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Cabaret at a deli
Detail from "The Novelty of the Cabaret Meal Has Worn Off; It is Time Other Things Had a Cabaret Accompaniment / L.M. Glackens / 1913 / Source:

Unusual, Funny, Odd Little Things

I was in the grocery store the other day and saw a box of Underberg Bitters for sale. I had no idea what they were, but for about $4, I figured why not. Inside were three tiny bottles wrapped in brown paper, each about the size of my pinky.

Germans created it as an after-dinner digestive aid, and in some kind of parallel to the mysterious rise of Jagermeister, it’s become a bit of an oddball fad — supposedly it has had fans like MF Doom and Amon Amarth, although who knows if that’s just marketing. It has an odd, herbal and anise flavor, just what you would think a German bitter would be like.

So Let’s Talk Novelties

What are some weird little things you like, or that you remember, or that you laughed at?

Mule Barometer Postcard / JB Carroll / 1906 / source:

Fidget spinners were a fad for elementary school kids about ten years ago. They were, of course, banned in some classes because a few kids ruined all the fun.

Someone came up with the idea of clever screensavers back in the days of bulky monitors. Why just have a screen go black to avoid pixel burn in, when you could have animated Star Trek characters materializing and fading away?

Novelty banks have been around forever.

The latest novelty “The Gould Game” / Frederick J. Opper. / 1883 / source:

Clocky is an alarm clock on wheels that rolls off your night stand when the alarm goes of and forces you to chase after it in the morning to turn it off. Steve Martin’s character Navin Johnson in The Jerk invented the Optigrab, which turned out to be a passing fad.

So Deadsplinteryoyos, got any novelty items you want to discuss?



  1. My local beer place has Underberg & I have done it a few times.  Some of the hardcore beer drinkers are really into doing them to settle your stomach during a session.  One of the beertenders almost lost his job because he drank one with the customers when an undercover liquor board guy was in there.

  2. I wanted Sea Monkeys when I was a kid but my parents wouldn’t let me have them. So when my daughter asked for them I said sure. It took a couple of weeks to get big enough to see them. One of her little friends came over and said,”Ooh, snow globe” and turn it upside down dumping all the little brine shrimp on the floor.

  3. I really wanted a Polly Pocket as a kid but my parents said no because they thought the toys were too many small pieces and assumed I’d lose them.

    A cousin had lawn darts, do those count?

    Also, pogs. Except you had to go to the flea market to get the good metal slammers, so I was never that invested as my parents weren’t driving all the way to the flea market just for me to get some toys.

  4. I’ve been guilty of wearing fedoras (I have a collection) at the least of opportune times (is there even an acceptable time to wear one? no matter to me) for the sake of fucking with the community in which I’m immersed and I don’t regret a thing.

    Everyone should either dress like it’s 1930 or dress like @luigi-vuoto.

    I don’t care what anyone says.

    • i dress like a 90s metalhead..combat boots..cowmooflage cargos..metal tee of some variety and a trench coat… you know..when i can be bothered to dress myself properly…has the added benefit that the junks around here leave me alone

      but often as not i just go for comfort coz im not going anywhere important anyways and its sneakers,track pants and an oversized fleece sweater of some variety…sooo…90s methhead

      paired with my ever present back pack the junks either think im peddling or at least can point them to someone who does…

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