Monday Gonna Monday! [DOT 28/3/22]

Contemplating going to the office today just so I can get a donut.

Oh boy.

Biden’s off-the-cuff remark on Putin sends shock waves on dramatic final day of trip

One way ticket to Crazytown

Republican won’t say whether Capitol attack panel will question Ginni Thomas


Kansas buries early jitters, sends Miami home to reach the Final Four


Stock futures edge lower ahead of a big week of economic data

The Oscars!

Highlights and analysis from the 94th Academy Awards

And that happened:

Today in things that made me laugh harder than they should:

Have a great day Deadsplinterati!



  1. That calorie graphic reminded me of the first and only time I went to a Cheesecake Factory. The menu had calorie counts and I couldn’t believe they were real. Then I looked around at what other patrons had ordered.

    I tracked down an online calorie chart for Cheesecake Factory menu items. Under “Small [sic] Plates and Snacks” there’s a Fresh Kale Salad. 1360 calories. Good God.

    • I had a similar experience at a chain called The Elephant Bar. Not sure they’re still in business. I ordered salads there. When they put the calorie counts on the menu, the salad was 2100 calories. I’m still horrified years later. I have no idea how that’s possible unless it was soaked in high-fructose corn syrup.

      For those that have never counted calories, a Big Mac is 500 calories. So this salad was equivalent to four Big Macs.

    • Gotta say, Chris took the punch well. Will ain’t dainty.

      Seems to me Smith overreacted. The joke wasn’t that big a deal.

      And then Diddy smoothed things over? I mean, well done, sir, but I wouldn’t have thought he’d have to calm things down.

      • I like Chris Rock but I think the joke was out of line. A woman’s hair is an extremely sensitive issue. Even more so for a woman struggling with hair loss. Beauty and femininity are closely tied to luxurious locks. And Rock knows this because of the documentary he did on Black hair. It was cruel. But Smith shouldn’t have hit him.

    • Yeah, they’re looking for things to criticize about Biden. If he hadn’t gotten heated, they’d be squalling about how he wasn’t taking the crisis seriously or some shit. Putin is prepping nuclear weapons, but Biden’s getting shit for strong words?

    • I’m awfully curious if there isn’t more backstory to this release.

      The Washington Post article that released the texts hinted that there were more, and noted a big time gap in what Meadows had released before he was cited for contempt of Congress.

      It may be a case of priming the pump for more to come.

      It is also possible it’s a less sophisticated PR move — a source may have seen a lull in coverage and just decided to throw a reporter a bone to chew on.

      But investigators have had these for a while, and it is possible they’ve been chasing a lot of what’s missing in the meantime.

      She’s a kook and she’s sloppy and she may have snagged a lot of the network of both Thomases in her activities. Clarence Thomas, unfortunately, has legal authority to decide for himself whether to recuse from cases, but his former clerks who now serve on federal courts do not have as much leeway.  If they were in communication with her, they may need to stay out of these cases.

      • Merrick Garland is noted for his cone of silence surrounding the political investigations. Perhaps the perception of his inaction is a maskirovka to deceive the targets that they’re not under investigation (I hope.)

        Time will tell.  The net for the coup plotters has ended up ensnaring a lot of the worst people including Trump and Teabagger elements of the Groupies of Putin leaving only a few of the lemmings untouched like Mitch (for now.)

      • That’s one of the points being made, yes. Also, Cawthorn is a pathological liar, almost like Trump. So most likely this never happened at all.

        Do shenanigans go on? Yes, yes, they do. There are thousands of examples of Republican sexual predators, though this putative invitation, if voluntary, doesn’t fall into the “predator” category. I used to read a blog called, if memory serves, Washingtonienne, which was about a woman’s career as an admin in Congress where she functioned as a prostitute. I think she turned it into a book. But again, voluntary, as near as I remember.

        It’s pretty unlikely that anyone would invite Cawthorn to anything like that, knowing that he’s a moron who jabbers incessantly.

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