Not Sure… [DOT 26/11/22]

Hi gang. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I’m not sure what day it is really; they start to run together!

Sounds about white

Trump reportedly dines with white nationalist at Mar-a-Lago


Much of Ukraine still without power, heat and water after missile attacks


Undaunted USMNT earns draw against England but faces an unsettled World Cup future

National Parks strike again!

Hiking trip turns fatal in Utah national park as woman dies and her husband is rescued with symptoms of hypothermia, officials say

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  1. This is what amazes me about some people. A hike is not a walk in the park and should be treated seriously.  Especially a 16 mile hike 0ver what I presume was rough terrain.

    1 Water (too much is better than too little)

    2 Extra Clothing layers (especially in a mountainous area because the weather changes quickly)

    3 Hiking Boots

    4 Snacks

    5 Constantly checking the weather

    6 A small survival kit

    Now that I think about it… I’d be investigating because it seems fishy. Who would be that stupid to be so ill prepared for a quite a long hike?  And why?

    • …my folks were pretty big on hiking when I was a kid & very clear about some rules

      …arguably first up was that you have to travel at the pace of the slowest member of your group…which can be frustrating when you’re a seemingly-inexhaustible kid but I grow more appreciative of as I get older & slower

      …but only slightly after that…& mainly because it wasn’t until we were bigger & it needed more stuff than my folks could carry that it included us kids…was that you take everything you need to – if necessary – stay out there overnight

      …it’d be a pretty miserable night…they weren’t hauling a full campsite’s worth of gear up & down munroes…but they took it seriously & I’ve known “ultralight” campers who carry less…along with a “proper” map (the kind with contours & a key with symbols for landmarks somewhere around the 1in:1/8mile sort of scale) & a “proper” compass (i.e. one you could take a bearing with)…so I get where you’re coming from

      …but I’ve also met people miles into a walk wearing shorts & flip flops carrying absolutely nothing but a smartphone…no waterproofs, no water, not even a decent pair of shoes…so…I dunno…was it mencken who said nobody ever went broke underestimating the public’s intelligence?

    • Yeah I genuinely would research this for foul play. Like, it was a 16 mile hike. We’re not talking a situation of a 3 or 4 mile hike and someone got lost or they were unprepared for a random storm or something. There is basic preparation that was lacking here for a long hike.

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