No shits given [NOT 1/6/22]

image of Dr. House shrugging with the text "shrug life"

Hi, friends!

Happy Wednesday, glad our week is half over.

Tonight’s NOT brought to you by my sitting in a muumuu and my house shoes and me of a few years back would be like ewww so old or wow lady have some style etc.

Current me gives no shits. The muumuu got changed into as soon as work was done for the day. Even answered the door in it. No shame. I got this muumuu in Hawaii and it’s ridiculously comfy and the floral print makes me happy.

Is there some aspect in your life where you no longer have any shits to give?



  1. My hairline or lack of it.

    I had a barber who liked to mention my bald spot in my late 20s. He was surprised I didn’t care (he was hoping to sell ‘rejuvenation’ products.)

    Both grandfathers were bald so it is written in the DNA.

  2. Seems Putin has friends in Canadian Con circles too.


    EXCLUSIVE: Leaked emails between Russian officials and Ontario PC insiders reveal efforts to flow Russian money into Ontario amid US sanctions.

    Frank Klees, a top adviser to Doug Ford, admits relaying a backchannel message to the Premier’s Office #onpoli

    — PressProgress (@pressprogress) June 1, 2022

    Won’t change tomorrow’s election, but makes things a touch less comfortable for them.

  3. My entire wardrobe consists of Aloha shirts for formal events & brewery t-shirts for most everything else.  Shorts for summer & jeans for winter.  I own 1 suit I have worn 3 times & can’t tie a tie.  My whole fashion statement is I give no fucks!

  4. I don’t give a fuck about most aspects of my day to day existence. There isn’t shit I can do about most of that stuff anyway so I’m just saving myself a bunch of energy that I can instead waste on other stupid shit that I still have a few fucks with which to give.

  5. Masking-in regards to my neuro-atypicalness… I don’t have the time, or the spoons, or the energy or the fucks to give anymore, so folks can just DEAL with my being a goddamned weirdo, and I’m not gonna hide it to make any of *them* more comfortable…


    I disclose that shit pretty early on, explain that I have “high functioning” ADHD/ASD-ishness, with the attendant Executive Function Disorder issues that they come with–so I’m EASILY distracted, but will typically circle back around to *whatever it was* I was doing, and that once I can actually *get going* or have to work under pressure, the hyperfocus side tends to kick in, time will slow down *however* that always seems to happen, and shit.will.get.done.

    No fucks are given anymore though, because imo, too many people NEED to have their understanding of ADHD & ASD upended… too many folks STILL believe the old 1980’s/90’s tropes of ADHD being “little boys shouting & standing on tables” and ASD being “kids who would’ve been sent to an institution in another era!”

    Folks don’t expect *either* of those conditions to be a WOMAN, in her mid 40’s, who has tons of words, and successfully works with preschoolers😉

    My other “fuckit” right now?

    I am at THAT stage of dealing with Dad’s apartment–throwing the last few tidbits of ephemera into boxes, trashing ANYTHING I don’t wanna keep, and loading it ALL up to take to storage…

    There isn’t *that* much here, buuuut it’s just futzy bits.

    Eta, I WILL give plenty of fucks about that damn autocorrect, though!😖🤪😱🤣

    • ive found masking to be a hard habbit to break…which is why at work im a grumpy quiet guy that keeps to himself…mostly

      sometimes i meow when concentrating…it helps…

      but yeah…definitely learnt to keep myself dampened in order to not draw attention

      • It’s honestly one of the things I ADORE about working with my kiddos–especially the ones who aren’t *quiiiiite* verbal yet–i get to bounce *allthesounds* back & forth with them, as they learn how to USE their voices😉😁🤗

        One of the little ones I get to work with this year is JUST beginning to make sounds, and is VERY opinionated… but we’ve started to bond over STOMP-style “dancing”–it all started one day when they were mad and “stompy”–they did an almost tap-like shuffle, so I reciprocated… the tiny stomped back… and now, whenever I’m in their room, we play the “stomp-dance” game with each other, at playtime or during transitions from one place to another😉😆🤣💗

        The tiny is also a bit “growly,” so I make growly-noises back in their direction as we play–which typically gets a HUGE grin out of my pocket-sized-bitty pre-K friend!😁

        • Eta, for clarification purposes–the tiny kiddo i play the stomp-dancing with is *not* “pocket-sized” glue to any conditions (i.e. dwarfism)!

          It’s just that sometimes we get *young* 3-year olds into the program (we have quite a few right now, because ut’s “that time of year, when we get a large influx of kids😁💖), and in comparison to the rest of the kids-who’ve been there all year and are now 4 & 5, the three year olds are little height-wise, and to quote a co-worker of mine,

          “SO cute, and little, and adoooorrrrable, that you just kinda wish you could pick ’em up, put them in your pocket, and take them home with you!”😉😂🤣

  6. I stopped shaving my legs. For many reasons ranging from fuck the patriarchy to I don’t have time for this shit. I also like that it normalizes female body hair for my kids. Sadly, I don’t have the courage of my convictions to forgo shaving my armpits and maintaining a “clean” bikini-line in the summer. Maybe one day.

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