Monday, Monday, Can’t Trust That Day [NOT 13/1/2020]

Let’s see what’s going on so far this week, shall we?

I’m bored already, how about you?
Oscar nominations were announced this morning.

Some good news out of Virginia:
Four firearms bills advance in Virginia’s newly gun-free Capitol

RICHMOND — Four gun-control bills sailed out of a Senate committee Monday as the General Assembly’s new Democratic majority took up firearms legislation for the first time.

Thousands of gun rights activists tried to head off the restrictions, swarming the Capitol, where firearms were banned last week.

But the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced most of the gun bills proposed by Democrats, who wrested control of the state House and Senate in November in campaigns largely focused on guns.

If we want to get technical, are’t all mass shootings ‘terrorism’?

Attorney General William P. Barr said Monday that the December shooting that killed three U.S. sailors on a Florida base was an “act of terrorism,” as officials revealed new details about what motivated the gunman and what happened during his 15-minute rampage.

At a news conference to discuss the results of the FBI’s investigation into the shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Barr said investigators had found evidence that Ahmed Mohammed al-Shamrani, a Royal Saudi Air Force member training at the base, was motivated by “jihadist ideology,” and he posted anti-American messages on social media up to two hours before his attack.


I’ve been mad about this all day: Idiot Man Burns Down House, Kills Dog
Fixed your headline for you, WAPO.

The Democratic field just got a lot more pale…

Cory Booker drops out of presidential race.

We’re doing such a good job that we are constantly pissing off [checks notes] Canada:

Which “d-word” did you think these Karens meant? Damn was not my first choice.



  1. So the ‘Moms’ didn’t bitch about Buff saying God damn at a rally but are clutching their pearls about a ‘damn good burger’. Alrighty then!

    I’m happy to see the head of Maple Leaf Foods saying what Trudeau probably wants to but can’t. The head of Maple Leaf and myo.

    I am surprised by the other Saudi Airmen being removed from the base. I wonder how Kushner’s BFF the Prince feels about that.

    • There are a lot of things a damn site worse than saying the word ‘damn’…kids in cages comes to mind. Perhaps these good ‘Christians’ should focus on something like that.
      I mean have the CEO of Maple Leaf and myo been seen in the same room?

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