Monday Mood [DOT 18/9/23]

I’m going to need some coffee this morning. I had a big weekend of apple picking and then being ferried around the mall with Manchu! And I didn’t even have time to make anything with those apples, so looks like I’m making some pie tonight. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Seems like a good plan what could go wrong?

Red states quit nation’s oldest library group amid culture war over books

Thankfully, librarians are awesome so they came up with this:

How Teenagers Can Borrow Banned Books for Free From Brooklyn Public Library

This is a fun game we like to play in DC constantly

House Republicans strike deal on short-term funding, but Senate likely to reject


Minnesota Vikings player shares racist messages received following Thursday Night Football loss


Stock futures are little changed as Wall Street awaits Fed meeting: Live updates

Look, I still can’t get tweets or “xeets” how about yeets to embed, but that means I’m only sharing links that you absolutely have to click on. Give all these girls a show right now!

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  1. …it’s just an experiment but if you replace the with…which most places that coded for those embeds would still recognize…maybe they embed?

    …they didn’t bother getting rights to the domain ahead of time…or before they stole the @x twitter handle off the guy who’d used it for upwards of 15yrs…so I can’t imagine they bothered to give places a heads up on needing to update their embed routines

    …& it’s quite the video, so I figured it was worth trying?

    • in a moment of missing the point spectacularly….. do we have stand alone webcams for phones now?

      coz…im a little confused by the panic of needing to find the phone if she’s already sat at a puter or tablet

      only a little mind….i mean… my first thought when the internet is down is oh…ill google why its down

  2. That Washington Post article really buried the lede that the House GOP wants to zero out all funding for Ukraine.

    That’s not a low impact position, it’s the kind of thing that could swing close races against the GOP. It’s probably the top reason why Senate Republicans are going to reject the House GOP bill, and it’s the kind of intraparty fight that reporters would be salivating over if it involved Democrats.

    They’re doing it as Zelensky is headed to NYC and the UN this week, and then to Washington to call for more support in the war against Russia. The article blandly says “Given the conservative provisions included in the proposal, Democrats are not expected to help pass the bill” when any remotely realistic analysis would note that zero funding for Ukraine is an absolute deal killer for Democrats.

    It’s fair to note other issues as being in the mix. But leaving Ukraine almost completely  out is like trying to explain a traffic accident simply in terms of the textbook physics while barely mentioning that one driver hit 0.12 on a blood acohol test.

      • There are a bunch of House Republicans who would vote for Ukraine funding in a heartbeat because a well-publicized no vote would cost them 5% of the vote in a lot of districts, and there are a bunch of swing districts.

        McCarthy is trying to appease the Russia-friendly paranoids in safe districts by zeroing it out, and he’s leaving his own base out to dry. He’s almost certainly hoping he can keep the issue under wraps so it gets snuck through without a direct vote.

        But the Washington Post has no obligation to go along and barely mention it. It’s not only a newsworthy story, it has the kind of high drama that makes it good reading. But instead they stripped the whole fight of one of the top elements of drama on the eve of Zelensky’s visit. The only one who benefits is McCarthy and his allies among the paranoids.

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