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…so, I don’t know if it’s just me…but it’s all a bit much, frankly

America’s Wannabe Autocrat Is in the Home Stretch. How Worried Should We Be?

…so…there’s probably a couple of things to consider…one of which is that this might have to start a little light on the links if it’s going up on time

Trump’s tough talk doesn’t seek to address the rage that inequity has bred, but rather to contain it.

…but I might get a moment to backfill a few later in the day

Inside the campaign, advisers believe disappointing attendance at the rally shows genuine fear of the coronavirus and the reality of President Trump’s sliding poll numbers.

…but if I don’t…maybe this would be a good time to lean heavily on the OT part of the DOT & suggest that folks supplement the list of links down in the comments…it’s not like I’m worried it’ll steal my thunder


…but here & there various things do seem to have conspired to prevent me from getting this lined up in good time

Mark Zuckerberg has forged an uneasy alliance with the Trump administration. He may have gotten too close.

…I mean some things are clear enough

The attorney general, Bill Barr, undermined the rule of law by forcing out Geoffrey Berman, the United States attorney in Manhattan.

…& some evils are hard to determine the full scope of

The attorney general has found himself at odds with the White House on high-profile issues in recent weeks.

…but even in a Barr-ed DOJ it turns out some of the stuff still seems to be resistant to his efforts to put the in in justice

Audrey Strauss has been a behind-the-scenes force in the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan as it pursued cases against people connected to President Trump.

…which isn’t to say that justice seems to be where everyone can find it


White Americans Say They Are Waking Up to Racism. What Will It Add Up To?

…but if we’re being asked to call a spade a spade, why can’t we point out that too often it’s all about that hate

How Was […] Ahmaud Arbery’s Murder Not a Hate Crime?

…& sometimes that shit shouldn’t get as far as it does

The Tennessean newspaper in Nashville is investigating how it came to publish a full-page ad on Sunday by a biblical prophecy group claiming “Islam” would detonate a bomb in the city.

…but it does…so…before I get to the mess of links…here’s a thought…if you’re going to have an uncomfortable conversation with a black man

…try not to be a dick about it

…& here we are…so here you go…& maybe I’ll come back & make a better job of this later in the day



  1. I get why someone would want to blow up NYC, Chicago, maybe Boston (besides Leafs fans, Yankees fans, Falcons fans and Seahawk fans), Washington and Los Angeles. There are logical reasons that some terror group might. Lojik, not logic is only applied in this nonsensical TN article.

    Unless Islam really hates Nashville style BBQ and C&W music, Islam ain’t going near Nashville.

    • …it’s a whole rabbit hole of crazy, that ad…I don’t have them to hand but from what links I managed to follow it seem like it was put together by predictably batshit bunch of it-ain’t-hate-if-we-quote-the-bible assholes but how in the hell it made it all the way from an ad-buy to the actual copy going to print is bewildering to me

      …not to be unfair to Nashville but I don’t care how country you are, to not pull that shit before it hit the page you have to have a series of people asleep at the switch…or some serious problems…or I guess both?

    • As a former resident of Middle Tennessee, I can attest that TN doesn’t get nearly the due it deserves for the amount of crazy that lives there. Florida and Texas get all the headlines, but TN is easily as stupid and crazy as they are–and I say this as someone who used to live in Jackson, MS.

      Nashville is just north of Murfreesboro, which is the town that went to the mattresses to prevent a mosque from being built; as well as Columbia, which had their mosque burned to the ground.


  2. I have an elderly relative living in a rural county with fewer total residents than the very small city where I live. I’ve noticed her social media posts becoming increasingly frequent and stringent over the last three weeks:”impeach the governor” “COVID conspiracy” “masks are bad” “guns are good” “things were better in the 1950s” … All are fear-based, and re-posted from fear-mongering right-wing websites. I think this may be where Brad Parscale is spending his time.

  3. The local news here in Boise is that we are returning to more restrictions due to COVID.

    Boiseans have done a stunning job in the bars/restaurants in downtown of ignoring social distancing and masks. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    Health officials say that Ada County saw 275 new infections last week, a majority of which were in people in the 18-29 age range. Duke warned that even young people who are asymptomatic or do not feel sick can rapidly transmit the virus to their family members and others they spend time with.

    (Emphasis mine.)

    • Same thing is happening here. They’ve traced the most recent spike in cases to bars all around the local university. But we won’t go back into lockdown. The mayor of Orlando, a Democrat, has “mandated” masks in public in Orange County, but there’s no way to enforce it (he admits that). The Republican governor isn’t going to reinstate restrictions.

      Basically, the policy is “Good luck, citizen, sorry if you die, and please try to do it quickly so the hospitals don’t fill up.”

    • …every damn word…we know all that stuff & still I’m.going to wake up in the morning & his fatuousness is still going to wedged behind that damn desk

      …nice to hear it out loud instead of echoing in my head like a chorus, though…so thanks for that

      • I don’t think Schmidt gets nearly the credit that he deserves. And based on that, and the direction the R party is heading, I’m shocked he hasn’t completely jumped ship. 

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