No Clue! [DOT 14/10/22]

I am deep in the heart of Texas (and I can’t wait to get home).

I had to fly down here for a client event, where a prospect told me Biden is a “goober” and was told “you’re probably a democrat” and also that “cities in blue states are expensive because of zoning regulations”. (Not because they are popular and people want to live there…

So I’m a little exhausted and not just because I slept through my alarm this morning and made it to the airport in record time. Yes, I was that a-hole, walking down the aisle of a fully loaded plane to my middle seat in the back before they closed the cabin doors.

No thanks to Uber, who sent the slowest driver in the city. Lots of thanks to Clear, that got me thru security in a hot minute. No thanks to the pilot ahead of me in line who was determined to carry his Yeti mug thru the x-ray machine.

Anyhoo, I don’t really know what is going on because I had to run around doing work stuff all day instead of getting some articles together for y’all. This may be short, yet sweet.

Sweet, I say:

House Jan. 6 committee votes to subpoena Trump in finale surprise

“Every American is entitled to those answers”

CNN Exclusive: New footage shows congressional leadership at Fort McNair on January 6, scrambling to save the US Capitol

Good job, gun nuts.

At least 5 dead in shooting in Raleigh neighborhood, North Carolina officials say


Have a great day; I’ll be back on a plane and hopefully on time!



  1. The subpoena probably  won’t matter. Trump will just use his tried and true delaying tactics and if the Republicans take the House back then the committee will get shut down immediately.
    If however by some miracle the Democrats manage to hang on then we could be in for some must see TV.

  2. I’ve always wanted to go to Texas. We have an open invitation to stay in a McMansion on the outskirts of Austin, which is where two of our closest friends from our building relocated to during the plague/crime wave. But I’ll do you one better.

    About 25 years ago Better Half was headhunted by Walmart, which is based in Bentonville, Arkansas. It’s up in the NW corner of the state, really close to OK, KS, and MO, not down near the Texas corner. He saw immense opportunity to start again, with a much bigger salary and a McMansion of our own. I saw flashbacks to Deliverance and Bill Clinton’s Third Way and, one of my biggest failings, my migraine-inducing antipathy toward Southern accents.

    It was very Green Acres. “Just imagine, Mattie, I’ll be working for one of the most successful companies on Earth [remember, pre-Amazon] and we can get a big house in a gated community with maybe a golf course and the mortgage won’t be any more than we pay for this [very favorably priced, I will say] slum apartment we’re living in.” “And what will I do, spend my days making possum soup like in The Beverly Hillbillies?”

    I had an ace up my sleeve, though. While things were getting close it was August, which is the month of our anniversary. I used to walk our dog at the time past this super trendy restaurant and got friendly with some of the staff, who would linger outside on smoke breaks. Behind his back I snagged a reservation for 10 and invited eight of his (not mine) closest friends for an anniversary party. While the wine was flowing and amid the general hilarity I said, “And if we move to Bentonville, Arkansas, you’ll all have to come visit.”

    Silence. But soon enough that comment provoked enough cross-talk to persuade him otherwise. One of the guests, quite memorably, said, “I grew up in New Jersey and I never go back, I make my family come to me. You think any of us are going to fly to fucking Arkansas?”

    In my next installment, I’ll tell you about the times I thwarted a possible move to Orlando, FL, and one of the Netherlands’s dreariest provincial cities.

    • If the Texas legislature and the Supreme Court have their way, are they prepared to sell and move back when the Lawrence v. Texas ruling is thrown out? That’s going to criminalize anyone who isn’t a Victorian behind closed doors, gay and straight.

      • It may not be that grim. Right after Bill “Third Way” Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act (and if I were Hillary Clinton I would totally be into my husband assaulting and raping others) Life’s Helpmeet was hospitalized for a possibly-major-but-turned-out minor infection. I was for all intents and purposes a well-meaning roommate who brought him into St. Vincent’s, a nominally Catholic hospital in Greenwich Village that was at the forefront of prolonging the lives of and caring for the very sick AIDS patients in the 1980s and 90s.

        Much to my surprise when the visiting hours gong sounded to announce we all had to leave a nurse rolled in a chair that reclined and said, “You are Mr. X’s partner, aren’t you? You’ll want to stay overnight?”

        The patient rallied and said, “Go home, the dog needs to be walked.”

        • It might not, but people need to be very careful how many exceptions to the rules slip through.

          I’m reading a history of modern Ireland, and on the one hand some women were able to get the Pill prescribed officially to regulate their cycles, despite strict anticontraception laws instituted to appease the Catholic hierarchy.

          But on the other hand, at least 9,000 kids died in Catholic homes for unwed mothers until the last one was closed in 1998. Kids in Catholic orphanages were often buried in unmarked mass graves.

          In some parts of Texas, DAs are saying they will avoid abortion prosecutions, but in other areas sheriffs and DAs are promising crackdowns. I think how that goes will be strongly correlated to how sodomy laws are enforced.

          • All it will take is one white, upscale married wife who enjoys giving blowjobs to her husband (surely they must exist; at a family wedding one of my very drunk female cousins revealed to me–well) and that rule will–who knows. The term “sodomy” covers a multiple of acts and anyone who’s not a believer in one of the crazier cults/religions has at least tried it, out of boredom if nothing else.

              • A Catholic priest (I’m not Catholic) once drunkenly assured me at a fundraiser that anal sex was OK because it did not–I forget how he put it, but it didn’t lead to abortions or unwanted children.

                “Is that in the Bible?”

                “No, certainly not, and the Old Testament is for the Jews, much as we must recite it. Saint Paul didn’t like it, but imagine an all-male seminary with high-school- and college-age men. Men and women are weak and are led into error. It is why God and The Mother Church created the rite of Confession.”

                Now, I have read the Bible, an ancient and 20- or 30-pound Victorian-era King James version (produced in Canada and quite rare, apparently) that I borrowed from my mother, it was her grandmother’s, and there’s no real instructions about how a weekly profession of Faith might be conducted.

  3. Sorry to hear about the start of your day.

    In my most frustrated/paranoid/weirdo moments during days like those, I do get the feeling like the universe is in a conspiracy to fuck with me.

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