Mondayyyy! [DOT 27/9/21]

Welcome back to the work week.

The weather in the Mid-Atlantic was gorgeous this weekend. If you’re a little bit behind like me, you might have missed the Brain Drain. Check it out for your entertainment recommendations.

Let’s see what else is going on shall we?

Boris Johnson to consider using army to supply petrol stations

Tight exit polls in Germany point to long battle over forging post-Merkel government

Just gonna put this here:

National Zoo’s covid-infected lions and tigers won’t eat their meat, so zookeepers are trying goat cheese and chicken broth


United States reclaims Ryder Cup, hands Europe its worst loss in 19-9 victory


Stock futures rise in overnight trading after market ends wild week in the green

The Tonys!

I’ll just leave this here last…

Have a great day!



  1. Well my week is getting off to a good start. The sun hasn’t even risen over the Greatest City in the World™ yet, and I’ve already learned a new vocabulary word, the portmanteau “shacket.”

    At first I thought it might be a word to describe something particularly female, a woman’s jacket, like “shero” is a woman who’s a hero (even though the “he” is pre-Greek and does not refer at all to the English masculine pronoun, but I digress.)

    But no, it is a shirt-jacket. The word is new (to me) but the garment is not. I remember I was wearing “shackets” in the 1990s. I think lots of people were. For that matter I might have had a tan corduroy one in the 1970s.

    So that is the word of the day to start off your week.


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