Monday Mood [DOT 20/11/23]

Hi All! Hope everyone had a nice weekend and is getting ready for Thanksgiving if that is your jam.

Short week; short post!

Aww poor Jimmy

Rosalynn Carter, former first lady and tireless humanitarian who advocated for mental health issues, dies at 96

Like how would you even go on?

Five-year-old who fatally stabbed twin brother won’t face charges in California

Big yikes here

Argentina presidential election: far-right libertarian Javier Milei wins after rival concedes

Look at this little gal with her treat!

Have a great day!



  1. So I chose the libertarian

    Tax cutting to the ground, doing everything Ayn

    But nothing will work at all

    But I wanted it to


    Don’t cry for Argentina, world

    The truth is we’ll miss you

    All through soon to be wild days

    My desperate existence

    He’ll keep his promise

    Don’t keep your distance (with IMF money)

  2. Still dealing with this cough! I was back at urgent care yesterday (Sunday) because I was up all weekend each night, every 2 hrs hacking. They gave me a nebulizer and several more Rx, which I still have to pick up. They are worried about it lasting long enough to cause lung damage. This is the stupidest thing that has ever happened to me and they don’t even really know WHY it happens.

  3. Apropo of nothing –

    It’s a good thing I have no coworkers in the cubes near mine today because my lentil salad has roasted Brussels sprouts in it and those are a bit pungent.

    Roasted garlic and chopped shallots, too. It’s tasty but a bit of an olfactory hit.

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