National Security Damage [DOT 14/8/22]

Please raise your hand if you didn't see this coming.

This will take a while.

Top House Democrats ask for review to determine ‘national security damage’ done by Trump

A “standing order,” you say. That’s … totally not how any of this works.

Trump now claims a ‘standing order’ to declassify anything that left the Oval Office

In library news (yes, I’m as astonished as you that “library news” is a thing). Do not trifle with librarians. They will fuck you up. Do not ask me how I know that.

Librarian sues over accusations that kids’ section contains “erotic” books

Umm. Drama. Well, if espionage is considered “drama” in MAGA circles, I guess you could say it was “drama.”

Trump lawyer says FBI search was Democrats’ attempt to spin up “drama”

Surely this delicate flower could not countenance such shenanigans.

‘She’s loaded. They all have guns’: Lauren Boebert neighbors forced to call 911 over speeding and property damage

“His sense was that the people who are in the intel business are incompetent, and he knew better,” [John F.] Kelly said. “He didn’t believe in the classification system.”
For some reason, Republicans always think that “not believing” in something means that it won’t bite them in the ass. They’re always wrong.

Trump’s secrets: How a records dispute led the FBI to search Mar-a-Lago

Sprots. Sort of. I mean, these are all old men telling female athletes what they can do with their bodies. So less sprots and more … oppression.

With NCAA silent on abortion bans, college sports face confusion

Turtle content.

Sea turtles hold strong this summer but danger beckons

All right, Deadsplinterites. It’s Sunday, and y’all need to get your Sunday on.



  1. Meanwhile, down in McAllen, Texas, some fundamentalist loon has decided to “reimagine” Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton to make it more Jesus-y and added his own post-script sermon about how Jesus can cure you of alcoholism, drug abuse, and homosexuality:

    Imagine being in McAllen, Texas, at any time, but especially in August. I should think the experience would offer pretty clear evidence that there is no God, or at least not a benevolent and loving one.

    • I saw a tweet about that yesterday. Seems the church is about to get their asses sued off.

      They’re always the same: “We can do anything we want, but you have to do what we say.”

      • Remember how the Supreme Court radicals have been working overtime to let right wingers ignore health care laws and employment laws on the basis of “religious freedom” objections to abortion and gay rights?

        There’s going to be a similar claim that right wingers can ignore intellectual property laws on the basis of “religious freedom” too. But my best guess is that the right wing PR machine knows how much this would be a wedge issue for corporations — Chick Fil A sure won’t like the idea of someone starting up Christ Fil A chicken restaurants.

        So the right wing PR machine will do its best to smother any news and let the right wing radical judges kill these lawsuits in their infancy. And the regular press which takes its cues from right wing PR will be completely on board.

          • Texas being Texas, the religious right will see an opportunity to attack Disney, since they host the streaming version of Hamilton, and they’ll push the legislature to create some kind of state-level exemption for churches from Intellectual Property laws.

            • No doubt. But as you pointed out, that flies in the face of Big Business. And, interestingly enough, because of community theater and similar ventures, there’s a LOT of precedent that would have to be overturned. Which, of course, means Thomas, Kavanaugh, and Barrett are cackling with glee right now.

              But setting themselves in opposition to Big Business is not a winning strategy for Republicans. Yes, it’s all well and good to overturn the rights of female employees, but you start hitting at profits? Corporations will hit back.

              Republicans are trapped in a weird perfect storm right now. They have to defend espionage. They have to defend forced birth. They have to defend destroying the planet. They have to defend taking away all kinds of rights. They have to defend high-powered weaponry in teenage hands. Can they pull it off? I won’t bet against them. But this is the most … confused I’ve seen them in 30 years. Usually they have a laser focus. But now they’re just flailing.

              • They have January 6 looking worse and worse and they have what now looks quaint coming up — Trump Co.’s NY financial trial.

                To a large extent it’s a press problem too — they were happy with the slow slide into disaster as long as it wasn’t too close. They liked being friends with Frank Luntz, Jonah Goldberg and Erick Erickson on the political side, the national security side liked being flattered by Kissinger, Bolton and Kyl, and the legal reporters liked being part of the club where liberal careerists shared back rubs with the Federalist Society.

                Mediocrity and low standards was cheaper for the bosses and it made life easier for them. Letting right wing PR set the agenda also fit a lot of their prior beliefs about inherent liberal weakness and right wing strength. Religious belief in balance meant the hard work of serious reporting was not only unnecessary, it was dangerous to their world.

                They don’t want any of this. But it’s getting harder to stop, and they’re straining harder and harder to deny the obvious fact that if the right wing radicals win, they’re not going to be safe.


  2. boebert and fam sound like fun to live with….we have people like that here….we dont arm them or let them play politics tho…as that would be insane


    • Pray elucidate. Were explosives involved? Wildlife? Pirates? Russian submarines? Kaiju? Oh, please say kaiju.

      I too have sunk a boat by launching it without the drain plug in place. But it was unoccupied at the time and the matter was remedied by pulling it back onto the trailer and letting it drain. No kaiju were involved, sadly.

      • Well, it was my families maiden voyage in our little 14 foot aluminum boat, we made it to our destination, just not back. Waves kicked up and started coming over the front and by the time I even noticed, it was over our ankles. We were only about 4 foot deep and had friends near by in a proper boat.

  3. Trump’s defense is probably going to rest on two things.

    First, he had the broadest authority possible to declassify anything in any way.

    Second, Biden had the narrowest authority possible to reclassify anything at all.

    And given the right wing radicals on the courts, he might even win. But I think one problem is that the stuff he did looks worse and worse the more comes out, and he has no easy way to stop it.

    And the longer this drags out, the worse it is for the GOP. Even if it turns out that GOP politicians fall into line, it’s just not a good get-out-the-vote issue for them, and it will suck out the oxygen from issue they do want to demogogue on.

    I think their big hope at this point is some kind of counterprogramming, the way the ginned up Wikileaks releases dropped immediately after his Dateline tape came out. The longer this drags on, though, the worse it gets for them.

    • Things got even more awkward last night, according to the NYT:

      Feds obtained surveillance footage showing boxes being moved after discussions with DOJ: report

      1. A Trump lawyer stated that all classified material had been returned.

      2. Immediately after a DOJ inquiry, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago cameras showed underlings moving the boxes around and carrying things in and out.

      It’s going to be really tough for Republicans to spin “tampering with evidence,” “outright lying,” and “espionage.”

      But they will try. Just look at this idiot claiming the Espionage Act violates the First Amendment.

      Rand Paul calls for repeal of Espionage Act after Trump FBI search

      • Constitutional scholar/self-certified ophthalmologist Rand Paul will not be pleased to learn that the option of imposing the death penalty is only enumerated once in the Constitution, and that is on people who have been convicted of treason. If the framers were God-bothering theocrats, as the fundies seem to think but was sadly not the case, they were Deists if anything, the Constitution would look more like Leviticus and be loaded with an-eye-for-an-eye commandments/articles.

      • It seems the neighbor who beat the hell out of him might have made a valid point about him. Randal does seem to be the kind of person any sane person wants/needs to punch in the face.

  4. The Bobo clan seem… Like the kind of folks who shouldn’t have guns.

    Unhinged, stupid, drunk and armed is no way to go through life.

    The TV Show Cops and Jerry Springer Style Talk Shows were invented for people like the Bobos. 

  5. This flew under the radar but is a huge deal on the west coast where this is completely out of hand!

    This case could change things?

    Something to think about?

    and as a reward to our great guest host!  This week in Florida!


  6. jesus fuck i had to put an umbrella out to stop my poor little tomatoes from roasting….

    i did not know it was possible for this country to get sunny and hot enough to wilt tomato plants….

    shit aint right yo


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