Monday, Like A Bad Penny … [DOT 29/8/22]

Good morning everyone I mean, err, good Monday morning!

Apologies that this is going up a smidge late — meant to finish last night and instead of doing so I just outright passed out on the couch. That’s very unusual for me! But I’m back at it this morning and I’ll wrap up what I started …

I’ll continue the theme of the past few days: El Caudillo of Mar-A-Lardo. Turns out his legal team — “legal team” — is struggling to come up with a strategy to fight back. Mostly because I don’t think there is a strategy to fight back against well-documented law violating? Anyway, as I noted in the comments yesterday, I think he’ll be fine because he didn’t rip off anyone richer than he is and he’s well-protected politically. I don’t, however, think there’s a “winning” case outside of finding judges friendly to him and subverting the law.

However, I’ll note that Lindsey Graham going on Fox and suggesting that there will be blood if the law is followed is … interesting. That man sounds terrified! But also, Biden might have to up “semi-fascist” to full-ass Mussolini after that little veiled threat. Great stuff for our future [laughs nervously]

Trump’s Legal Team Scrambling To Find Defense to Hold Off Justice Department (NYT)

Graham: If Trump is prosecuted for mishandling classified information ‘there will be riots in the streets’

Today in the Second Amendment

The well-regulated militia was busy this weekend.

Three Dutch Soldiers Shot in Indianapolis; One Dead:

Three dead in Oregon mall shooting:

Suspect arrested after random shootings in Detroit:

I noted I had a fantasy football draft on Saturday — I was going to take this guy but just missed out. And then this happened — it sounds like he’s going to be OK but YIKES all around.

Washington ‘Ders running back shot repeatedly in apparent robbery attempt:

One hand giveth, one taketh

Biden to stop USPS free Covid test delivery this week:

Bang, zoom … that’s a maybe on the Moon

NASA puts a hold on the test of the Artemis 1 rocket that would be the agency’s first moon-shot in decades. But it could still launch this morning. Won’t know until the countdown!

NASA gets late start to loading propellants into Artemis 1 rocket:

This is what we get

God, this story is fucking depressing.

Lauren Granchelli, 30, of New York City, was able to hold services for her father, Anthony, after he died of Covid in January.

Granchelli initially posted on Facebook and Instagram that her father had died, but she didn’t say the cause of death. Comments on the posts were typically kind: “So sorry for your loss.” “You’re in my thoughts and prayers.”

Once Granchelli shared that her father had died of Covid, the tone changed among some online friends. People began to question whether her father actually had Covid (he did) or whether he had underlying conditions (he didn’t).

“The immediate reaction, even at the wake, was: ‘Well, he probably wasn’t vaccinated, right?'” Granchelli said. (Her father, she said, had two doses of a vaccine and had made an appointment for a booster shot before he fell ill.)

Turns out there’s a tangible, real-world reaction to being a soulless troll online. Who could have possibly guessed that it would turn out like … oh wait, literally everybody.

NBC News reviewed screenshots of online posts in which people shared that their loved ones had died of Covid.

A majority of comments on the posts were kind and comforting, expressing heartfelt sympathies. But the rare messages of hate are the ones that stick: “Covid is fake.” “Suck it up.” “You’re just looking for attention.” “Shut the f— up.”

Such vitriol targeting a grieving person was highly unusual before the pandemic, said Ari Eisen, a co-founder of the Covid Grief Network, a group that offers support and grief counseling to young adults who’ve lost loved ones to Covid.

They were grieving the loss of a parent to Covid. Then the bullies came.

Sigh. Well, Taylor Swift cleaned up last night at the MTV Video Music Awards (which is weird, because I thought they gave up music two decades ago?) so in honor …

Onward to Monday!

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    • Obviously everything on that site is fascist agitprop and all, but honestly, it makes perfect sense why it wouldn’t be there. It’s not news to them — Mango Unchained cannot do wrong unless he does something lib-adjacent — and the right (surprisingly) hasn’t quite figured out what they’re going to say about it yet. Once the marching orders drop you can be sure they’ll have 9 posts about how, actually, something something Obama!

  1. That Covid story, Jesus.

    On a happier note, today is Faithful Hound’s 9th birthday, so I thought I’d share a puppy video to cheer everyone up this Monday morn. I would say to the dog in the video, as I have said to my dog many times, holding a jumprope is fine and all but what don’t you get about using so simple a tool as a corkscrew? Sometimes I could use a little help, you know?

    • This is the problem with just writing off red states — give voters a chance to get outside partisan mindlessness and they will sometimes do the right thing. This is a state that voted heavily in favor of restoring felon voting rights just a few years ago! (And then also voted in favor of GOPers who have done everything in their power to subvert that vote. But being a partisan makes a voter dumb.)

      • We did. But guess who’s busy terrorizing ex-felons to make them afraid to vote?

        DeSantis announces 20 arrests tied to voter fraud charges

        TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday announced that the state is in the process of arresting 20 ex-felons — mostly in South Florida — for voter fraud tied to the 2020 election, the first round of what he promises will be a wave of voter fraud arrests.


        The state legislature deliberately made the process as convoluted as possible, in defiance of the voters. It’s hard to tell if you’re allowed to vote without the assistance of an attorney. And now DeSantis is sending his jackboots around to arrest anybody that may have made a mistake.

  2. I mean, Graham may be a total piece of shit, but he’s not wrong.  There will be a ton of violence IF the JD actually has the balls to indict and prosecute him, which–as has been stated before–is a gigantic long shot.

    FYI, I know someone who is working on the Artemis project.  He can’t talk much about it other than his general assignment, but it’s fun hearing what little I can get.

    • The details of Mar a Lago search warrant makes it pretty clear they’re pretty far down the road to filing charges. It’s not 100% or even 90%, but it’s over 50%.

      I think a big piece of the GOP’s PR at this point is to throw out a lot of hypotheticals — What if it’s just tee times that were accidentally classified? What if it’s just a few random bits that were misfiled?

      They’re hoping details stay buried and Trump can skate on procedural grounds before they come out, or else the details are so bad the government dooesn’t want them released in a trial and settles for minor disclosures.

      I think the problem for them is the first batch was big and bad enough, the seized batch was worse, and the still missing batch is potentially even worse. Which is why so many of them are just clamming up.

  3. That Bend story is very strange.  I didn’t know you could find 100 cops within a few 100 miles of Bend?  The whole place is just a bunch of breweries & small strip malls.

    This takes is up a notch …

    and this takes it to the Next Fucking Level!

    I wonder if she multitasks with anything else? from nextfuckinglevel

  4. Also: I disagree with Graham. A few extra violent morons? Very possible, and quite dangerous. But these people have been talking up the “NOW is the time to shoot up the commies!” since they were John Birchers back in the ’50s and … it’s still just a few extra violent morons at any given year.

    These people are cowards. Like most fascists, they are only powerful when the state is doing their bidding. Look at Jan. 6: even with a full house of their craziest true believers, the biggest danger to democracy came from inside the building (GOPers voting against certifying the election/the plan for Pence to deny it) rather than outside, where only one person died, and it was one of theirs.

    Now all this is bad and has to be dealt with, and Mango Unchained has totally unleashed this animus into the mainstream. But the patriots and freedom fighters and armed idiots … yeah, I don’t buy any of them having the cobbles. The Proud Boys routinely get outdrawn by antifa everywhere despite being way, way closer to the mainstream politics of America. To me that shows the real weakness of their movement.

    • The kooks will riot if they can get the same level of instigation and official backing they got on 1/6, but that’s not there. At least not now.

      One of the things the NY Times wing of the GOP PR machine has been doing is trying to gaslight the risks of the party leadership flipping back in that direction. And they’re trying to preserve that option by minimizing the impact of the January 6 Committee, cast doubt on the efforts of DOJ to prosecute, and now minimize the risks to Trump from his obstruction/Espionage Act case.

      They’re trying to convince the GOP’s upper middle tier to stay the course for another January 6 by assuring them that the risks aren’t real. I’m not sure the dummies like Brooks and Douthat even know or care that’s what’s going on.

      • The whole thing is a little “We’ve met the enemy and it is us” — I’m not sure they’re trying to appeal to the middle of the GOP because, frankly, that IS the middle of the GOP at this point. I think some of the older-school types might be hoping for an escape hatch from Trumpism but all of the pragmatic ones are publicly bought in and will be for the foreseeable future.

        And we’ll see what happens in November, but I think they are wildly underestimating what would happen if some little-known election psycho overturned a vote somewhere. It might fly in a ruby red state for a low-level post, like an Idaho or Mississippi, but if they pull that shit in a not-fully-nuts place like Wisconsin, it’ll make the abortion backlash look like a friendly get-together.

    • I agree. There’s no organized movement to launch widescale violence. It’s splintered factions that hate each other (because at the core, these fuckwits are grifters trying to steal money from idiots, like all Republicans, so they’re in direct competition). They wouldn’t work together effectively.

      Jan. 6 was an aberration, and they’re not going to have:

      1. Friendly law enforcement willing to look the other way

      2. Inside informants conducting tours of targets

      3. Administrative collusion to neutralize a federal response

      Plus, MAGAs have been arrested and charged for Jan. 6 (to date, 896). Crowd size estimates are murky, but there were about 10,000 at the rally. So 1 in 10 or so are facing charges. The average Bubba is going to look at those odds and crack open another Budweiser and settle back down in front of the TV. Without Trump protecting them, another Jan. 6 is going to create a lot of arrested and dead MAGAs.

      Auntie Lindsey is grasping at straws and trying to frighten people with bullshit. Even if Trump skates, and I suspect he will, as we all do, senators can and do get convicted and go to jail. And there’s no MAGA in this country that will risk arrest for a closeted gay man with delusions of grandeur. Both Lindsey and Rudy are swimming neck-deep in shit and they’re trying to scare somebody into throwing them a rope.

      There can and probably will be lone actors or even small groups. But there’s no massive attack coming.

  5. Given the details this morning about the Artemis launch issues – fuel leak in tank during initial fueling, engine bleed, random frost on a tank – I’m glad they scrapped the launch this morning.

    • Yep!!!!

      Speaking as a Gen-X’er, one Challenger-style,** “Hey, let’s just go ahead & launch, anyway!” in a lifetime is QUITE enough–and I was very glad to see them be smart & scrub it–Especially with all the info that came out later on!

      Even *without* people on-board, the optics of a spectacular failure would be terrible.

      But even more, the setbacks that the program would incur–And the fact that *AFTER Challenger & Columbia* we are supposed to be seeing folks speak up, and STOP the system from just rolling on, if there are issues?

      That’s a good thing!!!

      And a sign that *hopefully,* after Columbia happened too, we finally DID learn the correct lessons–about speaking up, stopping, re-assessing, and reviewing until the issues are actually addressed.💖💞💫


      **i KNOW–Columbia, too💔💔💔–although that wasn’t *quiiite* so much launchpad-hubris, as other hubris💔

      Also,  THIS isn’t involving Astronauts yet–and would likely be more like the early failures of Space-X’s Falcon rocket systems… buuuuut tomato/tomato.

      We DID lose a good deal of time/science when the other Dragon/Falcon failures happened acouple years back, so it’s GOOD that they called a stop for this one, early!

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