National Archive Decides Truth Too Ugly For Historical Record

I swear, this Onion Timeline is a killer – it’s hard to know when you click a headline if it’s real, or actually that thing that crazy man spouts off about. But that headline, my friends, is 100% real.

Remember the Women’s March back in 2017? (You should; there’s another today.) There were lots of signs, like ‘God Hates Trump’ and ‘This Pussy Grabs Back’ and ‘If my vagina could shoot bullets, it would be less regulated’ (love that one!); apparently those are just w-a-a-a-a-a-y t-o-o-o ‘politically controversial in this current climate.’

I’m willing to bet both tits and an ovary if this was a Men’s March, those signs would be entered into the National Record as is. This is just one more effort to silence women and alter history to inadequately reflect our contribution and opinion; and one more effort to shut us up and sit us down.

And while we’re being told that what 51% of our population had to say isn’t important enough to be entered into the historical record by our own government, why don’t we take a second to ask when we decided to switch from a democratic society to fascist one?

I find it hard to believe that the GOP believes the people are capable of filtering through faked political bullshit online courtesy of the likes of ChuckleZuck, but decides the actual bullshit can’t be reflected accurately in government historical record, long after the posters have faded.



  1. why don’t we take a second to ask when we decided to switch from a democratic society to fascist one?

    You can point to many different times but I think electing Reagan was the most significant step down this path.

  2. Basically, what our parents, and their parents did; it’s up to us to un-do.

    (Unfortunately, some of those ‘do-ers’ are still in office!)

  3. is it really a historical record if you alter it?
    i guess just blurring things keeps it one step shy of being fiction… but it sure seems to be getting pretty close

    (edit) oh hey… the root just said exactly that…. probably should have looked there first

    • i linked this post to iculookin (awesome commenter)…hopefully they join deadsplinter!

    • Honestly, it’s my opinion that those photographs are historical in and of themselves; being entered into into the National Archive makes them part of the historical record; so, they should be left to reflect an accurate depiction of history unaltered by party in majority.

      I hadn’t seen any other coverage on this this morning, and I was. hot. Thanks for the link to The Root.

    • Nah, it’s some shit straight out of 1984. It’s one of the first pages in the Dictator handbook.

  4. I don’t know who they think they’e fooling, changing the message is a political act. They literally took a sign that was anti-Dolt45 at a protest that was anti-Dolt45 and made it indistinguishable from something the Westboro Baptist church would have at one of their demented gatherings. They removed context from a protest and somehow this is supposed to be non-political. Removing the context was a political act, a cowardly act of acquiescence to the fascist moron squatting in the White House.

    • So happy to see you made it!!!

    • Welcome RaineyB! Glad you stopped by.

    • …try not to laugh…but I think they think they’re fooling “history”?

      …sure there may be some indescribably misguided folks in the present who have sunk enough into being on the Dolt45 bandwagon that they have to go through the motions of believing the confection of bullshit he serves daily but this sort of thing seems pointless to the point of petty while it remains more or less trivial to find unadulterated versions of the images but if it were the only remaining source of such images it might fool some MAGA-descendent…presumably huddled in a bunker beneath a radioactive dystopian hellscape of some sort?

      …either way it’s a joy to see you here, at least…so thanks for that

      • You know shit’s fucked up when Twitter cares about more historical accuracy than the fucking Archive.

      • I mostly believe the internet was a mistake and we should turn it off, but having the real images out there in the universe is helpful.

      • To be fair, they also think the historian of record is felon & idiot Dinesh D’Souza

    • I don’t know about the National Archives but I’ve been to tons of exhibits and worked on tons of textbooks where the photographic content is far more offensive (to me) than how that signage would affect a Trump-lover. Photos taken during the white backlash against the postwar Civil Rights Movement, for example. If you altered their signs you might get the impression that it was a bunch of well-meaning white people with a difference of opinion. No. Show the hatred and bigotry in all its viciousness.

      The women at the Women’s March were angry and they had very specific (and often very clever) ideas they wanted to express. What’s all this about a vagina shooting bullets? It’s a statement about reproductive rights. Pussy grabbing? It’s something that the 45th President of the United States actually said and still he was elected. This is the whole point of having a historical record, and altering things that one group or another might find offensive subverts the purpose.

      I can’t imagine what the National Archives was thinking.

      • “Pleasing Trump” is probably along the lines of it.

  5. Removing criticism of a president from the record is obviously partisan, their excuse is so blatantly stupid that that person needs to be fired.


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