Monday Mood! [DOT 13/6/22]

Hope you had a great weekend gang.

ICYMI, here’s some food you can eat and some shows you can watch.

I had a pretty good time doing a lot of nothing, and also making cupcakes and hanging out with my neighbors.

Let’s see what else I missed:

Senators strike bipartisan gun deal, heralding potential breakthrough

I mean, “We’ve tried nothing and we’re all out of ideas”, so anything is a start!

Opinion by Michael Fanone

Opinion: I was badly injured on the front lines of the attack on the Capitol. Don’t tell me January 6 didn’t happen

Ukraine Updates:

Russia likely to seize control of eastern Ukrainian region within weeks, U.S. official says

The Tonys were on last night:

Can’t forget something cute!

Have a good Monday!



  1. Here is a highlight from the Tonys. I have long admired the extremely talented Nathan Lane, but last night I wanted to actually be him, if just for a moment:

    In “We Have to Talk About KevinAndrew” news, Platinum Jubilee watchers know full well that Hazza and Megs were almost completely frozen out and private-jetted out of the country, Netflix cameras and all, before Jubapalooza’s official end. Andrew was completely frozen out. “Covid.” Since he is in internal exile he must have caught it from either his Range Rover or his horse. By the way, I think that on those supposed daily visits to Mom’s house he sits in another room, maybe even on a different floor, and they talk by Zoom.

    “Royal Watchers” have blabbed that now he has been excluded from today’s Order of the Garter ceremony (it’s a long story, literally: it was founded by Richard III in 1348) after intense lobbying by his brother Charles and his nephew William. But still he hangs on, yearning for some kind of return to public life, despite widespread loathing. What to do?

    While it is understood that Andrew is determined to keep his Royal Lodge estate [on the grounds of Windsor Castle, which are quite extensive], one option could be for him to rebuild his life in Scotland.

    Do they want to provoke another Scottish Independence referendum? And do they want it to pass?


    • I’m curious — why should Charles need to carry out intense lobbying? What does it say that anyone is putting up resistance to him specificaly and on this issue in general?

      I assume the public line would be “it’s tradition, we simply must” except it seems like there’s never been a problem violating or inventing traditions when backroom politics work out that way.

      • He and Wills (it is pretty widely thought) lobbied the Queen. I deleted my long, long response. It was her decision alone, but she probably was convinced by them that if Andrew got booed and screamed at and Charles is no one’s first choice as Heir (including hers) now is not the time to show maternal devotion in such a public way. Bad enough that it’s pretty clear she provided the funds for Andrew to pay Virginia Giuffre to go away.

  2. It takes a special kind of stupid to pretend that a life/death situation such as the Jan 6 Coup didn’t happen but that’s what we should expect from Trump supporter and Faux Newz level of stupid/denial.

    When you spend most of your life denying humanity of others, it isn’t that giant of a stretch to deny reality.

    • So does this mean that those infamous ponzi schemers “Crypto-fund Billionaires,” the Winklevii, are now mere Multi-millionaires?

      Because, honestly those two are who I tend to think of, anytime crypto markets take a nosedive😉

      • Still billionaires, I think.

        Sadly, the small fry dipshit cryptobrahs don’t get that the real money is in owning the exchanges… right up till they fail.

        ETA: Bitcoin is now down 16% at midday.

  3. Glad you had a nice weekend! I was on vacation during the week, which was lovely, and then I had a truly awful weekend and I’m struggling for oomph this morning.

    As for Jan. 6: You know it’s pretty bad because the mainline defense has been “but whatabout the BLM riots” which conservatives believe destroyed 3 cities and caused $17 quadrillion in damage … which is to say, Jan. 6 was pretty bad!

    • The creepy bit is the way they’re attempting to weaponize that kind of growing gap to launch resentment-based attacks by their supporters on people who back sensible policies. Gun control is a long standing example, but they’re moving on to public health.

      They have allies in the punditocracy, with freaks like the NY Times and The Atlantic busy spreading propaganda that it’s somehow a liberal problem that this is happening. “Democrats are responsible for Fox News” is their argument when it really should be “pundits blew it.”

    • “Pro-life” has never meant anything, but it’s always fascinated me that hundreds of thousands of abortions annually is a nightmare, a godless horror, the greatest stain upon our good name, etc. etc., but that around 500,000 actual people who die each year from not having access to health care is just, I dunno, the price of doing business or whatever, and few of those abortion psychos care at all.

  4. I just wanna know how we haven’t yet mentioned the AWESOME feat that the divine JHud pulled off last night!?!?

    Youngest Woman to EGOTthird Black person to EGOT, and now in the company of Whoopi, John Legend, Audrey Hepburn, Rita Moreno, and just sixteen others!!!

    The woman is a DIVA, in the best possible way–incredibly talented, hardworking, and with that magical gift of voice;


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