New Week! [DOT 2/17/23]

I was sitting in bed eating a sleeve of Thin Mints last night. Is that in indication of things going well or poorly? Beats me!

Good luck!

Biden’s student loan forgiveness program comes before Supreme Court

Ah yes, famous for caring about the environment

‘You’re not forgotten‘: how the right racialized the Ohio train disaster

First time anything funny has happened to that guy

Dilbert cartoon dropped by US newspapers over creator’s racist comments


Union Pacific CEO to step down as hedge fund presses for change

Today in Cute:

Have a great day!



    • I’d even argue that Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t doing the best job of ridiculing Trump among late-night hosts. This sounds like Trump channel-surfing and coming across a monologue, or, more likely, one of his bootlickers showing him clips to get him riled about something.

      • As a reminder, Bari Weiss and Matt Taibbi’s “Twitter Files” tried to claim government censorship of conservatives on Twitter, but the House GOP’s recent hearing revealed that the only time this actually was tried was when Trump got mad at celebs.

      • Oh, and re: Liberty Healthshare.

        Remember, folks, any time anyone invokes Christianity as part of a sales pitch, you are being scammed. This is true 100% of the time. The second they mention Jesus or Christianity, check to make sure you still have your wallet and start running.


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