Nap-urday [DOT 13/2/21]

Happy Saturday guys! Make yourself a fancy cocktail and celebrate your long weekend (for you ‘Mericans).

Shout out to Ted Cruz’s barber, who obviously hates him.

Impeachment Updates

Live updates: Trump’s call to ‘fight’ was just political speech, impeachment lawyers say in seeking acquittal

Can we get out of this please?

Winter coronavirus wave ebbs and deaths drop, but experts fear a spring surge

Wait, do Blue Lives Matter or not? Am confused.

Two officers who helped fight the Capitol mob died by suicide. Many more are hurting.


Bumble CEO’s net worth nears $2 billion as stock rallies post debut

Would eat.

I kind of love this?

Enjoy your long weekend!



  1. Also looks like the actual scientific experts (not the morons who pretended they are) at the CDC were correct about CoVID19 that it would devastate everyone during the spring/fall.  It doesn’t like the cold dry air of the winter, but it thrives in the moist/cool air of the spring/fall.
    This is why folks like Cuomo, Newsome and Ford shouldn’t celebrate shit and prematurely send kids back to class.  We’ll be seeing a 3rd spike in the Spring for sure.

  2. “Blue Lives Matter” to Republicans only when they’re protecting Republicans or their property. One of the things that I haven’t seen emphasized is that Trump wasn’t only ready to murder Pence and other Republicans — he was happy to sacrifice police officers too. Through collusion, sabotage, and inaction, Trump was perfectly willing to let the on-duty officers be killed to overthrow the government. 
    I have to wonder if the officers committing suicide are struggling with the fact that a significant portion of their command structure and their President sent them all out there to die. 

      • They’re right, but I still don’t think what truly happened here is being articulated. It’s being couched in terms of incompetence — police commanders didn’t make the right decisions. 
        It’s more than that. Some of them were co-conspirators. They were working with Trump to facilitate a mass murder, and Trump wanted officers to die. He needed that for a martial law declaration. 
        It’s one thing to think your command structure is filled with idiots. It’s another thing to realize that many of them were acting from malice and the fucking President needed a human sacrifice to further his plans (and by that I mean his conspirators’ plans because Trump is and always will be a moron) and you were the sacrifice. Some of the officers were in on it, but a LOT were just abandoned to die. 
        First thing I’d do in investigating the Capitol Police is pull the duty rosters and start checking the officers who took the day off or made sure they didn’t get riot duty for extremist ties. Then I’d move to everyone else. One thing this impeachment has completely convinced me of is that the rot runs deep

          • …I was going to say men are hanged…but I’m not sure they qualify for that distinction at this point…& I’d generally say I’m not down with capital punishment…but live by the sword…yadda yadda…ever heard the phrase “hanging’s too good for ’em”?

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