Monday! [NOT 7/11/22]

Hi, friends!

I hope your day went well. Mine can be summed up by a quote from Billy Madison:

What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is dumber for having listened to it.

And that was just my feelings from my first meeting today! Don’t mind me, I’ll be eating a can of cake icing and contemplating how I’m going to keep a neutral expression next time I have to see these folks.



  1. As far as that Note to Self header image:

    The thing I have come to realize is that if I started stabbing people every time I saw someone do something stupied, I’d have more holes in myself than a tree covered in a flock of woodpeckers.

    Today the pets were bugging me extra early for dinner, over and over, and I was puzzling and puzzling why they were so impatient. After about 58 minutes it finally occured me what happened yesterday morning at 2:00 AM.

  2. I got to eat four hash browns in peace. That makes today a good day. I also found and hired two vaccinated doulas to help me during my first two weeks postpartum. The only downer of the day is that my youngest started having cold symptoms today. I had naively thought they dodged my eldest’s RSV.

    • Before our first was born, we went to a new parent class run by a doula, and the one bit of advice she gave I still remember was —

      You may have a time come up where you just can’t cope. Make sure nothing terrible is going on, then it’s OK to put the baby in the crib to cry for a while and take a break. Close the door, walk outside, and sit on the front steps and drink a cup of coffee for ten minutes then go back. The kid will be fine.

      I never got to that point, but knowing I had permission was a big comfort. Thanks, doula, wherever you are.

  3. Because this day needed more stupidity! My parents are having their annual “this isn’t going to work”/”I don’t need this!”/”there’s the door!” fight that’s been going on all day apparently. Because I’ve been hearing from both of them about this, of course.

  4. Also in keeping with the saga of the pork roast this week, chopping the sandpaper-dry pork and simmering in a gravy helped soften it up nicely! And I had the chance to make a cornstarch gravy which I don’t bother with much.

  5. see now…thats the one upside to being unofficially qualified…

    no meetings….i lack the bits of paperwork to be allowed to listen to the office wonks listen to themselves talk every day

    kinda aiming to be just qualified enough to keep it that way……hate meetings and paperwork

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