…not so fast [DOT 25/5/20]

fools rush in...

…some days I think I might know how Arthur Dent felt

“I like the cover,” he said. “Don’t Panic. It’s the first helpful or intelligible thing anybody’s said to me all day.”

Arthur Dent talking about The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

…because some days…it’s tempting enough

Covid Dreams, Trump Nightmares


No One Knows What’s Going to Happen

…perhaps too tempting for some

On a somber Memorial Day weekend, the president did not mention the mounting coronavirus toll and instead retweeted personal attacks on his political rivals.




“It is said that despite its many glaring (and occasionally fatal) inaccuracies, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy itself has outsold the Encyclopedia Galactica because it is slightly cheaper, and because it has the words ‘DON’T PANIC’ in large, friendly letters on the cover.”

Douglas Adams, talking about The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy in…the less intergalactic version

…now this is hard for me…I love me some Douglas Adams & I think a good bit of wisdom lurks beneath his meandering prose…like the man himself says in that quote up top, it’s tough to get the really committed fools to see sense


…but here’s the thing about that “Don’t Panic” deal…it doesn’t mean ignore things until they go away

Coronavirus deaths in the United States approached a staggering 100,000, a number the president once predicted would never be reached.

…& it sure as shit doesn’t mean say it ain’t so & hope for the best

“We did all the right moves,” the president said Wednesday. “The federal government rose to the challenge, and this is a great success story,” said his son-in-law.

…so I’d like to say I’m sure things will be better when reality settles in


Florida Law Restricting Felon Voting Is Unconstitutional, Judge Rules

…but…that isn’t necessarily the bet the smart money’s on?

Public health officials recommend absentee ballots to keep people safe. But President Trump and his party, without evidence, portray expanded voting measures as ripe for fraud.


A group of worst-case scenario planners — mostly Democrats, but also some anti-Trump Republicans — have been gaming out how to respond to various doomsday options for the 2020 presidential election.

…& sure…a lot of that sounds ridiculous


…like too ridiculous to be true…but it’s hard to muster any real conviction that we haven’t bled that notion dry

In 1,170 days, President Trump has made
18,000 false or misleading claims


…so, if I’m honest…I’m at least as scared of viral stupidity as I am of the actual virus


…& I’m not at all sure it isn’t ultimately still killing more people, at that

As the number of deaths in the ranks of veterans continues to rise, we need to revisit our enduring commitment to their care.




Why Does the U.S. Military Celebrate White Supremacy?




In 2019, just 17 percent of Americans said they trusted the federal government to do the right thing. The pandemic appears to be eroding their faith even more.


Pay Cuts Become a Tool for Some Companies to Avoid Layoffs
Crumbs for the Hungry but Windfalls for the Rich


…so if you can find a silver lining I’d go on ahead & bask in that sucker

Joe being stuck at home during an election year may turn out to be a good thing.

…because when you get down to it, this one don’t count


…so every little helps



…who knows…maybe tonight I’ll get some sleep?



  1. from the end of rip’s link collection:

    “They don’t need Brad. But the theory of the case is Brad is the conduit,” continued Wilson. “He’s the one who’s paying Lara Lea Trump every month. He’s the one who’s paying Kimberly Guilfoye every month. God knows who else in the Trump family is on the teat on that from Brad’s good offices, but I assure you, the number isn’t zero.”


    can someone explain me the theory?

    • …I think it goes a little like this…but allowing for the fact that many of those involved are mind-bendingly fucking dumb & all-in on the willful delusion…who the hell really knows

      …so the first thing he’s saying is that the apprentice president is sufficiently stupid that he hasn’t noticed the enormous profit Brad has racked up providing essentially nothing Facebook wouldn’t (or indeed didn’t) provide absent the middle man

      …but it’s fairly plausible that in terms of a price the tangerine shit-goblin is happy to pay to stay out of jail by hook or by crook that’s a deal he’s happy to take since his numbers not tanking into some sort of negative territory may indeed be a miracle wrought by the combined power of facebook, twitter & captive media mouthpieces like OANN (aka Fox News with less news & more Fox)
      …so the guy doubles down & straightforwardly suggests that the Ferrari lifestyle is a standard Dolt45™ commission for being part of the book-cooking strand of the grifting apparatus

      …those people don’t need to get paid out from Brad unless there’s a reason the money they’re drawing down would be improper if properly accounted is basically the implication he seems to be unsubtly hinting at

      …all of which, historically speaking…is quite literally standard practice for the consistently craven clown car cadre that are laughably referred to as that family’s “business interests”

      • thanks for the explanation. the first part I had it down. the second part was what confused me. so, dolt45 is ok with brad because brad is paying off other members of the orange criminal enterprise

        • …it’s one of those things that’s to some extent all about dangling the implication rather than being explcitly clear so although the hint that it’s shady is pretty clear the exact financial improrpriety being suggested isn’t (beyond the fact that Brad is primarily useful as a name from which to have certain other names receive payments that would otherwise be instantly questionable) which is itself very much a feature not a bug if you’re looking to build an obfuscatory set of financial payment structures

          …or to put it another way…this is why that family isn’t allowed to use the word “charity” in their paperwork these days…so as long as they can find&replace that for “campaign” it’s pretty much the same shit in a MAGA hat?

          …the NYT isn’t perfect but they’ve done a lot of pretty clear reporting about how long the family has been putting its hand in the taxpayers’ pocket & a lot of the how hasn’t changed an awful lot…there’s no end of others but I know I lob this one about from time to time?


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