Monday Mood [DOT 8/7/24]

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I’m working remotely from Ohio for a few weeks. Had coffee with a high school friend today. She’s raising a non-binary kiddo down in Texas and she’s up here cleaning out her mother’s house too. Plotting her escape from Texas soon…

Allow me this schadenfreude


Stock futures open lower as investors await inflation data, earnings this week: Live updates


Sad news

Minnesota Vikings rookie Khyree Jackson and 2 former Maryland high school teammates killed in 3-car crash

Have a great Monday!



  1. What I enjoy most is that the centrists lost twice. You’d think they’d learn by now that acting like right wingers never gets right wingers to vote for them. At least this time they got a double dose of reality from the left.

    • I know one of the guys in the documentary The Dads a little bit:

      He lives in a blue state and it was tough enough for his family. Red state life must be scary.

      It’s worth checking that out if you have Netflix. It’s a quick watch, only about 12 minutes, and it’s well done.

      And of course the creeps who are behind this are after a whole host of other people, despite what the gaslighters say. It’s not just Trans people, it’s gays too. It’s not just women seeking an abortion, it’s anyone using contraception.

      The level of denial that it takes to throw smokescreens over this stuff is borderline pathological, and the intellectual contortions needed to both sides must corrode a person’s heart.

      • We have two trans girls and a couple non-binary kids in our kids’ social circle. The girls transitioned around age four but signs were there earlier. It makes me wonder if trans and non-binary kids are way more prevalent than our society thinks but most are pro/in-hibited from being themselves openly. These kids were all born in Seattle and didn’t have to escape a bigoted Red hell hole. So they have been nurtured in accepting and knowledgeable families/communities.

    • This story was released, but nobody paid any attention to it. I read a full transcript of  her account a while back — don’t remember when. I don’t know if Trump even bothered to deny it.

      • There is a long, well documented history of his assaults, harassment and awful behavior.

        The excuse the press used for dropping the issue was that charges were never filed and needing to bend over backwards to be fair. Except now that E. Jean Carroll has won court cases twice, they have no reason based on journalism ethics to avoid making this a central part of their narrative. There’s certainly no reason based on ratings.

        They just don’t want to do it.

        • He’s a predator, by his own admissions (grab ’em by the …). It’s sickening that scum still are willing to vote for him.

          Another issue with this case, at least in Florida, is that no one will prosecute anyone on the accusation of a sex worker. Even though this woman was a child at the time, she apparently still got paid by Epstein. They’ll trot that out to explain why she has no credibility and they can’t make a case. It’s a standard playbook for rich and famous pedophile defendants here — Matt Gaetz pulled the same trick to duck his trafficking charges.

          We’ve also got a major Epstein coverup ongoing, based on the fact that his sex offender sentence was basically house arrest and he was allowed to go right back to preying on girls. There’s a lot of state and local officials who do NOT want any of the Epstein cases looked into, and they’ve managed to do a pretty good job of burying everything.

          My personal opinion is that Epstein’s crimes were a lot wider-ranging and involved a lot more people than have been revealed, and it’s pretty unlikely that any of that will see the light of day. The circumstances of his death strongly suggest it. Even if he did commit suicide, I strongly believe that he was encouraged to do so.

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