Monday-est Monday [DOT 4/1/20]

First day back after the holidays can only be described as the Monday-est Monday to ever have Monday-ed.

U.S. could ramp up slow Covid vaccine rollout by giving two half volume doses of Moderna shot, Slaoui says

Who’s going to tell him? (I assume no one, since we’ve made it this far.)

‘I just want 11,780 votes’: Trump pressed Georgia to overturn Biden victory

This doesn’t bode well. Hopefully these ‘patriots’ will stay away.

As Forest Gump’s mama said, “You can’t fix stupid”.

The Trailer: The final days of the Georgia run-off are getting even nastier

I mean… “We’re going to hear that the Democrats won, because the voting devices they’re using today are connected to the Internet,” said Knab, 66, as he waited for a Republican get-out-the-vote rally. “I expect that the White House, the NSA, and individuals in government that want to do what’s right are going to come forward and say: Here’s how this election was stolen.”

What do you even do? You can’t reason with someone like that!

In case you missed this nonsense on Twitter yesterday…Roll that beautiful Bean Dad footage:

Sixteen days…til Trump is gone.

Hope your first day back is as painless as possible. Have a good one Deadsplintariate!



  1. …that trump call…it is sort of amazing to me that even after all this time he can manage to display a degree of not-understanding that still manages to be staggering?

    …like, it’s pretty clear that what he was engaged in there is at the very least analogous to the sort of thing that in a world where mitch didn’t provide de facto shielding from impeachment proceedings would be enough to have him removed from office & banned from ever running again…for exactly the electoral fraud thing he’s been so desperately claiming the other side did to deny him that second term…which they seem to like to call “the steal” just to remove any ambiguity or requirement to understand long words or complicated concepts…plus that effort’s fairly certainly a state-level crime in georgia…which ought to mean something, even if it doesn’t mean much even hypothetically until the last week or so of the month

    …& yet the chances of it just blending into the mountain of insanely-not-okay shit he’s come up with in these last few years/months/days (delete as applicable) & nothing coming of it are somehow pretty high

    …remind me again why this year was worth getting out of bed for?

    • It’s not just that part of the work-force, though.
      I’ve worked with a ton of engineers in this state, and I would conservatively estimate that 70 percent of them are Trumper libertarians. They have college degrees in a field where they are expected to solve all problems, and this tends to bleed into areas, uh, say, outside their expertise.
      Worse yet, these hive-minded “free-thinkers” have the money and work flexibility to travel to and attend rallies.

      • Yep, I know a bunch of Boeing & other related engineers that are all aboard the Trump train.  Most will start off with the all about my 401k & why should I share what I worked hard for bullshit but if you dig deeper it usually comes down to God, guns, & socialism.

        • Don’t forget racism. My brother-in-law is one of those engineers (see my reply to MemeWeaver) and I think a lot of his Trump infatuation is racism. Engineering used to be an unassailable bastion of white men, and it isn’t any more. He also spends time on construction sites, which in the South means significant numbers of Latino workers. He’s all about keeping white men in charge. 

          • We did a huge home remodel and the ONLY competent subcontractors were the Hispanic ones.  All the white guys spent more time on their phones than doing any work and all the work they did had to be redone.  They never made a single deadline either. 

      • You are correct. My sister is married to one such engineer (retired, more or less, but he does some consulting). But he’s not planning to fly to Washington. He’s pretty well written it off as a lost cause. 

  2. I can’t remember which news source this was from, but it turns out the WI vaccine sabotage thing is even more fucked up than I thought.  It was a pharmacist who was removing batches overnight, then returning them to the freezer because he wanted people to think that they were properly vaccinated when in fact they were not.  The reason why he got caught was because someone else came to work before him that morning and found the vials outside the freezer.  They’re not entirely sure which people who have already been vaccinated got a sabotaged dose or not.
    What the fuck happened to my home state?

  3. The half dose thing is stupid and a bad idea.  Our problem is not having enough doses it is getting the people that are able to be vaccinated in the first round vaccinated.  We have 300 doses and have used 20 so far because none of the qualified people know they can do it and where.  They haven’t funded the state department of health properly so 2 people are doing the entire rollout and are completely overwhelmed.  You need a voucher to get the shot but nobody knows that or how to do that.  So we have been calling people that we figure are eligible to tell them what to do but we can’t afford to spend our time doing that since we make nothing vaccinating.  This whole thing should have been planned out federally and be done in stadium parking lots on a huge scale. 

  4. Grrrrr😠😡🤬🤬🤬🤬
    Cue douchecanoe Ryan, teeing himself up to try to move in & become the *Savior-slash-heir-apparent* of the “Good” side of the Republican party😒🙄🙄🙄;
    Jackass would BARELY speak out against Trump when he held office himself, and laid low the last few years, only taking the very occasional  pot shot, when everyone agreed that Trump crossed some kind of line…
    But now that the election is over, ‘ol Pauly decides it’s time to “Stand Up for America!”
    Give me a motherfucking BREAK.
    Conniving, contemptible, calculating, cronyist!!!🤬👺👺👺

    • Tapped  the wrong picture on my phone, that last line was supposed to be all these:
      🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬, but the angry mask works too!

  5. Y’all my Trump-loving father told me when the election fraud was finally revealed it would be on the scale of the Nuremberg Trials.

    Whatever shred of rational thinking the Trump cult has was long gone before the election even happened. 

    • …that’s a pretty strange analogy…it almost sounds like either he’s equating the election to a war crime or saying that the nuremberg trials were a sham…but I’m sure it’s probably just an attempt to somehow associate “the radical left” with the everyone-can-agree-the-nazis-were-evil thing

      …still…rational thought it is not…no argument there

    • Well….. there is every chance that your dad COULD be right with that whole “On the scale of the Nuremberg Trials” thing….
      And, tbh, I REALLY wouldn’t mind seeing plenty of folks in this administration going on trial for it…
      It’s just that it won’t  be in a direction he likes, or, frankly is likely to believe in….
      Because between the Money Laundering & other assorted RICO & FinCEN crimes which are likely to eventually come out, there IS that whole “selling weapons & weapons systems” to the Saudis & other assorted actors–who are then using those weapons to bomb the everloving shit out of civilians in places like Yemen & Syria…. which will hopefully, someday, be charged as the war crimes & Crimes Against Humanity that they are….
      And then there IS that whole “Conspiracy Against the US,” likely selling of State Secrets, Election Interference, Sedition, and *other assorted High Crimes and Misdemeanors…
      But, yeah, absolutely 100% not what your dad’s *meaning* when he thinks/says what he’s saying.🙃

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