Morons gonna moron [NOT 4/5/22]

Hi, friends!

I was originally gonna post this long rant about morons at work. But instead I’m going to the farmers market and grocery store.

This NOT brought to you by my recognizing that much of my frustration at work today was actually disgust at the Supreme Court and republicans impact on my mood.



  1. I’ve done a few short walks today, one to a waterfall & one to a brewery I currently sit at while my daughter studies for her final.  Not too bad a day other than my hotel being 20 yards from railroad tracks & eye level with them.  I will need lots of beers to sleep through that tonight.

  2. My sister, who basically raised me but kept the same ideals as an adult as our father grew up with, I am sure would be all for the supreme courts actions. I say, would be, because there is no way I could ask her. It would kick my ass for her to confirm my suspicions. She voted for Trump, believe she would again, and has framed the insurrection as, well, not an insurrection. She was very loving and caring growing up and I just don’t get it.

    • It’s not that right wingers don’t show empathy or caring for others.  It’s the limited scope of her empathy and caring.  Right wingers only care about those within their social circle and tribe.  Outside of it, well, fuck’em.

      She probably feels that perhaps she’s past child rearing or more pure than driven snow that the concerns of normal women aren’t going to affect her.

      However, Cons have shown an incredible amount of hypocrisy regarding abortion because of their small scope of empathy.

      In my younger dumber years, I didn’t care about abortion either being a virgin male, but I learned a few things and realize that I was being a selfish ass.  Contributing 50% of the DNA doesn’t mean 50% to 100% of the say.

      • Bottom line is that the right wingers will cheer the return to the dark ages right up until one of their little girls bleeds out from an unlicensed abortion. (Fun fact: Apple doesn’t have the word “abortion” in their phone dictionary.) Then they will find it necessary but only for their family and fuck everyone else.

        • And a reminder, too, that they will decide to end a pregnancy, in order to save the life of “their” woman…

          but those same asshats will then turn directly around, and try to deny any other woman the right to do something similar.😒🤨🤬


  3. The best thing about living on a farm is how few morons I have to deal with.  There is one donkey who’s kind of an ass though.  (that’s a farmer dad joke.  so sue me.)

  4. im currently considering making myself a sammich for lunch at work

    im not running late yet tho….so im stalling and bumming about on the interwebs instead of actually making said sandwich

    in about 20 minutes ill panic and try to make my sammich whilst pulling my coat on and packing my bag

    theres a smart way of doing things….and theres my way

    i might be the moron here

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