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It’s time to end the ‘spring forward’ and ‘fall back’ tired tradition

Ukraine Updates:

Russian missiles strike Ukrainian military range near Poland, killing dozens. Moscow promises further attacks.

U.S. journalist killed in Ukraine was known for his ‘innate humanity and empathy’


A 4th dose of Covid-19 vaccine will be needed, Pfizer’s CEO says, but the company is working on a shot to handle all variants

Sprots! Ugh just go away already.

Tom Brady changes course, announces he will return to Buccaneers for 2022 NFL season


Stock futures rise as investors monitor Russia-Ukraine war, Fed’s next move

#RIP (Purgatory)

William Hurt, actor known for ‘Body Heat’ and ‘Kiss of the Spider Woman,’ dies

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  1. Since the Westminster Dog Show was postponed this year (it’ll be held in June, unless another plague descends) let’s look in on Crufts, the British equivalent and predecessor but not by much: in 1886 Charles Cruft organized a Terrier Show; in 1887 the Westminster Kennel Club here in New York organized a competition for sporting and non-sporting dogs. There are now seven categories at Westminster and at Crufts.

    All deserving of the honor and all very good boys and girls. This year’s winner was a flat-coated retriever from the Gundog Group. At Westminster this is called the Sporting Group. Faithful Hound, being a black Labrador retriever, would fall into this group. Since mine doesn’t blink at the sound of thunder or firecrackers, the crack of a gunshot wouldn’t faze him. That makes him a good retriever and gundog all around.

    I have seen “Best in Show” many times and have been to Westminster many times. I am assured by people who show and who have judged at Westminster that “Best in Show” doesn’t begin to capture how truly insane it is. Then at some point I was at a dinner party and got chatting with a woman who, it turns out, has shown her dogs at both Westminster and Crufts, and she assured me that Westminster is tame by comparison and for peak canine-related madness a visit to Crufts is essential. I hope to go one day.


  2. Stanley Tucci’s decision to postpone season two was stupid.  I get that he’s trying to show some kind of support for Ukraine, but if this goes on for months (which it is likely to do), then are they just going to not air the season?  No, they will eventually put it out there which will make them look like hypocrites.  Once again, short term thinking will wind up biting people in the ass.

  3. Koch companies buck trend of corporations quitting Russia:

    The article has a telling section on how Koch money has pushed pro-Russia PR efforts as well, linking to this article from last year:

    The defense of the propaganda effort, tellingly, involves parroting cliches about “intellectual independence” and “new voices.”

    In the abstract, sure, those are good things, but anytime things like that are trotted out in the service of right wingers, dig for the rot. It’s almost always barely beneath the surface of the PR, and reveal how much of those claims are lies.

    • Not surprising as the Kochs got their start cause daddy Koch became buddies with Joe Stalin and sold them a pile of equipment for his new more efficient oil cracking process.

      The irony that the Kochs made their nut because communists bought their equipment when no one else would. After Daddy Koch got blocked by Joe, he then started the John Birch Society (and the rest of the hard right libertardian bullshit they peddle to this day).

  4. Hurt was supported in the trial by some of his famous friends, who cited the actor’s heroic struggle to deal with his substance abuse. “The important thing,” said Glenn Close, “is that Bill is really doing something about it. He’s seeking support, and he’s passionate about it, and for that reason he has my deepest respect. He’s in great shape, the best he’s ever been in. I think he’s actually quite a different person.”

    Et tu, Glenn Close?

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