Monday-est Monday! [DOT 3/1/22]

Gimme all the coffee!

They are calling for snow here in the Mid-Atlantic so at least I don’t have to go into the office.

How’s your first Monday back looking?

“Cancel culture strikes again” MTG, probably


U.S. is considering recommending that individuals exposed to Covid end isolation if they’ve tested negative for the virus after five days, Dr. Fauci says

Tracking Covid-19 cases in the US


Antonio Brown is no longer a part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after he takes off jersey and leaves sideline mid-game, coach says

Vancouver Canucks assistant equipment manager thanks fan who noticed his melanoma at game against Seattle Kraken. ‘You changed my life’


Stock futures rise ahead of first trading day of 2022

Have a great day!



  1. MTG responded to her ban by calling Twitter “an enemy of the people.” I cannot disagree with her there.

    Meanwhile, this is not what the Standells were singing about.

    (behind a paywall but the headline sums it up.)

    Speaking of the Standells, did you know that they were an LA-based band with no connection whatsoever to Boston? Like a lot of 60s bands they didn’t write their own songs, and their manager/songwriter I guess he was, was from New England and he came up with it.

    Look how cute that mop-topped lead singer is. Sadly, he is no longer with us. His name is Dick Dodd, and according to his wiki page (of corse he has one) he was on the first season of the Mickey Mouse Club. He bought a drum set from Annette Funicello (of course she had one) and his castmate Cubbie’s father taught him how to play it.


  2. File under “Let them fight.”


    Their arguments increasingly resemble the performative clashes of pro wrestling, said Mike Rothschild, a conspiracy theory researcher and author of a book on QAnon: full of flashy, marketable story lines of heroes conquering their enemies. The drama, he said, gives the influencers a way to keep their audiences angry and engaged while also offering them a chance to prove their loyalty by buying stuff.

    QAnon is “the easiest money that you could possibly make if you don’t have a conscience, but there’s only a certain number of people you can fleece. It’s not a renewable resource,” said Rothschild.


      • No, we are not. I truncated the quote because I didn’t expect anyone to get the reference, but the reporter lampshaded it:

        QAnon is “the easiest money that you could possibly make if you don’t have a conscience, but there’s only a certain number of people you can fleece. It’s not a renewable resource,” said Rothschild (who has no relation to the famous banking family targeted in antisemitic conspiracy theories).

        So good on you for tagging  those conspiracy-mongers! Well done!

    • Kind of is a renewable resource though.

      My dad keeps sending republicans money, he’s done it regularly for decades now. And it’s not like you have to wait a few seasons to get a crop from those chucklefucks, they just keep paying and paying.

      • Well, he’s referencing QAnon specifically, not the Republican grift, which seems to be eternal, as you point out. Conspiracy theories seem to have an effective lifespan, which probably corresponds to their adherents’ lifespans. Over time they get less effective, particularly if they keep making “promises” that don’t get kept, like Captain Combover will be reinstated on X date. People are stupid, but the 15th time they get disappointed, they start to wise up.

        Pro tip to ease the pain of parents giving to shit causes: When you take over their finances, stop doing it. Better yet, donate to causes they HATE. But be careful — when the DNC starts sending them donation mailers, they will notice. “I have no idea how those pesky Democrats got your name. Socialists, the entire lot.”

  3. Looks like everything is going away Jan 5 here in Yours To Grow (CoVID) Ontario.


    Might be because Ontario went from 1800 cases 10 days ago to (probably more than) 20000 now.

    One shift at work has 7 people now out with Omnicron.  Not related to work so we’re not shut down though.

    • my most Qanonny antivax co worker alledgedly tested positive today

      i say alledgedly coz hes absolutely the kind of asshole that would say his self test was positive despite not taking one then make an appointment for a proper test at the slow gubment test site and sit on his negative result till about 3pm friday and then call in to say he just got his results and is negative after all

      ill believe it when hes on a ventilator

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