Nothing Doin’ [DOT 20/2/22]

Or is it Nothin’ Doing?
Either way, I’m doing nothing today.
Yesterday was super productive and I have Monday off so I plan to relax today.
What’s on your agenda?

Highly sus.

Jean-Luc Brunel, held on suspicion of supplying girls to Epstein, found hanged

Why is he still allowed on Twitter?

Police arrest 47 of the remaining Covid-19 protesters in Ottawa


Charley Taylor, Hall of Fame receiver for Washington, dies at 80


Founder of collapsed $1.7 billion mutual fund charged with fraud

Does he really count as an “actor”?

Hollywood actor sentenced to 20 years for multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme

Jorts is my favorite!

Have a great day!



  1. Ah, Donald Trump, Jr. All the wit of a six-year-old (this is unfair to them; some of them are quite funny, albeit unknowingly) and the creativity of a senescent pet missing one or two faculties who sleeps 23.9 hours a day (again, unfair to the pet, most if not all of whom are good boys and girls.) If I were he, I would get off twitter and spend my time with my sister and my father, if either of them would ever take my call, because they have to get their stories straight for their numerous impending depositions.

    I think the Trumps might finally get their come-uppance. I don’t know how successful the New York AG will be (the David who slew the Cuomo goliath; sadly he’s out but not down). In Manhattan, though, we have a new DA. He is being besieged on all sides for being soft on crime, and at the same time sending too many off to Riker’s. His predecessor Cy Vance, Jr., son of Cy Vance, Jimmy Carter’s Secretary of State, was always willing to cut the Trump family (and others, like Harvey Weinstein) enough slack to encircle the island of Manhattan many times over. The new guy needs a win, and what better target than a family pretty much all of Manhattan is united in their contempt for.

    That, at least, is my hot taek.

    • I think the question is less whether NY State draws blood and more how much.

      They’ve got the needle in the vein and the tube hooked up to the bag. But who knows how corroded that vein is? I think the question is more around whether the bogus valuations are limited to relatively small scale things like a condo here and a driving range there, or if they go to the big assets like entire buildings.

      Mazars walking away is possibly a sign it’s the big assets, or it may be a sign they’re complicit in smaller crimes, or both. But he also needs someone to take their place, and his finances are such a mess what accounting firm will want that risk?

      • …pretty sure we already know there were sizable assets involved?

        …he overvalued his apartment & such (& thereby seemed to imply it was orders of magnitude larger than it is) but also there’s the part with the estate the kids lived at that was legally not to be a residence as part of a deal to do with basically saying it was a nature reserve so they got some made-up-figure’s worth of grant based on the value of the development they promised not to do…& then shunted that whole thing into the cash balance part of the books despite it being the furthest thing from a liquid asset…& so on & so forth with a few other examples

        …mazars trying to put daylight between them seems to basically be the accountants saying “we did all our sums right & didn’t make any mistakes but the figures we started with are their responsibility & nothing to do with us”…pretty much explicitly because at some point someone seems to have clocked that the accountants’ work was being cited as part of applying for financing which would make them party to the fraud if they admitted knowing for sure the numbers were bullshit…but probably allows them to skate liability when people who wouldn’t have loaned the asshole money based on accurate books come looking to be made whole on the basis that “they had no reason to doubt” what they were given to work with

        …which seems plenty thin when, for example, inflating things by a “brand value” multiplier while saying those figures don’t include that adjustment doesn’t seem like the sort of error an accountant worth their salt would miss

        ….so financially speaking they very much look to have been holed below the waterline…hence the stuff that seems like desperate flailing to us but effective messaging to the base about how unfairly persecuted they’re being?

  2. Something I will never understand is the fairly widespread vaccine hesitancy among health care workers. Some are up in arms because until recently there was a state mandate to either get the booster of lose your healthcare job. Many held out until the bitter end but then did. Enough didn’t, however, and at the very last minute Gov. Hochul reversed herself, fearful of staffing shortages, so now no booster needed after all. The ones who got the booster, rather than being thankful for their increased immunization, feel deceived and wish that they, too, had called the Governor’s bluff.

    Note the first woman interviewed. Works in a nursing home and at a dialysis clinic. But not to worry, what could possibly happen to those populations if she, for whatever reason, does not take as many steps as possible to immunize herself?

    • In my experience health care workers have a shitload of hypocrisy when it comes to basic health measures like vaccines. I once had to have two residents fired because they refused to get the required flu shot. That’s in addition to all of the general health related compliance bullshit that I had to twist arms over (don’t even get me started on TB tests) in my previous job.

      • Is there any sane reasoning behind this? Many of them must administer shots, so they can’t really fear needles, can they? Don’t they believe in some founding principles of medicine, one of which is you can, with varying degrees of success, inoculate against viruses, something that’s been known for over 200 years?  Which religion can they follow which forbids vaccines, when the Pope himself, several influential and decisive figures in various Jewish communities, and even the Christian Scientists have practically elevated Covid vaccines to the level of a commandment?

        • Ultimately it boils down to their general Republicanism. Way too many of them like to talk about their “freedom” and “rights”. They are also some of the most entitled shitheads I’ve ever dealt with—and I used to work in the music business.

        • In addition to what Butcher said, remember, too, that MOST of the folks who are mid-career, graduated when Wakefield’s “vaccines may cause Autism!!!!” study was still considered legit, and it was years before the study was repealed, Wakefield was stripped of his doctorate, and the ASD/Vaccine link was thoroughly and 100% refuted & debunked

          Buuuuut all that refuting, repealing, and debunking happened much more quietly, and the only folks in Medicine who know it are the ones who stay updated on current research…

          And really, outside of specialists, how many folks 1. Stay updated on the most current research, and 2. pay ANY attention to research *OUTSIDE* their own field/ specialty?

          Folks stick with the info they “learned” was “the truth” in college….that’s why we have SO damn many in Medicine who believe; there’s a legit link between Autism & Vaccines…

          it’s also why Black Women are continually not allowed enough pain remediation (because of the myths that “black folks- particularly women-have higher pain tolerances! They’re just drug-seeking, if they claim to be in pain!”)…

          and it’s also the reason the US has the literal worst mortality rate in the western-medical world, when it comes to numbers of pregnant black people dying as a result of their pregnancy or medical care after delivery…

          People sometimes get taught bullshit in college, because “it’s in the textbook!” and then they go their whole careers acting on that bullshit “knowledge,”  because once they’ve “learned” something, sunk-cost fallacy, ego, hubris, & laziness make it hard to teach them that what they “learned” was incorrect.


    • “Power portal” hahahahahahahaha! How have I never heard of that term before? Did she come up with it all on her own? If so, I give her points for positivity, alliteration and the almost sci-fi nature of the term. I love it!

  3. DJTJ got assbackwards.

    Tucker (and the Con negs who attempt to torment her) wants to date AOC, but that’s never gonna happen.

    Seriously Dondon lay off the fucking coke and get the fuck off Twitter for once.

    If I may speculate (go on) based on my experience with cokehead narcissist then DonDon’s coke dealer is making bank (cash only, no IOUs) as he’s probably snorting up a storm since last week.

    Whenever she felt “vulnerable” or  “upset” (usually a stupid fight on IG/FB- I really fucking hate those social media platforms or related to her ‘work’) she would scream at me to drive her ass to her dealer (or would verbally abuse her dealer to bring it to my house).  After a few rails she’d be trying to write write nasty stupid shit on IG/FB in retaliation (or getting me to.)

    The problem with coke is that it amplifies everything about you and makes you feel invincible as well as delusional AF especially those who do it regularly. Not exactly the state of mind you need when giving a deposition.

    Seems like DonDon is the same who seemingly goes balls out on Twitter.

    • Excellent planning. We have decided to go to Gatorland today. Gatorland is a minor theme park that’s been around for 70 years or so. I recall going once as a child and I don’t think I’ve ever been back. So while we were sitting around wondering what to do with ourselves today, my wife threw out this idea. Why not? And thus we are off.

        • Probably not. They want $70 to zipline, and there are MUCH cheaper places to do that around here. I’m indifferent to the “thrill” of soaring over gators. Once you’ve been swimming with them watching you from the bank, the “danger” element of being 50 feet above them is somewhat muted. I do, however, plan to feed turtles and tortoises.

      • Have you ever read Karen Russell’s Swamplandia? I made my book club read it. They hated it, giving their usual excuse: “I didn’t like the characters.” I liked it a lot but I think it dragged a little bit in parts.

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