More Trump, Please

Let the man do his thing for 2024!

With Georgia sending Herschel Walker back to his Dallas-area mansion to impregnate the local citizenry, the 2022 election is officially ooooooover. (And Praise Allah for that.)

The voters have spoken, and their answer is pretty simple: Enough Trump.

He won, barely, in 2016, and since then has overseen a giant defeat in 2018, a straightforward loss in 2020 and now a deeply disappointing 2022 for the GOP in which they barely won the House and fell further back in the Senate. It’s the worst midterm election cycle for a party out of power in several generations, especially given the apparent unpopularity of the current president.

Which is why we need Trump to run as hard as he can in 2024. 

So far, he’s announced he’s running and then basically retired to his golden toilet, emerging only to eat dinner with skinheads and declare that the Constitution should be scrapped to let him be president again. This simply will not do! 

I know many of you believe very firmly that Trump is a tumor on the body politic, that he’s a clear and present danger unlike anything we’ve ever seen before at a national level. I disagree, but I’m not going to argue either way here. What I am going to say is that Trump is the most clarifying force we’ve seen in national politics maybe ever.

What does that mean? Well, voters are generally dumb, but they are often complicated. My father-in-law is a devoutly religious man who believes abortion is one of the highest crimes there is … and he hasn’t voted for a single Republican in 20+ years now. He thinks Biden is doing an OK job, but frankly would have preferred more radical action from a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. 

He doesn’t fit a traditional voter profile, and he’s not alone. Even in a time of a yawning chasm between the parties, lots of voters fixate on weird, small things when they make a pick. Why did Florida go hard for DeSantis? Was his opponent not white enough? Is it because he’s a Trump-adjacent creep? Or was it because he handled their big hurricane well and made nice with Biden to secure federal money? We don’t know because voters are rarely asked to explain (and even more rarely offer an explanation.)

Republicans have been good at hiding their intentions behind euphemism or saying it to the “right” people. Ronald Reagan was the master of this; the genial, folksy grandfather who was also trafficking illegal arms and not giving a shit about AIDS. But even Mitt Romney, a supposed paragon of modern Republican virtue, made his 47% comment to donors in the back room of a country club on the assumption it wouldn’t get out and then furiously back-tracked when it did.

Trump, though, cuts right through all that. You are either with him or against him — which is how he likes it and is extremely simple to define. People might lie about why they like him, but if they vote for him, there’s no need to dig deeper. He proudly, with his whole chest, says the hateful things on his mind, and he would never, ever deign to back-track. And his base loves it so much that they can’t help but shriek their delight. Together, they give the game away — and as we have seen, that turns a majority of voters off in a big way.

Which is why I say, again: More Trump. 

Give Americans a simple choice and they will probably make the right call. How can I believe that? Because we’ve seen it three times already: 2018, 2020 and 2022. Let them decide between a big-tent party that is trying, albeit slowly and inefficiently, to run the country versus the three-time loser carnival barker. Even I, a cynical old asshole who is endlessly frustrated with my country’s deep-seated hatreds, believes enough in us to get it right a fourth time.

Plus, the alternatives are pretty unpleasant. We all know there will be attempts to make the case that DeSantis is a softer touch, or that Rubio isn’t squarely in the middle of his party’s Crazy Caucus, that Ted Cruz is human, or that somehow what Trump says isn’t what they all believe quietly. But DeSantis isn’t, Rubio is, Cruz isn’t … and they do. They really, really do. I noted Romney above and the reality is what he said about everyone in the lower tax brackets is precisely what Trump says, he just said it nicer. That’s not a difference of opinion; that’s just camouflage. 

So I say: Make the GOP say what they really want to do, over and over, just like Mango Unchained does. Let them nominate fools, cretins, celebrities and grifters because that’s who he prefers. Give me more Trump. More insane, insulting bullshit. More empty podiums on CNN. More sagging shoulders on Mitch McConnell when Trump talks about banning contraception with Herschel Walker and a clone of Joseph Goebbels on Steve Bannon’s podcast. Flood the zone with that rancid asshole’s schtick. These are all wins.

And then after yet another grievous defeat, we’ll finally be able to admit the obvious truth that 2016 was actually about a Black president and a woman, and not at all about you-know-who and the already-racist cadre who voted for him.

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  1. He has to run, he thinks it is his “get out of jail free” card.  He may even be right but it’s looking less likely every day.  I just don’t understand at this point why he has not been thrown under the bus by those that want to be the next grifter-n-chief?  I get that they want his crazies but isn’t at least one of them smart enough to …oh fuck, nevermind, I answered my own question.

    • Because they’re not smart and they don’t have an alternative. What works for them on Fox News and in super-red areas is a giant failure everywhere else, and they don’t have a fallback. Plus, the 24-hour cycle/internet no longer allows them to act polite for the masses while telling their supporters what they’re really gonna do. That really did hurt Romney; I didn’t think he was gonna win in 2012 but writing off almost half the country as being worthless definitely cemented the “he’s out of touch” argument!

      • All true, but there’s one more reason. If the GQP dumps Trump, he’s going to run as a third-party candidate. He has to. He truly believes it’s going to keep him out of jail and somehow turn his fortunes around. If he splits the Republican vote, even by a little, it’s game over for whoever they pick to run.

        And it won’t be by a little. Crazyfication Factor says that 27% will vote for Captain Combover no matter what. The GQP can barely squeak out victories by gaming the electoral college. A 27% defection will destroy them.

        Republicans’ only hope at this point is for him to die. That’s the only way he won’t fuck them up in 2024.

        • He’ll run as long as he can because he’s a brinksman and he always plays out his options as long as he can.

          I think it’s possible the GOP may lock him out of the ballot in enough places that they can stop him by November 2024, in the same way that the GOP’s third party plan with Ye to split the vote was blocked. But they really would want to stop him before the primaries and caucuses start or they’re in trouble. And that’s going to be much harder.

          I think there’s an effort behind the scenes by a certain class of Republican to unify behind DeSantis — if you have the misfortune to read NY Times conservatives like Douthat, it’s pretty blatant. But I think there’s enough suspicion of Governor RDS among both his rivals and what’s left of more pragmatic types that he may not get to critical mass in time. And Trump is probably doubly suspicious.

          I also think there’s an outside chance Trump gets bought out. Basically, he’d need a huge payday and safe passage out of criminal danger. Maybe somewhere like Rio? Tel Aviv? London? Very slim odds, but not zero.

  2. You’ll get your wish. Whether he makes it to the nomination in 2024 is another question, but he’ll push on. He pretty much has to.

    Dan Alexander at Forbes is possibly the best reporter on Trump’s business world, and he wrote this article last month on how Trump has restructured to take advantage of another run.

    He’s shifted a lot of his worth into his nebulous social media/campaign operation, to the point where it’s his single biggest asset, and he needs to run to feed its value.

    He needs to dodge his legal issues just as much. Running helps him on a PR level, if not a legal one. The calls for Biden to heal America by pardoning Trump continue, and they’ll only grow as campaigning ramps up. There will be a new argument that “the voters” should decide, as if Elizabeth Holmes or Harvey Weinstein should have been able to dodge judgment by running for office.

    And if any GOPer decides to challenge him, there will be a ton of pressure on them to commit to pardoning Trump if they win.

    He needs to courts to run interference for him, and his status as an active candidate will give random hacks like Aileen Cannon more fodder, even if it’s all sugar coated BS. And because of his exposure on a state level where presidential pardons can’t reach, he’ll need federal judges to essentially override state rights by throwing wrenches in their procedures.

    And as his campaign becomes more and more clearly inevitable, the pressure on the GOP to close ranks will grow. Presidential campaigns these days start now. Fundraising, lining up staff, and begging for endorsements take time, and anyone wanting to hit the road by the summer of 2023 needs to be working now. Trump has the jump, and if rivals hold off for long, they’ll face claims that they’re damaging the party more than Trump.

    If the political press honestly wanted a spectacle, they’d cheer on a wide open GOP race. If they cared about issues, they’d want the opportunity to pin down the GOP on issues.

    But they don’t. They want to see Biden go down. And they’ll be amplifying calls to unify the GOP behind Trump and shut down prosecutions unless someone on the GOP side can crush him quickly. I don’t think they can. He has residual strength and every incentive to run.

    There are big problems, though, as you point out. Trump’s criminal behavior doesn’t have Bill Barr as a coverup artist. Trump is a weaker candidate than in 2016. And Trump is weaker physically and mentally. The political media’s disconnect with reality is even wider than in 2016, and it’s less clear they can control the narrative. We’ll see what happens, but it won’t be pretty.

  3. I know many of you believe very firmly that Trump is a tumor on the body politic, that he’s a clear and present danger unlike anything we’ve ever seen before at a national level. I disagree, but I’m not going to argue either way here.

    …the tumor thing…probably…ditto the clear & present thing…not so much on the unlike anything we’ve seen part, though

    …to thoroughly abuse an innocent metaphor…if there were a ship of state…I’d see him as the permatanned figurehead on what amounts to a wallowing & ungainly but doubtless gunpowder-packed pirate barge…he thinks of himself as being in charge but other people are manning the lines & do the job of steering the thing…& they’ve been stacking every deck they can (tortured metaphors, ahoy) for a fair old while…& press-ganging (it’s a veritable hat-trick, I tells you) as many malcontents as possible to man the oars & stir the waters because in their orthodoxy that’s how you get ahead & commandeer your prize

    …if you were going to argue either way, though…I’d be interested to see how you could manage to squeeze getting run over by a bus into my poor doomed shipwreck of a marine analogy?

    • I agree. I see Trump as a symptom but hardly the disease; to follow your metaphor, it’s like screaming about how terrible and bloodthirsty Captain Flint is while 100 of his crew are out plundering and murdering. He may have his hands on the wheel, but he didn’t build the ship. And in his case, he wouldn’t even know how to raise the mainsail or even tie a knot.

      Moreover, getting rid of Flint wouldn’t even stop any of the piracy because he’s just an arm of that particular octopus. You’d need to stop the people financing the ship — they’re the ones you need to run over with a bus.

  4. He’s so good at getting money from stupid people.

    Can you imagine if he were a televangelist like a Joel Osteen or Jim Baller? He’d be so filthy rich with none of the pesky consequences like sedition or stealing classified documents.


    • Those people vote R no matter what. If the GQP ran OJ, they’d vote for him. They simply do not care. They’re Republican and proud of it.

      Beyond that, it’s racism, plain and simple. Walker was a cynical choice by Republicans because they believe that the Black residents of Georgia lack the discernment to tell the difference between Warnock and Walker, and they’d vote for the celebrity. They figured they could peel enough Black voters from Warnock to tip it to Walker. And once elected, Walker would do exactly what he was told to do. So they could tell him when to show up and how to vote and he’d do it. He simply doesn’t have the capacity to do otherwise.

      They seriously underestimated people of color in Georgia. But as you point out, their core base did exactly what they were told to do.

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