really pretty, and I kept saying “I’ll take your word for it. Can we wrap this up so I can go home?” Florida has its share of wildfires, but nothing like that. And I stress again, that was just normal, “run-of-the-mill” California wildfires that weren’t even particularly newsworthy. You couldn’t pay me enough money to live there. Particularly not now.

      • I remember seeing smoke from the Yellowstone fire when I lived in NM which was the first time I got a glimpse of just how much impact these fires can have.
        I was in Alaska during the summer of the Great Tok Fire.  I was about 200 miles away from the fire, as the crow flies, and there was so much smoke people were getting hauled away by ambulances for respiratory distress.  There were pictures in the newspaper of fire trucks hauling ass out of Tok while huge walls of flame towered over each side of the road.  Completely bonkers.

    • i dont know if its the source material or if its the lack of an audience for him to act up for
      but i find hes a lot more on point and funnier since rona took his audience away

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