#NEVERPETE: Buttigieg Has Some Issues

Pete Buttigieg is 37 years old, so you would think a thing like a habitable planet on which to live would be a priority, but apparently the millennial mindset has passed him by.

From Medicare For All to the environment, Mayor Pete isn’t quite to the beat with the rhythm of young voters. Now, get it: it sucks when your wishes are being blatantly disrespected and your voices aren’t being heard. But another protest non-vote to ‘show the Democratic leaders your dissatisfaction with their candidates’ in this political climate is really not a good idea. Now is not the time; it’s too risky. (I don’t like it either.)

I no longer consider myself young, but I am progressive – I want universal healthcare; affordable/free college; people who value the environment and children (so, education and the FUTURE); and think privacy and technology actually do go together.

I have been discouraged, disheartened, and disgusted but I have not sat out the vote in protest. What with rampant gerrymandering; court-stacking; the Supreme Court; and talk of ‘Presidents for life’, keeping silent would be an insult to those who fought for voting rights; and those whose rights are still under attack.



  1. It has been a tough choice. None of the candidates have gotten Me and The Misses excited like Obama. I like Warren but I still think this country will not for a female candidate. Booker and Castro are appealing but they can’t qualify for the debates. Biden still makes me cringe. I hear Finland is nice.

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