Odd Decisions [NOT 19/01/23]

Hi, friends! Happy Thursday!

I watched Jurassic Park on HBOFamily last night. It’s probably my favorite movie and a fucking cinematic masterpiece, but wow it scared the fuck out of me as a kid.

Anyways, talk about whatever!



  1. At the end of my street there’s an intersection with a big street that has east and westbound lanes divided by a big median.

    Yesterday morning I heard a ton of honking, then more honking, so I looked down the street.

    Sure enough, somebody was going full speed eastbound in the westbound lanes. They must have blown through at least a couple of intersections and not realized what was going on.

  2. So she’s likely to get trolled to no end for it, because she’s the famous daughter of famous people…

    But I really liked what Ireland Baldwin said about her pregnancy😉😁💖;


    especially those last two pages–The part where Ireland Baldwin–a damn model talks about feeling like “…a goblin. A bridge troll. A curmudgeon….” and goes on to talk about horking “six times a day” so any “glow” is her makeup routine, and so NOT any sort of “pregnancy glow”!!!🤣🤣🤣💖

    With the ways that so many young stars talk about *their* pregnancies being blissful–or even the ones who claimed it was “hard” but kept up the illusion of “Glam” while pregnant?

    Ireland’s honesty–and the fact that she was so honest in her post, because she finds other people’s honesty comforting, herself?

    YEP, the poor dear is gonna have slews of Trolls trying to flame the ever-loving hell outta her post!!!

    But she’s also gonna give SO many pregnant folks immense comfort, as they realize “Yes, even celebrities struggle like hell, to get through to the other side of their pregnancies–and there is NOTHING WRONG with you, if you’re struggling too!

    Just like the celebs who’ve been open & honest about Misscarriage & Pregnancy Loss?

    Ireland’s post is going to help countless people, to feel so much less alone. 

    The kid turned out alright, and–especially after what happened with that stupid voice-mail that leaked when she was a child, she could have decided to just “lay low” about the “suck,” and pretend she was having an easy/reasonable go… but this level of honesty?

    It takes character & courage, knowing how many jackwagons loove to “punch up.”

    That she’s willing to take that crap & thd drubbing that’s gonna come–just so someone *else* feels less alone?

    That shows a helluva lot of character & class!😉💖

  3. In other news, three times this week I’ve been cut off by cars with Utah plates.

    I don’t remember the car details, but since I’ve never seen a Utah plate before I feel like it must be the same fucking driver.

  4. I’m sure I shared this before but I still lived in Hawaii when they were filming Jurassic Park. We had the worst hurricane I have been through & they got some of the footage used in that movie during the hurricane.

  5. earlier this week i got sent halfway across the country to test some equipment the powers that be wanted to improve the shop with

    a job i wasnt expecting as im the worlds worst communicator

    turns out it was actually useful having me along…coz product knowledge….and wierder still…the equipment they want fucking works and would be really helpful to have

    im not sure whats going on here…. but i feel like i should buy a lottery ticket or something

    fuck me…. the office wonks actually found an improvement….and sent a second opinion along to confirm before implementing it….

    maybe ive been bitching about them not doing that shit loud enough for them to take note?

  6. Work has been hectic.  I finally passed some training so I’m fully qualified to run new equipment.  Huzzah.

    Found out someone I helped a little land a promotion which is pretty good.  2nd time in the last 8 months (so even if I can’t get the fuck out at least I can help others…)

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