Monday-ist Tuesday Ever [DOT 26/5/20]

Well. Here we are. Back again at work (hopefully) I guess.

I hope those of you that had a long weekend were able to enjoy it. I cleaned my house and made strawberry shortcake. I watched A LOT of mediocre TV. It was great.

Did you do anything super fun this weekend?

I ‘kinda’ know what is going on in the world, so here’s the gist:

Don’t threaten me with a good time.

Trump threatens to move Republican convention if North Carolina won’t allow packed arena

Nothing surprises me anymore, and yet…

On weekend dedicated to war dead, Trump tweets insults, promotes baseless claims and plays golf

While U.S. struggles to roll out coronavirus contact tracing, Germany has been doing it from the start

Saying the quiet part out loud.

This is my shocked face. :/

WHO halts hydroxychloroquine trial for coronavirus amid safety fears

Not looking forward to two weeks from now…

Large crowds gather for Memorial Day as US braces to surpass 100,000 deaths

A curse upon this guy, who made me learn the hashtag #cumgate:

Dominic Cummings refuses to resign or apologise for lockdown breach

The stonk market was closed on Monday, which was a nice reprieve.

Dow futures jump more than 200 points on hopes of a coronavirus vaccine

In other news…sprots!

More sprots!

“The newly unveiled design for the rings features a shark holding up the Commissioner’s trophy — a nod to the popular children’s song “Baby Shark.” The tune became sort of an unofficial team anthem last season after outfielder Gerardo Parra chose it for his walk-up song in June.”

Hope your Tuesday isn’t too Monday-like!



  1. Yeah two weeks from now probably won’t be good…. hope I’m wrong
    Over here the terraces are opening again next week I suspect town centre will be packed for a while
    We’ll see how that turns out

  2. “There’s about 100,000 Americans that are confirmed as dying from covid19. What do you have to say to their families, and how is the thing you’re touting now supposed to help?”
    This should be the lead off to every interview with every administration official until their death.

  3. ” a paper published last week in the Lancet that showed people taking hydroxychloroquine were at higher risk of death and heart problems”

    I hope that Trump is still taking hydroxychloroquine. Yes, I am evil. I will own that.

      • I thought about it that way, for the first few minutes…

        Then I realized that of he bites it, Pence steps up (probably with one of the Trump Crime Syndicate spawn as *his* Veep, and too damn many R’s would ABSOLUTELY vote Pence over Biden.

        Thus putting us on track for *another* 4(+) years of people dying,because of R stupidity, avarice, & greed.

        And do you KNOW how disgusted I felt, realizing that I needed to hope Dolt45 overcomes the odds of HCQ and heart-stuff, so that he *makes it* to election day?🤢🤮🙃

    • I really wish reporters would ask a different question — are you OK with infecting innocent people?

      When it’s phrased as personal risk, they’re missing the bigger picture — one infected person can spread it to dozens who have no way of knowing.

      • …you’d think the evangelical lot would be a little harder to sell on the whole god’s-will thing…or at least I would…don’t they like to tell stories about people possessed by the devil & all the ways he sows his misery using the unwitting sinner?

        …all due respect to those who do in fact understand the religions they practice but sometimes I do wonder if some sort of license ought to be required to prove you can operate it responsibly before you’re allowed to resort to exhortations to divine will as justification for “I’ll do as I god damned please”…agnostic people get funny ideas though, so I expect those folks* would be happy enough to leave me behind when they get raptured or whatever?

        [* the ones in the article…not (I hope) anyone around here…possibly wearing a dog-collar…or otherwise in the good books of any potential deities of their acquantaince who might be high-fiving Pascal in the background while I make a fool of myself]

    • I’d like to muster up some sort of sympathy for impoverished rural white people, it’s damn hard. I know they’ve been the target of propaganda since before the civil war. But how hard is it to ask yourself was my life better under the Dems or the GOP? Am I in the 1% getter richer or facing losing health care, social security? If the answer is that they know they’re better off under Dem leadership but hate POC/immigrants so much that they don’t care then fuck ‘em.

      • …I think the reserves of sympathy I have for those folks are largely tapping the idea that at some level they aren’t mentally equipped to question why voting for the people who say they’re looking out for them always seems to result in those people continuing to do well out of the deal while things get worse for people who are actually like themselves…& the reasons for that are not entirely their doing & might even bear a striking resemblance to some other notable sytstemic & trans-generational stacking of decks against people?

        …we may be a year or more away from being able to innoculate people for the covid pandemic but the core of support upon which republican politics fundamentally relies is harder to innoculate against…not least because it has sunk costs that span generations both financially & ideologically & most of those have been invested in refining & distributing their preferred brand of kool aid?

        …all of which I guess is a long-winded way of saying I can get as far “forgive them for they know not what they do”…but beyond that I’m coming up empty, myself

        • There is some truth to the trans-generational stacking the deck. The labor movement attempted to address a lot of those issues. But many white workers were unwilling to let go of the idea of white superiority and resented POC receiving the same wages and benefits. I wonder if any studies have been done on how racism contributed to the decline of the unions?
          I’m not sure I agree that they aren’t mentally equipped to ask the questions. Sure, some of them are just stupid, but there are too many articles about the farmer, out of work coal miner, and laid off manufacturer, who knows trump is hurting them and is planning on voting for him again, it boggles the mind! They are doing it because they hate POC, they hate women and LGBTQ people, they hate immigrants, Muslims,and Jews, they hate the Libs. And they are willing to suffer rather than see any of those groups happy, healthy and flourishing. I’ll admit this is a small group, larger than I would have previously though though. And they are loud, aggressive, and vote.
          I would also argue that the folks who watch FOX News, read Brietbart, listen to Rush Limbaugh, and think Q Anon conspiracy theories are valid are drawn to these particular types of rhetoric because it bolsters their preexisting beliefs, and not because they’ve slowly been converted to an extreme way of thinking. I fear what will happen in November regardless of who wins.
          And finally, I think it’s obvious that you are just a better person than me!

          • …kind thought but I suspect I’m no better than I ought to be…as the saying goes

            …wouldn’t say it qualified as defending them but I think what I meant about not being mentally equipped is that they can’t wrap their heads around the world in a way that could contain the necessary awareness for anything about their thinking to change…up to & including understanding how they arrive at their own conclusions?

            …the ability to think for oneself is hard enough for some people that actually changing their opinions is almost literally a bridge too far…it’s hard to have sympathy for those people but I guess what I’m saying is that however slight it’s still infinitely more than I feel for the people working to keep that pig in fresh lipstick

            • I agree, as bad as these folks are they aren’t the true danger. The Kochs, Mercers, Heritage Foundation, and everyone else sitting in their ivory towers far from the realities of life for 99% of America are the real problem. I don’t know how we’re going to rid ourselves of them.

          • I’m with you on the “hate” thing. They need someone to hate and blame but won’t believe it could be the party they follow. They need someone to feel superior over. I’ve met some farmers that love Trump but would probably lose their farms if they couldn’t hire migrant workers from Mexico. They don’t see it. Oh no, I like my migrant workers, I just don’t like all those immigrants coming over the border. Most of their workers are illegally here or 2nd generation but they don’t want to know that or think about the big picture. Beyond frustrating.

            • The sad thing is they’re angry and bitter because their lives genuinely suck. It’s no fun losing the industries that prop up your town. I grew up in Pittsburgh, I watched a lot of people I know lose jobs and houses. I pity the coal miners who can’t just up and move but have no new means of earning coming to their communities. It’s maddening that they could be fighting with us for economic equality but instead continue to support the very people who let them down. I’m looking at you Wilbur Ross Secretary of Commerce! trump appointing him was a huge fuck you to West Virginians but they don’t seem notice or care.

  4. I made raspberry shortcake yesterday, and watch multiple episodes of Cougar Town on your recommendation! It’s delightfully trashy. I wanted to hang out on the patio but it was so hot and humid, same today. I think I’m going to have to start getting up earlier in the morning to walk the dog. It’s too hot by 10 am. Stupid summer.

    • Loved Cougar Town. That show, like Community and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, was one of those things that scraped along just barely getting renewed every year, and all of them deserved better.

      • I’m a bit of an entertainment snob, I’ll admit it! At least I was. I make fun of my sister all the time for her viewing and book choices. Thing is she had an extremely stressful job, was a chief exec of a huge national banking corporation.My life was much easier. I think she needed mindless entertainment while I needed something more challenging. Now that I’m as stressed out as everyone else I’m starting to understand the appeal of stuff I previously turned my nose up at. Cougar Town is a fun watch and great for drinking wine too.

        • I have had to resort to watching standup comedy on Netflix to get my mindless humor fix. The Jeff Ross & Dave Attell Bumping Mics is super funny. Jimmy Cars Greatest Hits had me laughing harder than I have in a long time. I can’t do serious drama right now, enough of that in the world and my house.

        • Oh good! Glad I could provide a line on some mindless entertainment. I love all of Lori’s outfits & I think the show has heart. Like ya Ellie is a mean girl but at the end of the day they are all really there for each other. I love that. Pretty sure I cried at every episode in the last season. Could just be my pandemic brain tho.
          I also burned through “Sweet Magnolias” on Netflix this weekend.

  5. Can we scrape together some money, buy a national TV spot, and get Obama to just say that you shouldn’t drink bleach?

    I feel like that would end up solving some problems…

    • …hate to say it but it isn’t even really a surprise?

      …there was a time (most of the last couple of years) when I honestly thought I could see some paths that led to November being a genuinely transformational election cycle…that the sheer bald-faced lying-through-their-teeth flagrant maladministration & endemic corruption, mendacity & avarice of the incumbent occupancy would force politicians of all stripes to at least pay enough lip service to the principle of the thing that we might see some lasting shift in the Overton window of acceptable practice & spend the next term trying to put some meat on the bones of that notion

      …but the primary race diasabused me of that notion even before the pandemic hit & now like seemingly everyone else I can’t see shooting for much beyond letting them hit the reset button…& having it all to do again only harder & without the glaring case in point to provide context & motivation…& that’s basically the best-case-scenario on offer

      …if anyone happens to be keeping score I am salty AF about the whole fucking shitshow

      …& I still think blue over red from the top of the ticket all the way down is the best option pretty much anyone gets when that fateful Thursday rolls around

      …when they tell you the game is rigged they ain’t exactly lying?

  6. “They are doing it because they hate POC, they hate women and LGBTQ people, they hate immigrants, Muslims,and Jews, they hate the Libs. And they are willing to suffer rather than see any of those groups happy, healthy and flourishing.”

    I agree that, for plenty of them, there’s hatred.

    But having grown up in rural MN,I feel like “hate” as a reason is a bit too simplified.

    I grew up in Farm Country (back then ALL small, family farms, where about 20-200 acres, and a silo to store your grain, and a barn to milk your Jerseys & Herefords was enough to make a decent (never rich, but also NOT bad off!) living.

    Then, along came Reaganomics, that system was immolated, in the name of corporate, “Get Big or Get Out!” Monoculture grain/field crops, & CAFO “farming.”

    Frankly, and honestly, here in MN, we were spared MOST of the ensuing economic devastation that happened in the South & in the “Rust Belt” simultaneously–as the steel, coal, & manufacturing markets collapsed too. (Due to things like automation of production, deregulation, outsourcing to cheaper labor countries, etc., and for coal–losing their sales markets *with* the effects of things like mountaintop removal mining).

    We lost a SHIT ton of farms. And most of the really good mining jobs “up on the range” meant that there was a TON of folks who left & moved to “the Cities” (please note that the MSP metro grew exponentially from the 80’s-00’s, like every other major urban area). But the thing that made MN *just a little different* was that–as I mention semi-regularly, in the 1970’s, our state government passed “The Minnesota Miracle,” restructuring education funding. Also, starting in the late 60’s, and rolling into the 1970’s, we started a statewide system of 2-year trade/technical colleges.

    A system that was then well up & running, to accept those farmers, their wives, and their kids who could no longer farm in the 80’s, and TRAIN them, for jobs in the “new markets.”

    And because of a combination of desperation, AND the fact that so many of them literally had lost their homes *with* their farmland, and HAD to move on to other places, those MN folks took the retraining opportunities they were offered, and it spurred the great tech/manufacturing/medical device industry/medical/higher ed culture our state has NOW.

    But that’s because unlike in much of the rust belt, and coal country, folks HAD to move closer to the new economy and to resources to help their families.

    And I can tell you, growing up in that lily-white place, that MANY of them are 100% SCARED of black & (most!**) brown people.

    Because, OFTEN, the only black & brown people in town, until the last 10-20 years, were either fully white-assimilated Native folks, or the children adopted into white families.

    (And YEAH,those kids faced TONS of racism!)

    And, because many folks “back home” dig in hard, because *their* families were the ones who stayed after Reaganomics, they fear almost EVERY sort of change, because they’re scared they WILL be the generation to finally lose the farm (century farms are a BIG deal here!).

    And then, there’s also the Jealousy factor.

    The lines Reagan et. al sold about Black & Brown people scamming the welfare & social safety-net systems are BELIEVED out there.

    They truly believe that there are billboards in Mexico, telling people to come to MN for free money & free healthcare. And they believe that folks fleeing strife in Africa are coming here for that, too (in the 70’s & 80’s, those rumors were about Lao, Hmong, Vietnamese, and Cambodian people. The nationalities are always evolving, as the lies stay the same🙃)

    And they are stupid enough to literally BELIEVE to the core of their beings, that their “hard earned tax money!” is supporting everyone *but* themselves.
    That “white-trash” family, whose kids all had kids before they were out of high school, and who are stuck in generational poverty dating back to the Dust Bowl? “Scamming off MY taxes!” The immigrant family, busting ASS at the meatpacking plant, and living with extended family in that tiny house up the street? “Scamming off MY taxes!” Anyone & EVERYONE who hasn’t lived in that town, for going on four generations? Scammers.
    All of them.

    Because they think Facebook stories passed on by folks they know are 100% TRUTH!!!(🙄), and because so often, the local media out there is owned by Clear Channel (or whatever it is nowadays), and Sinclair.

    So their own internal fears of change, and the unknown (which extends to knowing & trusting Black & Brown folks), are amplified in an echo chamber, where the racism & that hatred you mentioned in your post can fester into a toxic sludge.

    But to blame it solely on hatred is too lean.

    These folks are jealous of folks they see as having done better than they did (the folks who left, and who may have become “liberals!”), they are jealous of the imagined “welfare” that they think Black & Brown folks are getting,that they *aren’t.* And in some cases, they’re jealous of other folks’ freedom to move or change jobs, because they have those decades & generations of family who farmed before them, tying them to *that* bit of land, and they feel like leaving (or god forbid losing!) it would be seen as a slap in the faces of those ancestors–no matter HOW much logical sense walking away would make.

    Nixon, Mc Govern, Reagan, etc. started the slide, then W & Darth Heartless’s “RED/ORANGE/YELLOW!!!!” Terror Alertsystem primed the pump.

    Then Obama came in, was a competent Black Man, who unfortunately made promises that (their!) Republican Leadership made sure he couldn’t keep, and that (ESPECIALLY the part where MANY of them WANTED the change Obama talked about, but couldn’t get done) set the whole table up, for Donny Dumbass to come along & take with HIS grift-fest.

    And now we’ve got that jealousy & fear, PLUS Hatred, PLUS Sunk-Cost fallacy alllllll working together, in some sort of dark-money-funded cesspool, and spread LIKE MAD by Zuck,Jack,et. al.😕

    **except for the migrant workers and folks who they depend on to run their CAFO’s, & Big Ag corn & soy op’s, and to work in the slaughtering plants, because none of THEM want to work in the sorts of conditions & for the level of pay that slaughterhouse… I mean “Meat Processing Facilities” pay per hour.

    They euphemistically refer to the migrant laborers as “Texans,” because the middlemen they’re hired through take care of all the official paperwork, so that the farmers can claim “we contracted through ____” for our labor & stay untouched from labor laws regarding hiring immigrant laborers/undocumented people.

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