My god I’m going to have a nervous breakdown

Super Tuesday is stressing me out. Use this space to vent/discuss/rant/jump for joy/whatever.

As I write this, VA has just been called for Biden with the polls closing like 30 minutes ago and 2% of precincts reporting. But why? How can they call that? I don’t understand. (Special thanks to ButcherBaker for alerting me that they were calling shit already)

And while I believe the media has been holding firm to swing this to Biden, I don’t think “MEDIA CORRUPTION CORPORATE SHILLS” actually explains that.

Where are you “watching” results? I’m half-assedly looking at fivethirtyeight but would rather just forget it’s happening.

LOL and Bloomberg just won American Samoa.



    • Ugh I don’t understand why that informal polling gets to substitute for real votes. I guess if they are wrong they can change it when actual numbers come in, but you hate to see it considering what time it is on the west coast…

  1. the big kahuna is CA but:

    In a perfect world, you’d be able to follow the results in each of these districts on Tuesday night and use them to predict which candidates are on track to over- or underperform statewide. But in California, you should treat the election-night results as incomplete. That’s because a majority of Californians vote by mail, and ballots need only be postmarked by Election Day; election offices can receive them as late as Friday. And in a state where some counties have more eligible voters than entire states, full results from California will take days, maybe even weeks, to report.

    And the initial results are not guaranteed to be representative, either. For instance, young voters tend to wait until the last minute to mail their ballots, so they may be underrepresented in the early results; because Sanders is so popular with young voters, that might mean he will be disproportionately weak in the initial count. Biden, too, might be stronger among last-minute voters, if he receives a polling bump from his decisive win in South Carolina.

    Super Tuesday Preview: Sanders Is Favored In California, But Biden Is Strong In Parts Of The State

    for numbers so far:

    • Well I was also hearing we won’t know exact delegate counts from CA for possibly a week or two. I try not to follow this shit to the minute because of that kind of stuff, but here I am, stress-eating pizza and gulping wine.

  2. I’m trying real hard not to watch or track at this hour.

    Klob and Pete dropping out is Not Great but I wonder how many people will vote for them by accident? Enough to keep Biden at bay? I know it’s presumed Biden was their voter’s second choice but this happened so fast I wonder how many people just shrugged and voted Biden today.

    It’s always been an uphill battle for Bernie and there will be no rest until after the convention if all of the delegates choose that moment to overturn the will of the people.

    • To add, I wonder where the contingent of people saying, “Nuh-uh! Bernie’s not winning because the combined vote of the moderates trounces his totals!” are going to be tonight when Warren and Bernie’s totals are more than Biden’s? Hm?

        • It’s going to be like election night 2018 when the media was all “:(! So much for the Blue Wave” only for the following days to show the enormous gains the Dems.

          If Bernie picks up Texas AND California they’ll find a way to point out that Biden won all those other ones. If Bernie only gets California than it’s *shrug shrug* that’s not REAL America! Anyway!” but if he gets Texas…well, the spin will be interesting. And by interesting, I mean, I’m not going to watch because it will be enormously stupid.

          Mike Bloomberg somehow polling over 10% in more than one state right now? I want to end it. The DNC gave themselves their own a spoiler candidate, as a treat.

          • So, despite myself, I’ve been watching to polls roll in and I can feel my soul leaving my body. Biden’s winning in the expected places but I’m sure this will be justification for why he should be the candidate, “to bring the country and conservatives together.” But those states are basically Trump’s in the first place.

            I really can’t emphasize enough how angry it makes me that Bloomberg has bought 20% of the vote in some places. Warren is my second choice and I can see all of the work she’s done to get where she is, only for the do-nothings and Mike Bloomberg to poll higher than her. The DNC is a sham and always will be.

            • I’m trying not to be bummed about Biden winning. The majority of states haven’t voted yet. My naive little heart thought Super Tuesday would give us a shot at a more humane America.

              I don’t want to think about it but if it’s Biden v Trump, there’s absolutely no way Biden wins. Burisma, Ukraine, his declining faculties and inability to out-shout and out-stupid and out-bully Trump.

              Yet I’ll have no choice to live through all of this where I’ll spend the rest of my life clinging to a job I hate for health insurance. Great!

              • Yeah I am bummed too. I refuse to subscribe to the “no way he can win” school of thought, though – that’s all speculation and the future is flexible. The trutht of it is even if he’s the nominee, we still need him over Trump, and we need to try to make it happen.

  3. Before anyone breaks out the champagne consider if you will that when Biden wins in November (assuming the electoral college and voter suppression fences don’t trip him up) you’ll have some sore losers lame ducking their way out of dodge. Trump’s precious investigation into Biden will be the new Benghazi. Before you know it Twitter will be awash with agents orange far and wide peddling conspiracies about how everything from the Iowa caucus to the convention to the election itself was rigged and (you think I’m joking? k) wave bye bye to genuine democracy or a meaningfully free press in the states and say hello to internment camps for those pesky pigmented people with that virus that the Dems collapsed the economy with. Chickens may come home to roost, but cattle feed the markets.

  4. I cannot fathom how Bernie can keep from having his head explode. Continuously.

    It’s like arguing with a fucking toddler to eat their goddamn vegetables trying to get the drooling, maliciously ignorant cretins to accept that society only works when we are all working together and not just blindly following the whims of the absolute wealthiest greedy bastards who control everything.

    I fucking hate them and their willful, prideful spite toward anyone ‘other’.

    Sorry all I post is such impotent rage. I am just so, so tired of not being able to have nice things like Healthcare and fair wages and vacation.

    If anyone needs me I’ll be in the garage finishing my guillotine.

  5. I’m trying not to pay attention to results. This is my last hope for a Warren presidency. I’ve been consistently disappointed with America and I’m sure it’s going to disappoint the living fuck out of me today so I’m just going to do something more fun, like clean my cat litter boxes.

  6. Once I saw that Klobs and Butts pulled out, I decided I should resign myself to the high likelihood of a contested convention. At which point, there’s no real mystery about what will happen.

    At least Bloomers is getting trounced?

    I bounce between the Guardian and the Hill.

  7. When I voted here in Virginia today, I just could not bring myself to select anyone with a penis. We’ve had enough penis in the White House. If it’s not to be, I’ll vote for whomever you guys choose come November, even if it’s someone with a penis. But hopefully it won’t be someone who hollers and shakes his finger at me constantly. I had enough of that growing up.

    • “When I voted here in Virginia today, I just could not bring myself to select anyone with a penis.”

      Same, except sub in MN for VA.

      Warren’s my gal. I’ve wanted *her* in the White House in some capacity (honestly, I’d take her as Veep,too!), since that first Daily Show interview.

      I was sad, knowing it was futile to vote for her today, but there was NO WAY I *wasn’t* gonna vote my deepest convictions today. Despite the odds.

      I’ll fall in line & vote a straight D ticket in the general, because EVERY race will be critical.

      But *today*?

      I voted this one for ME, goddammit. And the 8 year old girl who was SO disappointed back in 1984 that didn’t get to see MY candidates, Mr. Fritz & Ms. Ferarro, in the White House.

  8. So many states appear to be virtually split between progress, status quo, and licking the billionaires boots. These candidates each represent distinct political ideologies. That there isn’t a clear majority doesn’t bode well for November. The tent is to damned big if we’re going to end up with dueling Republicans in the general.

    • The best thing that can happen is this shit gets sorted out as soon as possible so we can all grieve. Regardless of who turns out winning, most of the rest of the electorate will be upset about it.

      • At this point. I and my whole fam damily will be switching from our planned Warren votes to Bernie. She has no real path now. If I can’t have the progressive with the concrete plans, I’ll take the progressive that will back them.

      • I’m starting to wonder how exactly a lot of us (myself included) are going to get through this year. Everything is so damned depressing. If Biden wins the nomination I’ll certainly vote for him in November but my enthusiasm will be pretty non-existent. It’d be good if Trump lost and actually left the White House without fighting it (which I’ll believe when I see it) but I’m still going to be pretty depressed about the state of the country as he left it.
        I have little hope of Biden accomplishing anything that needs to happen: Health Care, climate change, improving the economy, getting rid of the tax cuts, fixing education, restoring the justice system and everything else that needs doing.
        And that’s the hopeful scenario. I can’t even express the words of the worst scenario.
        How do we keep going? How and where do we find hope? I’m frankly at a loss this morning.

        • Well, the primary isn’t over yet, so don’t lose hope, but I hear you. I think we will need a minute to grieve the loss of all our dreams for the near future, and then put our heads down in that reality and examine how we achieve progressive goals in an environment without a progressive president. To our detriment, we on the left tend to focus too much on the top – president/etc – and abandon state and local progress. People are learning that lesson now and we still have those avenues to progress. In the long run, if we achieve it on those fronts, it’ll be stronger than the swinging pendulum that is the federal government.

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