No Immunity for Trump’s Accounting Firm

Looks like tRump’s accounting firm has to turn over his taxes. The appeals court found that since the accounting firm was subpoenaed, not tRump himself – that privilege does not apply.


  1. Don’t get too happy yet. This is going to the right wing SCOTUS who will very likely rule in his favor because the majority doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Constitution.

  2. It amazes me how people think he’s the brain genius he claims he is and his tough don’t take shit from anyone attitude is a real thing with how often he cowers at actual conflict. Like how can anyone defend this sack of shit.

  3. He won’t turn them over. Not even if it meant turning them over would allow him ten minutes of watching Ivanka french Hope Hicks.

  4. In an unrelated topic Mcdonald’s fired their CEO for a relationship with a fellow employee. Even though he is getting fired he is still getting 26 weeks of severance plus bonuses (must be nice being that high up). This is the kind of bullshit why the working class is fed up because if we lost a job for something like this I highly doubt that we would be given a severance for breaking company policy. Sorry for hijacking the thread I didn’t know where to send or post this

    • Willie Taggart is getting $17 million from a public university (OK, it’s Florida State – so technically it IS a university) for just being an inept football coach and recruiter. Top that!

      • Baylors ex coach in a high school getting bank just to bring in wins.. albeit shadily although deadspin covered that thoroughly.

        • Craig James killed 5 hookers.

          • Some retail employee wouldn’t honor Karen’s expired coupon.

    • Hey! I posted the McD’s CEO story for you.

      • +1 <3

  5. So this is obviously a great decision, but of course now it goes to the SC …

    The good part is that the appeal will have to filed within 10 days — we’ll see how the SC treats it from then. So at least things shouldn’t be interminably dragged-out. We’ll also get a handle on how this SC is going to regard Executive powers, which while more than a bit scary, would at least be a good thing to know …

    The other good bit: if ever there was a case for the SC to rule favorably (for Democracy, at least), this is it: The suit isn’t against the President, it’s against his accounting firm; and the suit doesn’t interfere with the President’s duties an any way — it compels him to do literally nothing at all. So an argument that this is an inoperable interference with the performance of his duties is far, far less compelling …

    Still, more than a little scary that this might reveal the SC to be be as much a craven tool for Trump personally as the Justice Department (or, at least, those in charge of it) currently seems to be …

    • “Inoperable” = “Intolerable” … is there an edit button for these things, btw?

    • I always got the sense (and it may be wishful thinking) that John Roberts wanted to run his own branch of government. He doesn’t owe Trump jack shit and seems to have a better grasp on civics and American government than either Trump or Mitch McConnell. I could be wrong, but maybe he realizes that his branch of government is equally in power to the executive and the legislative, and he can behave accordingly.

      • From your lips to the FSM’s ears – and I’d be mightily heartened if that was the case! But I’m not holding my breath …

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