Monday, Monday…[DOT 26/7/21]

Hi gang! Hope you all had a fab weekend!

ICYMI, here’s some recommendations for things to watch, read, and listen to & here’s some exciting site news!

Here’s what else is going on…

Again, why we cannot have nice things.

This guy shouldn’t have to pay for a drinks for a while.


US set for punishing temperatures as huge ‘heat dome’ to settle over country

Sprots! Sike!

A Dutch cyclist thought she had won Olympic gold, but an Austrian was way ahead of her


Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index drops more than 2%; China tech shares plunge as regulatory pressure lingers

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  1. Ole Tuck’s not aging very well, is he? He’s 52. I hope his stylist is well-compensated for their wizardry. 

    Because I have turned into An Official Old Person I immediately raced to the 10-day forecast and it looks like we are to be spared the Heat Dome, at least for the next 10 days. 110° in Missouri? I assume it’s very humid so at least you won’t self-dessicate, like you can in Death Valley.

    The Beastie Boys are the true New York City’s Finest.

    Finally, I thought my Mac Mini died yesterday morning. I almost went into cardiac arrest. I was able to secure a same-day appointment at the Meatpacking District Apple Store. The genius at the Genius Bar was able to bring it back to life. I almost wept in gratitude. It was like my own personal Liberation of Paris, 1944. Then, the icing on the cake, as my Fellow Traveler was making Uber arrangements to bring us and Greased Lightning home a string of random, unconnected male models came trickling through the doors. Or they should have been male models; the Meatpacking District is now packed with beautiful living meat. All in all a very successful day excursion for this shut-in.

  2. Clay Higgins evidently doesn’t love and respect his constituents enough not to lie to them. What a dick.
    I watched Woodstock ’99 on HBO documentaries. Wow. Of ll the nasty stuff that went on one of the worst things is 20 years on people are still blaming each other and not taking responsibility.

      • @Yellowbird It made me sad that the crowd didn’t pick up on references to Woodstock ’69. Some kid was standing under a picture of Jimi Hendrix and he couldn’t tell the interviewer who played SSB on his guitar in ’69. It reminds me of when Apocolypse Now came out and my brother raved about this band he just discovered called The Doors.

  3. I can really appreciate that a guy in a Montana bait and tackle shop takes time out of his day to tell Tucker Carlson to fuck off.
    And it being 92 degrees in Chicago at the end of July for a week is absolutely normal, but I don’t speak for the rest of the country.

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